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5 Corporate Relocation Tips to Handle Expected Growth

5 Corporate Relocation Tips to Handle Expected Growth
Corporate -Relocation -Tips

After quite a few years of striving to create a market share and some effective branding, a company can often ride on the wave of success and expansion is usually on the menu. This typically involves relocation and with that in mind, here are a few tips to help you with relocating your business HQ.

Corporate Relocation Tips

IT infrastructure

It is critical to establish a solid IT infrastructure and with affordable structured cabling in Dallas, you can create a foundation for the future. By investing now, you will reap the rewards in the coming years and you can add to your data center as the need arises.

Use an established office relocation specialist

Moving your operation to another venue is no small job, rather a large and complicated logistics nightmare that demands the professional touch. The established provider would have the know-how and the resources to plan and implement the project with minimal disruption to the business. The new venue needs to be prepared with structured cabling with fiber-optic solutions and the moving of all office equipment handled by professionals. The provider would assign a project manager and their job is to coordinate the relocation. If the job is larger and requires more focus on strategy, you may consider onboarding a program manager as well.

Think of the future

Relocating a business is not something you want to do any more than you have to and the new facility should be big enough to accommodate additional structures. Land is always a good investment and if you add 33% to your target square footage, this should stand you in good stead in the next few years. If you have your own logistics operation, increase your warehouse space to cover an expansion and minimize disruption. Thinking and planning ahead can save you a lot of money and the larger your organization, the more important it becomes. Location is another aspect of relocation that demands a level of planning, as this can have an impact on the cost of logistics.

Managed IT Services

There are many services to assist corporations, with VoIP business communication, cyber-security and cloud networks, all of which are managed and monitored by field experts. It is important to have the IT hardware installed and ready to use and this is something a Dallas based managed IT service provider can handle. Click here for a list of services offered by the managed IT service provider.


There are many ways to automate processes and some can be automated; the best time to introduce robotics is when you are relocating to a new facility. If your sector does have automated solutions, the initial investment would be high, but the long-term benefits are well worth it. You can automate a lot of your digital processes and calling in a business software specialist would be a great idea.

Relocating your corporate business is sometimes a necessary requirement in order to facilitate business growth and with the right planning and 3rd party logistics, you can relocate your HQ without causing the business to suffer.


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