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Attention! We are calling all the creative people out there. If you are creative enough and you want to make your own identity then you should not wait for the right time anymore, because it has arrived. Having a creative mind is truly a blessing and you can not thank god enough for that. In fact, you can try something to pour your creativity into something such as a piece of writing. We know it’s a great idea. We would love to have you on the board, come and Write For Us And Get Paid.

Who Are We?

We are a site aka, brands-list.com where you will be able to see all new names. Well, you must be wondering what type of names we generally provide. Starting from a new baby name to a new business name, we suggest everything. Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for that one name that will stand out and give their business a new essence. We are here to help them with new and amazing names to choose from. Nowadays people are more into starting their own business aka, startup and that is why they require amazing names every now and then. If you have a creative mind then you should come to Write For Us Paid.

Some Major Key Points Of Our Site

When you are giving it thought on Marketing Write For Us then we would love to make everything clear to you beforehand. Starting from our policy to the blog posting guidelines, everything is important for you to know.

  • First of all, we will require a piece of writing from you and it will go under analysis to check whether it meets our needs or not. If we find that the article is off-topic then we will not publish it on our site and the authority will not hold the responsibility as well.
  • You can not expect every blog you will send us will be published on the site. Only if the article is up to the mark, then we will be able to post it.
  • You will have to maintain the exclusion of the piece of writing that you have sent to us. You can not send the same article to any other sites as well. That would be your responsibility to maintain.
  • The piece of writing needs to be absolutely plagiarism free because we believe in a unique piece of writing only.

Blog Posting Guidelines:

Here is some Write For Us Blog guidelines that you will have to maintain.

  • You need to write a unique introduction at the top of the blog and that part should not be more than 50 words at all. The introduction part will play a major yet significant role.
  • Since you are Seo Write For Us so you will have to ensure that the blog contains two to three subheads aka, H2, and one main title aka, H1.
  • You will have to writing not only informative, but also engaging. A piece of writing should grab the attention of people otherwise we will not consider it as the perfect one.
  • You can also try to put up your own experience or point of view towards the thing or how do you feel about that particular topic. Readers would love to read the stories about you and your experience as well.
  • You will have to send us the piece of writing only in the “word” formation otherwise, it will not be accepted.

Hence, the Blog Post Guidelines are now clear to you!

How To Start?

Since you are interested in Business Write For Us, you are required to read all the information given below.

  • First of all, you will have to send us a mail mentioning the Write List.
  • After going through your list, we will send you a confirmation mail if you have chosen you. Although this process will take time.
  • After getting the confirmation from our end, you will have to submit the first writing to us.
  • We will go through the piece of writing and send you a confirmation mail if it has filled up our requirements.
  • If you get selected then you can start Writting For Us from today.

However, you are required to put your thoughts and knowledge on the screen. Since it’s a name suggesting site, we would be able to take you only if you have a creative mind and have the ability to suggest creative names.

Where Can I Submit My Writing?

In terms of getting in touch with us or submit your first piece of writing, you will get an email id on the Contact us . You can simply send us a mail and start to Write Today.