Understanding underground mining and mining- technologies

Understanding- underground- mining- and- mining- technologies
Understanding- underground- mining- and- mining- technologies

Minerals and mined materials are widely used for various purposes. The importance and necessity of these materials have made it clear that underground mining is contributing to the economy as well as the materials extracted from it are essential for construction and other production projects. Not only that, almost everything that surrounds us has mined products.

What is underground mining?

Underground mining is the process of extracting minerals, metals, ores, and other substances from the earth’s surface using different mining techniques. Mining has its importance as it contributes to the economy of a country. Underground mining is a dangerous process and different technologies are designed to ensure the health and safety of the people working there.

Types of underground mining technology

The two types of underground mining are:

Hard rock underground mining

This underground mining refers to the techniques used to extract hard minerals. Hard minerals contain metals like gold, silver, iron, nickel, tin, etc.

Soft rock underground mining

This underground mining refers to the techniques used to extract soft minerals that are salt and coal.

Underground mining technology

Different technologies are used for underground mining depending upon the type of underground mining and the methods used to extract minerals. Underground mining technologies that are designed by companies like Newtrax have facilitated the underground mining workers to the next level. Some of the advanced mining technologies are discussed below.

1.loT technology

Internet of Things or loT is an efficient mining technology and the mining process has become a lot easier. This technology has a record of different quantities that are obtained in mining processes. So, the underground mining operations can be performed remotely.

2.Blockchain technology

The supply chain of mining is optimized by blockchain technology. Like other technologies used for different techniques and purposes, it can also create a supply chain and share data to inculcate tracking and security in the underground mining operation of the supply chain.

3.Smart mining technology

Researchers also create technology for people working for underground mining technology. Smart mines aim to use a machine to do all the forceful and dangerous work done by humans. These automated machines reduce the chances of danger and are fast and efficient at work.

4.Phases of underground mining

We are now familiar with underground mining types and technology so, now consider the phases of underground mining that compliments the previous topics. The two principal phases are discussed below.

5.Developmental mining

This mining involves the extraction of waste rocks to reach the orebody. This is done in some steps like blasting, removing rocks, scaling, etc.

6.Production mining

Production mining includes short hole mining that is similar to developmental mining to some extent and long hole mining that involves two extractions.

Underground mining is a risky job

The process of mining is very difficult, especially underground mining. You have to use a huge amount of force to remove certain rocks or materials. Workers there take care of everything because processes like blasting or explosion, scaling, or removing blasted materials is very difficult. That’s why these sites are completely closed. The workers there are skilled and experienced and they know how to do their job but even then certain accidents happened there due to various reasons. Also, climate and weather conditions sometimes make the task more complicated.


Mining is greatly supporting the economy of various countries and that’s why more work has started to excavate mined materials. Even different technologies are used to facilitate this job. Underground mining is one of the most difficult forms of mining and workers there are very hardworking and they risk their lives while working.


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