Jobs in Thailand

Jobs -in -Thailand
Jobs -in -Thailand

Jobs in Thailand take place among the most popular places for work for immigrants and foreigners.  Today we are going to tell you about its most demanded vacancies, requirements to them and opportunities.

Here are some tips for you before traveling to Thailand:

Thailand is a country interesting for tourism. But when it comes to employment, it is not so attractive for foreigners. It is all happening because the main rule of the Labor Code Taya states: “A foreigner should not work where a citizen can work.”

But still, if you want to live in this hot country, enjoying its tropical climate, heavenly nature and the Pacific coast, gastronomic research, and bustling nightlife, while still earning – there are options. If the employee is valuable and highly qualified, he can be officially hired as a consultant or director, a specialized expert, or, for example, an IT specialist.

But to get such a position requires at least a knowledge of English at a decent level. And even better – English and Thai. However, such work is usually not taken “from the outside”, so if there are no options to agree on employment with a Thai employer, you should consider vacancies on a general basis. At the same time, it is simply important to remember that not everyone has access to work in Thailand for Ukrainians. But she is. And there is even a choice. Moreover, to get it, you do not have to be highly qualified. Main wish.

What jobs are in demand in Thailand?

There is a shortlist of modern professions, which are required in Thailand, and will be suitable for young people.


Isn’t having a podcast a dream of many? Talk about important or painful information, share interesting and useful information or just your thoughts with everyone who is interested, not with two or three friends who may not really want to listen to your lectures on quantum physics or hermeneutics – not so long ago almost only the media could do it. Today we live in a time when everyone can turn to millions. Currently, Thailand is very much waiting and appreciates such people.

The podcast must have a theme. Note that even news podcasts usually have certain specifics – political, economic, etc. The topic of your podcast should be interesting to you first, but if you want to be listened to, make sure it is also relevant.

Academic Tutor

Tutoring can be very lucrative. However, as with most businesses, income potential depends on a number of factors, including your location, level of education, whether you are a part-time or full-time tutor, and your marketing sophistication. According to CNBC, the typical salary for a full-time private tutor is between $ 70,000 and $ 120,000.

Social Media Manager

He is also called a specialist in working with clients on social networks. Interestingly, the administrator is not responsible for the creativity, promotion, and strategic development of the page.

 Social -Media- Manager
Social -Media- Manager

Typical responsibilities:

  • Publishing content and monitoring the work of the service so that all posts and stories are published on time;
  • Monitoring of comments and messages in the direct, response to them;
  • Organization of all administrative processes during raffles, competitions, marathons;
  • Satisfaction of customer requests received directly.

What skills are needed for this profession: attention to detail, perseverance, knowledge of the necessary languages, sociability, and ability to build a dialogue. For the most part, this is a permanent job, but it is not too complicated, so it is paid accordingly. Can function as a remote job.

Where should you not work?

In Thailand, there is a list of areas where the employment of foreigners is strictly prohibited. This list is quite large: advertising business, land trade, auctions and brokerage, street trade and utensil production, rice and sugar plantations, salt and fish production – all this and much more is prohibited.

Unofficial employment is possible here, but it carries a fine and sometimes imprisonment or deportation. That is why, when making your choice, it is better to prefer legal options.


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