45+ Fallen Angel Names For Dark Angels

fallen angel names

I am a firm believer in angelic powers. And often consider the angel number pattern, especially when I pray for help. Thus, whenever I come across the phrases like a fallen angel, it sounds as if the angels have fallen from Christ’s grace for our support. In fact, during my research, I came across a read that suggested the holy angels consider these fallen angels unfit and will never allow them to return to paradise. Moreover, several names for fallen angels are found in the Bible and ancient civilizations, including Babylon, Assyria, and Egypt.

There are modern practices in the faiths of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Some of the names are-


Furthermore, In sorcery, the name of an angel is regarded as vital to summon angels’ help; hence, the names of the angels have evolved over the ages to represent their importance and mysticism. Good angels are invoked in some ceremonies, whereas the presence of bad angels is invoked in others.

The following is a list of fallen angel names drawn from various religious traditions, mythologies, and folklore. If you still don’t see the perfect name here, and you’re looking for a name that pulls from folklore traditions, check out these names that mean chaos

Names Of Seven Fallen Angels

Black angels have been given their names, having strayed from God’s grace and defied God’s will. We can expect to see a few of these “bad” angels. These are the fallen angels who are dividing the divine energies of the gods of Heaven by their presence.

The names of the seven fallen angels are provided for each of the seven days of the week:


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Names Of Fallen Angels In The Bible

fallen angel names

According to tradition, it is necessary to know both the correct names of the angels and the fallen names of the angels. Some biblical angel names are listed below, including the following.


Female Fallen Angels Names

Because of this, the idea of female angels would arise from outside of Christianity and Judaism. It might have come from anywhere, at any time.

fallen angel names

It was common for pagan cults to have flying gods, some of which were female. Some pagan goddesses also possessed wings and acted like angels, making unexpected appearances, delivering messages, fighting, and waging wars with their swords. Ancient Greek images of the victorious goddess Nike seem very similar to Westerners’ conceptions of Angels.

Here are some of the names of the female angels in the Bible:-

Flower AngelsManhaSimapesielErtael

Male Fallen Angel Names

Fallen Angel Names

Throughout this part, we’ll go through the biblical names for all the fallen angels and names from a wide range of mythology, faiths, and folklore.

CaimGaapLix TetraxOrias

Dark Angel Names Generator

fallen angel names

In the case of the fallen angels, the names allude to specific angels who are thought to be bad instead of good. The following is a list of fallen angel names drawn from various religious traditions, mythologies, and folklore.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the dark angels’ name?

This sort of angel is a soldier or assassin for God and is called a Dark Angel. These angels are renowned for their ferocity and invincibility.

The deeds of dark angels are more harsh, violent, and frigid than those of normal angels. Destructive habits and outcomes never fail to astound other angels, even inspiring terror. Raguel, the real archangel of vengeance, is in charge of them because of their reputation as “spirits of wrath.”

2. Who are the seven fallen angels?

Moloch, Chemosh, Dagon, Belial, Beelzebub, and Satan are some of the names given to fallen angels by Christian and Pagan mythology. For Christians, Satan urges other angels to break the rules of God, which results in their expulsion from Heaven.

The fallen angels in hell provide the epic poem’s opening set. The book opens with fallen angels describing God as a tyrant and blaming him for their downfall.

3. What is a name that means fallen angel?

As it was first used in the late 4th-century AD Vulgate, the Latin word Lucifer gave origin to the term “fallen angel,” which is short for Lucifer.

4. What are angels of darkness?

An angel who uses his or her divine powers for personal gain and evil deeds is known as an Angel of Darkness, and they stand in stark contrast to the benign Guardian Angels. They persuade individuals to engage in bad behavior, such as stealing or lying when they are around. The wings are black.

Angels of Darkness are left vulnerable if the Moral Compass is flipped from evil to good. As a result, the Compass must remain in the Dark Realm to keep the Angels of Darkness supplied with power and energy.

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