75+ Swahili Names: Name For Your Newbie?

Swahili Names

If you are here, then you must know how beautiful Swahili -names. you might want to name your baby by any of these names. Well, there are a hell lot of names that you will find online but not each of them is good.

To be honest,we know that when it comes to naming our baby you should not choose anything randomly but the name must have a good meaning as well. 

A good name is not everything you want but a good meaning is most important. However, we will make a list of those names that has a good meaning. You must check them out!

Alika– The most beautiful Fahari– SplendorAlix– Defending 
Lela– Black beauty Avana– Beautiful flowerAmani– Wishes, Desires, or Aspirations
Marini– Pretty or healthy Nea– Glossy or Glowing Imani– Belief, Faith

Swahili Names And Meanings

Swahili Names

As we said earlier, A name with a good meaning is everything for a name search. We search for a name for newbies. In case we find out a name which is having good meaning and relevance to his birth astrology. That name gives tremendous satisfaction to child families. It becomes an unforgettable gift to the whole family.

List of Swahili names

Ayanna– Beautiful flower 
Aiesha– LifeYiesha– LifeMufasa – King
Hasnaa– Very beautiful 
Zahara– Flower or to bloom
Jaisiri– Courageous Adea – A gift from the gods.
Zuri– Beautiful 
Faizah– Victorious Aza– Strong Atiena– Guardian of the night 
Tish– Strong willRussom– A leader Russom – Leader, head, the one in charge. Nalla– A very successful person

Hopefully, you will love them as much as we do!

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Swahili Names For Baby Girls

If you are finding a beautiful Swahili name then you will have a hell lot of options. These names are pretty much popular Eastern Africa . let me tell you, they are really adorable. We know a lot of people who are still finding the most adorable Swahili name for their baby girl. You must check them out and see if you like any of them!

The use of Swahili as a language has been an important factor in influencing the people. It has played a significant role in the way the people think, act and live.

It is one of the official languages in Kenya and Tanzania. The use of Swahili as a language has been an important factor in influencing the people. It has played a significant role in the way the people think, act and live.

List of girl names

Lakeisha– Great JoyNajuma– Abounding in JoyAiysha – Powerful and Complete.Barika – Bloom or Flower
Oyana– Uplift and InspireImarisha– StrengthenAmana – Faithful warrior or loyal warrior.Asani – Rebellious.
Amanika– TrustworthyBayinika– Manifest ClarityEshe – Giver of life.Atiena – Guardian of the night.
Risala– MessageRaziya– Good-NaturedSafika– To Set RightKinaya– Enigma

Swahili Names For Female

Swahili Names

Just like baby names, we have picked up a few great female names as well. First of all, we have already said that we have only picked names with good meaning so you can be assured of it. However, let’s not ado further and check out some of the cute and adorable names for females. You can hassle-free take them for your baby!

Although, it’s not like you can not use them for your baby because they can be used as both. 

List of name for female

Otesha– Cultivate the earthMaridhia– content satisfiedUzima– Full Of LifeZuwena– Good
Kanika– Black ClothKamara– like the moonTerema– Cheerful OneMasika– Spring (season) heavy rainfall
Subira– PatientAminali– FaithfulShani– a marvelNuru– Light
Uhuti– My SisterDara – Beautiful oneNiara– With Utmost PurposeJasiri– Brave

Swahili Names For Baby Boy

Swahili Names

We are almost done with the girl names and now, let’s come to the boys. To be honest, when we were searching for the names we got confused too because all the names are so pretty and we couldn’t ignore them. Anyway, selecting all of them was not a good option so we have shortlisted a few.

You must check our list before finalizing any name for your baby boy. 

Bakari– One with great promiseSimba– Power, LionKhalfani– LeaderAbdalla– servant of God
Amana– PledgeAkida– ChiefAtieno– Guardian of the nightAzizi– Precious treasure
Amaziah– ExtraordinaryKiama– DoomsdayTian– RespectUmoja– Unity
Abedi – WorshipperJela– Prison nounTayari– Prepared.Kondo–  War

swahili male names

Swahili Names

We have already mentioned a few great names for boys but you might wish to see a few more.

Swahili names are so good that you will not be able to overlook them so when you have been searching restlessly for the one perfect name, you should not forget to check out the list below. 

You do not need to hassle before choosing any of them for your newbie. Rather you should let us know which you have selected. 

Yazid– Becoming greaterZahour– BlossomNyo– StarSadeeki– Believe, sincere
Ambar– SkyHasani– HandsomeChilemba– ambitiousAzizi– Precious treasure
Baraka– blessing Jelani– strongSalene– GoodImani– Belief

Popular Swahili Names

If you are looking for some popular names then you can not find something unique. Because unique and popular will never fit together and you should remember it.

We have got a few queries for some of the popular boy names that can be used for your newbie. We have done a bit of research and shortlisted a few names. 

You can choose any name from the list. Let’s check them out!


Swahili Names For Animals

Swahili Names

Do you love the Swahili language too much that you are willing to learn the Swahili version of animal names? Well, you are on my team. No worries! We have bring animal names that will woo you. 

You will be amazed to know that there is Swahili versions available for almost every animal name and they are as pretty as the boy or girl names. So, let’s check them out!

List of names of animals


These are all pretty names for the animal we know and the Swahili version as well. If you are willing to call them by name then you must check out the other animal names as well. 


Swahili names are popular because they are pretty. Whether you pronounce them or something like that, they will sound pretty as well. If you have decided to name your child by Swahili names then you must check out the collection once. Hopefully, you will love’em all. 

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