50+ Funny & Scary Witch Names

50+ Funny & Scary Witch Names
50+ Funny & Scary Witch Names

Your name is your identity and it should reflect your personality. You might be searching for a good name for yourself to change your name in real or adopt one for Halloween occasion and another most common reason can be that you are looking for a name for your baby.

When it comes to selecting a magical or witch names, it is just as much about the name and the story behind it.

Most of the time, when a witch starts her crafting practice she looks for a new name to symbolize her rebirth. Not everyone decides to take a magical name. Sometimes we feel the need to change our name as our lives change.


It can be quite interesting to find a witch name and it may differ from person to person. While choosing a name you should ensure that your name should say something about you and your doings. Your search may be derived from various aspects.

The most common themes are taking the names of our God or Goddess and choosing merit of nature that represents you. You can adopt the name of television characters or the powerful legendary personality who inspired you. Well, we also share the list of witch names and meanings that can help you a lot.


Crystal: – Crystal is a magical name it denotes a very clear, transparent merit of an object. It is a beautiful name derived from a beautiful stone.

Luna: – The Latin meaning of the word is Moon. It’s a famous name of the series ‘Magical Black Cat’ also a good witch character having this name can be seen in the famous movie series ‘Harry Potter’.

Freya :- In the famous TV show’ Witches of East End’ Jenna Dewan has played a witch character Freya. The meaning of the name is ’lady according to the Norse Mythology’. Freya was known as the goddess of love, beauty, war, and death.

Hermione: – Hermione is likely most people’s favorite witch of all time. In the famous films, Emma Watson stole our hearts as the beautiful young witch Hermione Granger. The name Hermione comes from the Greek, the king Menelaus of Sparta gave the name of her daughter ‘Hermione’.

Andromeda: – The name comes from Greek mythology, Andromeda is the daughter of King Cepheus and Cassiopeia. She was considered the most beautiful girl at that time.

Selene: – Selene was a Goddess of the moon, which she drove every night across the skies, according to Greek mythology. The moon always plays a major role in Witch culture. Many Witches find that the day of the full moon can make the magic more effective.

Glinda :- You might be familiar with Glinda. Yes, the good witch character in the movie and book name ‘Wizard of OZ’. The meaning of Glinda is ‘Fair’ or ‘Good’.

Margaret Barclay: – Margaret Barclay, was a renowned witch in the 18th century. She could control the weather with her magical power. By using this power, she wrecked ships and conjured storm.

In short, you can say she practiced misuse of power. She would have been among the most powerful and rich ladies of the world if she is born in the 21st century. And this can be the reason why Margaret makes the best name for your little one. The meaning of Margaret is ‘pearl’.

Theodora: – The meaning of Theodora is the ‘gift of God’. Theodora is an attractive name and it was borne by many literary characters. ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ is the famous one among them.

In the literature Theodora only peace and prosperity on the land of Oz. But she turned from the good witch into a wicked witch after eating a cursed apple.


Melisandre: –
The name is the modern evil figure from literature. If you have seen the TV series Game of Thrones then you will be aware of what evil Melisandre can be.

Ursula: – The ultimate objective of Ursula is to get revenge on Ariel’s father. The sea witch tries everything in her power to make that happen.

Bellatrix: – It’s not possible to compile a list of evil witches without adding the name Bellatrix. Bellatrix was a truly evil character in the Harry Potter series.

Ravenna: – In the movie Snow White and the Huntsman, the Evil Queen is given the name Ravenna. She is eating human hearts in the Disney version.

Endora :- Endora can be considered as the mother-in-law from hell. As Samantha’s mother in Bewitched, Endora is always teasing her son-in-law Darrin.

Maleficent: – Maleficent was considered among the most iconic evil witch of Disney. The name is the right up there on the list of evil Witch.


Morgan: – In the list of famous Witches Morgan le Fay is possibly the top famous among them. She was a powerful witch and enchantress who oversaw Avalon. Morgan often went head to head with Merlin.

Sybil: – Among the real-life witches name Sybil is great to go with. Sybil Leek wrote her autobiography ‘Diary of a Witch’ that made her the world‘s famous witch in 1969.

Circe: – Circe is another name out of Greek mythology. Circe was famous for her capability of changing people into animals. The meaning of Circe is Bird.

Cassandra: – Cassandra was a Trojan princess and the meaning of the word is a prophetess. The name has great roots in Greek mythology. It is the perfect name for your baby girl.

Jadis :- It is the very cool name for your gorgeous baby girl. The name is derived from the Persian word jadu, which means ‘Witch’ and meaning of the word in French is ‘Long Ago’. Jadis is the name of a white witch in ‘Narnia Chronicles’ by C.S. Lewis. She is an extremely powerful sorceress.

Ailey VexxCyrus ChristianAlana SerphentPilan Hunt
Wihnhilda MallorMars FangClaudia InterfectorSeth Villalobos
Victoria ShadeAzriel BlackwoodAshia HookLars Crimson
Rose FadeMarden WoodsAdaire StrainLaramie Steros
Branwen GraemeKaspar MoriartyElenwen CaligariTrent Grove
Ursula NoxMarsden ShadowwalkerMinerva VexxKadir Jinx
Eowyn SanguineBlaize ArgentRavyn BloodgoodEwart Ripper
Alecto DukeCallum BrevilAilana AuraMarc Killian
Shearah ChainsawZander CrowMaria GravesEinar Barkridge
Fidelis VonnerBarrett ChristantiCyrene WinterTade Crimson
Dallan WoodsAnan AimesAileen SharpeWayde Fade
Bram VigilConrad GrimSabrine WillowLuke Serphent
Douglas La CroixDylan SnowCyrene BrevilGalen Tenebris
Cornelius HallewellAeneas DigbyCoral FangPanas Woods
Allard WhisperWolfe BlackmanMaescia AddingtonSol Jones
Einar HighmoreAaron StormAzura ManglyeongAindreas Addington
Troy FadingtonAllard EvilianHenrietta GeulimjaCullen Sephiran
Merrill GrailAdar MurikFidelis Von SteinLeander Devonshire
Laris WyrmGunnar KraussReagan EvilianLucian Argent
Tiordan BarlowAltair MalumLaura ChainsawTrent Periculum


Elzora :- Elzora is the name of the old witch-doctor in Eve’s Bayou.

Dr. Mbogo :- The Addams Family’s head witch doctor Dr. Mbogo lives in Africa.

Mal’Damba :- Mal’Damba is a witch doctor who was gifted with the powers of Wekono. 


Reoch :- In 1616 Scotland, Elspeth Reoch was executed for witchcraft. During her trial, Reoch admitted to witchcraft saying she had the ability to induce or cure illnesses.

Alden: – One more name out of the Salem Witch Trials, John Alden was a soldier and sailor.

Proctor: – It is the most famous witch last name in Salem. During the Salem Witch Trials, John Proctor was hanged just because he was linked with the name ‘Proctor’. read more art club names ideas

Cantini :- Viola Cantini was an Italian witch and burned to death in1693. Cantini was accused of practicing vampirism on her dying son and cursing people in her village.


Adelinda Alita Beltaine Circe Diana
Airlia Bell Cordelia Clementianna Draco
Aislinn Belinda Cerys Delphine Eartha
Alcina Belladonna Charity Devin Endora


when a witch starts her crafting practice she looks for a new name to symbolize her rebirth. In this blog, we discuss the witch names and famous witch names, witch doctors’ names and females witch names. The most common themes are taking the names of our God or Goddess and choosing merit of nature that represents you.


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