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Hackers Den: Cool Hacker Names Inspiration

Hackers Den: Cool Hacker Names Inspiration

My brother has always been great with computers. From a very early age, he liked high-tech programming. Thus it came to us as no surprise that he chose to study coding after finishing college. However, one day he came to us and proclaimed that he wants to be a white hacker. 

Though initially, shocked after basic research we found out that white hackers are a category of hackers that helped businesses and governments detect and stop other rogue activities. Following his passion, my brother entered many hackathons and won most of them. He also started getting hired by small companies for his service. Overall, his dream was becoming a reality. 

But to extend his reach and let people know about his profession, it was important to create a killer Instagram handle for him with the right Hacker Name.

Thus we began searching for some inspirational Hacker Names that would be cool, and intelligent, and help people identify my brother and learn more about his jobs. We liked many names like Rain Rafe, Swamp Stomper, and Hoax, but we wanted something unique. Finally, after much deliberation, we identified one name we liked. 

Since we put much work into discovering all of these names, we wouldn’t want it to go to waste. We wanted our research to be of some help to all the aspiring hackers out there. So here is an exhaustive list of Hacker Names inspired by movies, books, series, and real-life hackers to serve as inspiration. 

CypherThe ShadowGrey Hat
NemesisGhostThe Joker
PhoenixVortexThe Phantom
ThunderboltHavocDark Knight

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Hacking Names From Movies 

Hacker Names

Hackers have been featured in many movies. They seem fascinating on the big screen even if in real life they cause trouble. Movies glorify them; sometimes they are portrayed as good guys and sometimes as bad, but they have some cool names.

My brother and I finished the famous documentary on hacking We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks. The 2013 release documentary uplifted the story of Adrian Lamo, who introduced hacking to the whole world. 

Here is a list of really cool names of the hackers from movies that will help you bring out your inner hacking skills. Feel free to check it out!

Lisbeth Salander (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)Kate Libby (Hackers)Tank (The Matrix)Thomas Gabriel (Live Free or Die Hard)
Trinity (The Matrix)The Plague (Hackers)Boris Grishenko (GoldenEye)Warlock (Sneakers)
Neo (The Matrix)Alex Murphy (RoboCop)Jasmine Dubrow (Swordfish)Mouse (The Matrix)
Dade Murphy (Hackers)Agent Smith (The Matrix)Hugh Jackman (Swordfish)Samantha Cook / HER – Her

 Cool Hacker Names From Books 

Who doesn’t like a cool hacking story? Besides movies, many books have portrayed the life of a hacker or talked about the hacking culture. Many books have captured the different dimensions of the hacking world and introduced them to us. Thus you can find many Hacker Names in such books. 

My brother loves to read books in his free time. I think it’s one of those things that motivated and got him to do what he does. He always talks about this book called “The Silence of Six” by E.C. Myers, and how he relates to the main character Max. And Max is a cool name and so are Injure, V01D, Hi-Jack, Astra, etc.  

Are you someone looking for cool hacker names for yourself too? Check out the list and you will not be disappointed. 

Lisbeth Salander – The Girl with the Dragon TattooThe Plague – Snow CrashThe Laughing Man – Ghost in the ShellJulian Assange – Underground: Tales of Hacking, Madness, and Obsession on the Electronic Frontier
Case – NeuromancerWade Watts – Ready Player OneMaelstrom – NeuromancerMarcus Yallow (w1n5t0n) – Little Brother
Lain Iwakura – Serial Experiments LainThe Alchemist – The Alchemist of LoomHiro Protagonist – Snow CrashAngela – Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker
Skye – After On: A Novel of Silicon ValleyGideon – The PeripheralThe Shadow – ShadowrunMasha – The Invisible Man

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Famous Hacker Names 

Hacker Names

There are hackers in real life and many of them are famous either for their work or for the cybersecurity measures they have taken for their community. You can also get some good Hacker Names inspiration from such people.

 Hackers are well-known for their capacity to maintain the security of the digital world. Though there are many black-and-grey sides of the hacking world, real-life hackers have proved that they are only here to help.  Do you see yourself in the good books of the hacking world? Then you need a good name for sure. Here is a list of famous hacker names for you to choose from. 

Kevin MitnickSabuGary McKinnonAdrian Lamo
Edward SnowdenTsutomu ShimomuraAlbert GonzalezJonathan James
Kim DotcomJeremy HammondAnonymousKevin Poulsen
Samy KamkarJulian AssangeLulzSecRobert Tappan Morris

Names For Hackers From TV Series

The Golden Globe Award winner for the best TV series, Mr. Robot has been my and my brother’s absolute favorite. He takes inspiration from Elliot Anderson, the main character. Many teenagers start with hacking, getting influenced by these thrilling shows and series. 

If you are a fan of the popular TV series, you will find some unique Hacker Names there too. Some of the best ones are: 

Elliot Alderson – Mr. RobotChloe O’Brian – 24Harold Finch – Person of InterestDarlene Alderson – Mr. Robot
Walter White – Breaking BadPenelope Garcia – Criminal MindsFelicity Smoak – ArrowTrenton – Mr. Robot
Skyler White – Breaking BadLisbeth Salander – MillenniumHuck – ScandalMobley – Mr. Robot
Saul Goodman – Better Call SaulAngus MacGyver – MacGyverRyan Chappelle – 24Root – Person of Interest

Hacker Group Names

Hacker Names

Hackers are known to be working in groups, especially illegal ones. My brother is very fascinated by the concept of group hacking but none of his friends are tech freaks like him. Even though he got connected to many hackers online who are starting just like him. 

Do you have a group of friends who take interest in hacking? If you want a name for your Hacker group, we have a few choices available like technocrat, technophile, cyberpunk, etc. And for more ideas, check out the list below. 

AnonymousFancy BearThe Syrian Electronic Army (SEA)OurMine
Lizard SquadCozy BearRed HackLulzSec
PoodleCorpAPT28The Equation Group
Chaos Computer Club (CCC)
CarbanakGuardians of Peace (GOP)The Shadow BrokersCult of the Dead Cow (cDc)

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