Inspirational Aztec Names For Children

Inspirational Aztec Names For Children
Inspirational Aztec Names For Children

Nowadays parents are looking for inspiration for giving a bit to their children an Aztec name. But it’s hard a bit to find good Aztec names which have a specific meaning in Nahuatl language. Prior to suggesting a list of Nahuatl names we would love to brief about Aztec meaning.


The Aztecs were groups of Native American people who dominated the large part of Mesoamerica or Northern America during the 14th to 16th centuries. Aztecs usually spoke the Nahuatl language. It is believed that Aztecs have originated from Aztlan. Which is somewhere in the north region of modern Mexico. The Aztec is derived from the Nahuatl word ‘aztecah’ which means “People from Aztlan”. There are many varieties of the Nahuatl language that are still spoken in central Mexico and other neighboring regions.

A number of names for children from the Aztec culture that are inspired and derived from the names of deities, animals, birds, warfare, and royalty.


  • Achcauhtli :-  The meaning of this Aztec name is “leader”.
  • Ahuiliztli :-  This Aztec name represents the “joy”.
  • Mictlantecuhtli :- This name is derived from the deities which meaning is “Lord of Mictlan” in Nahuatl language.
  • Quetzalcoatl :- Quetzalcoatl was among the key deities of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. This name means “feathered serpent”. The people from Aztlan considered him the god of the sky and they also associated him with the Sun.
  • Xochipilli :- This name has great essence, Aztec people considered him the god of love and music. The meaning of this name is “flower prince”.
  • Cuetlachtli :- The meaning of this Aztec name is “wolf” in the Nahuatl language.
  • Coatl :- This name means “snake”.
  • Cipactli :- According to Aztec mythology, Cipatcli was considered as a primordial monster. The name meaning is “crocodile”.
  • Cuauhtemoc:- Cuauhtemoc was the name of the last Aztec Emperor who lost the battle to the Spaniards. This name means “falling eagle” also many other variations of eagle-like ‘Quauhtli’ were used in different names by the Aztecs.
  • Huitzilli:-  Meaning of this Aztec name is “hummingbird”.
  • Tototl :- Tototl meaning is “bird” in the Nahuatl language.
  • Matlalihuitl:- This name was highly valued among the Aztecs due to its meaning that is “blue-green feather”. The Blue-green color was one of the favorite colors in Aztec art and feathers of this color, such as of a peacock.
  • Nezahualcoyotl :-  This was the title of a Texcoco King and the meaning of this name is “fasting coyote”.
  • Xipilli:- The Nahuatl language defines the meaning of this word as “jeweled prince”.
  • Chimalli :- This Aztec name refers to “shield”.
  • Yaotl :- That means “war”.
  • Patli :- This Aztec name belong to medicine and healing.


Ahuatzi Small Oak  Boy
Coyotl Coyate Boy
Izel Unique Boy
Icnoyotl Friendship Unisex
Coszcatl Jewel Girl
Eloxochitl The Magnolia Flower Girl
Xoco Fruit Girl
Nahualquizqui He/She came out of sorcery Unisex
Tochtli Rabbit Boy
Tetlacatl Stone man Boy
Tlalli Earth Girl
Xochicotzin Little necklace of flowers Girl
Zyanya Always, Forever Girl
Zipactonal Harmonic Light Boy


Aztec Empire was built upon many battles and uncountable sacrifices of battle heroes. Capturing of sacrificial victims was a subject of esteem achievement among the Aztec warriors. Those time warriors were divided into ranks and units according to their performance.

  • Eagle warrior:- One of the elite unit of the Aztec military, warriors of this unit dressed up as eagle. That is why they had beaked headdresses and feathers in their costumes. Eagle warriors performed as frontline combatants and scouts on the battlefield.
  • Tlamanih :-  The meaning of Tlamanih is ‘captor’ and it referred to those warriors who had captured one captive for the gods.
  • Jaguar :-  This unit was the most elite unit among all the Aztecs military units. Their costumes were designed like a jaguar. The warriors of this unit were famous for bringing the largest number of captives from the war. The important condition to join the jaguar unit was to minimum capture twelve in two consecutive battles. read more- aquarium shop names
  • The Shorn Ones :- Another unit of Aztec warriors who had shaved heads. They also carried a long braid at the back of their heads.  To join the Shorn Ones unit a warrior had to capture six or more captives. They were famous for never stepping back in the active war.
  • Cuextacatl :- Becoming the warrior of this unit an Aztec warrior had to capture at least two captives successfully. Cuextacatl warriors were identified by their conical hats.
  • Papalotl :- Papalotl means ‘butterfly’ that is why they wore the symbol of a butterfly. To accord, the Papalotl title Aztec warriors captured three captives during battle.
MacuilxóchitlFive flowersGirl
MatlalihuitlGreenish-blue featherBoy
MetztliGoddess of nightGirl
MictlantecuhtliLord of MictlanBoy
MixcóatlSerpent of the skyGirl
MiyaoaxochitlMaize tassel flowerGirl
MizquixaualMesquite face paintGirl
MontezumaThe archer Lord in an angry state. The last ruler of AztecBoy
NahuatlGoddess of Water and riversUnisex
XiuhtonalPrecious lightGirl
XiutecuhtliGentleman of the fireBoy
XochicotzinFire serpentGirl
XochiltA variant of Xochil, meaning flower.Girl
XochipilliGod of love and flowersBoy
XochiquetzalMost beautiful flowerGirl
XochiyotlHeart of a gentle flowerGirl
XocoYoungest sisterGirl
XocotzinYoungest daughterGirl
XocoyotlYoungest childGirl
XolotlPrecious twinBoy
YaotlCombatant; Soldier; Warrior; Defender; Fighter; RivalUnisex
YaotylYaotyl is a spelling variant of Yaotel. It means rival.Boy
YaretziYou will always be loved.Girl
YolihuaniSource of lifeGirl
YoloxochitlFlower of the heartGirl
YolyamanitzinHe who is considerate and just.Boy
ZipactonalHarmonic lightBoy
ZolinAztec word for quail.Boy
ZumaLord Frowns In AngerBoy
ZyanyaForever, alwaysGirl
NetzahualcoyotlHungry coyoteBoy
NochtliPrickly pear fruitGirl
OhtliA person who is a champion. They also referred to the son of Neil.Unisex
QuetzalliA large beautiful featherGirl
TayannaAztec name meaning surayGirl
TeicuihYounger sisterGirl


Acxotlan Appears in the Pubela phonebook for 2008 as “Axotlan”,  1761
Azcatl Ant: Horcasitas 1973:274
Cocolotl Found in the Horcasitas 1973:278
Ehecatl Found in Axocotzin Radio
Itzmoyotl Found in a source from 1891
Maxil Someone with that name insists it is Mayan instead of Nahuatl
Ocotoxtle Found in the Horcasitas 1973:274
Tlacotia From Nealtican west of Cholula.
Tocal Tlaxcalancingo 1869, southeast of Cholula
Zempoaltecatl Inhabitant of Zempoala or Cempoala, an ancient in Veracruz


In this blog, we discuss about the Aztec names. Aztec name means is “People from Aztlan. We discuss about the surnames, warrior names, baby names and boys names. Aztecs usually spoke the Nahuatl language. It is believed that Aztecs have originated from Aztlan

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