Top Web Designing Trends


We all know web designing trends change year after year by getting influenced by the changes in culture that happen around the world. But, what has prompted web designers to be this efficient and creating more than outstanding trends this year i.e. 2021?

The reason is Covid-19. It has quarantined us all and led us to remote work; this is the major motivation to designers that are creating real-life experiences digitally on web screens. 

As work-from-home has become a new trend, web designers are putting in extra effort in designing remarkably catchy web designs

Web designers are innovatively creating engaging visual representations of web designs that gather more traffic to the site. In Chicago, the web designing company namely Exemplary Marketing is absolutely nailing it. 

The company’s web designers got inspired by this notion of working remotely and have created the top-level trends that will make your website truly stand out! Let’s get into them.

Combining in photos and illustrations

The top trend in web design these days is to blend in photos and illustrations to give an off-the-wall look to the site. The parts of the pictures are replaced with illustrations that give off a cool visual on the site and leave a mark on viewers. Chicago’s web designers execute this trend of web designing competently and never let their customers down. 

Videos as design ingredients

It is an undeniable fact that videos put a major influence on users. Putting a video on the site isn’t so difficult but it does leave a great impact on the users; letting them delve into your site and compel them to purchase your product or service. Because we humans are easily attracted towards stuff which does not require effort such as reading the whole page of services which is quite hectic in today’s busy routine. So, if you have any video guide or some other tutorial, just provide them to your web development and design company and let them do their magic to make your site more engrossing.

Vector Art

Adding graphics to your website never fails you but rather brings more audience. It’s always a decent strategy to adorn your site. The SVG(scalable vector graphics) format lets users set their visuals according to their choice. This trend of web designing is customizable and it is likely to gain much more popularity in the future. Moreover, it surely grabs the user’s attention. Therefore, it is also one of the top trends in web designing

Shapes and Abstract designs 

This year, having shapes and abstract designs on the website is going to be a most famous trend. You must be wondering that this is just a basic element and is of no great significance, right? But the other side of the story is that these small shapes also make a big difference.

These shapes or patterns are pinned on the screen or the background for various purposes such as, adding color, frame content, or make your text stand out, to put a great impact on users. 

Similarly, abstract illustrations of your brand or yourself strengthen your identity and give prominence to your website. Every web designing trend revolves around visualization and snapshots. Because this era is more into visual representation than a written one. 


Animation – the most well-known feature nowadays. It has made it’s worth in web designing also year’s ago but in 2021, it is becoming a top trend. 

The animation turns the user experience more intriguing as well as informative. 

From texts to backgrounds, everything animated can work and take users to exactly where you need them to be. Feels intriguing, yes? It surely is!  

Do you want to know some more trends? Yes, there are more below but before that go and get your website best designed by this incredible web designing company in Chicago i.e, Exemplary Marketing ad get your website developed, design, or rank higher. Whatever your business needs. 

Black and Pastel Colours

In this age, all of us spend extra time on screens so it is the best idea to give your website minimalistic colors or simply black color.

This gives a homey environment to the viewer and doesn’t create any mess in the mind but instead calms it. 

Many websites are already stuck to pastels and black aesthetics which is a good trend, no doubt. You can also go for it and make your website user friendly. 

Scroll Effects 

The sleekest trend that is coming off from 2011 and getting better and in-demand up till now.  The transitions, zooming in or out, horizontal scrolling; all this seriously impacts your business. This element of web designing is very interactive to users. Parallax scrolling is the most outstanding technique in the scroll effects. It slows down the speed of the background when the user vastly scrolls down the foreground which makes it look three-dimensional. 

So, it is highly recommended to get your website designed with these latest trends of this year from a web design company in Chicago named Exemplary Marketing. 


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