Make More Bathroom Space With These 3 Shelf Ideas

Bathroom Space

Do you need bathroom space savers? This question haunts any homemaker who has hordes of friends and relatives coming by on holidays. This issue about getting more space is also common Amon suburban dwellers. These days, there seems to be not much space. As we advance in years, we realize that we do not need to make a big house happy. A comfortable place can have everything we need. After all, when one gets older, they need to have a living space with functional mobility. However, if the bathroom has the right area but you need to optimize it, then having the right bathroom shelves can help you. 

  1. Glass Shelf: Soap, Towel, and Other Accessories

In general, the glass looks classy. Luxury hotels and other posh environments have glass shelves. Glass surface is easy to clean. They also allow the proper distribution of light so that fungus or molds will have no room. Having this glass shelf combination in any corner of your bathroom will make it more functional. It also allows you to see the items you are looking for Devon Wick. There are two attractive glass options you can use. One is clear glass, and the next is smoky glass. 

  1. Wooden and Bamboo shelf: Adds Earthy Feel To Bathroom

Wooden shelves add an earthly atmosphere to your bathroom. Wood is, after all, part of nature. Polished wooden shelves can be hygienic, and cleaning is easy. Your wooden shelves should match the theme of your bathroom so they would not stick out like a sore thumb. The best materials would be hardwood or wood reputed to last, such as those used in furniture. If you cannot accommodate shelves, then a shelf with the necessary compartments and a hanger for a towel will do fine. 

  1. Metal or Aluminum Shelves

Aluminum does not rust like metal. But if the metal shelf has excellent paintwork, then it will do just fine. Metal or aluminum is sturdy. They can accommodate a lot of weight. There are metal shelf ideas with a screen below to let water pass through. Thus, this is great for wet towels or bath soap. Soap can expire or melt due to moisture. It is best to let the water go out of them and let them dry after every bath. There are metal shelves that are ready-made and available in markets. They need screws and bolts to install. This option goes for glass and wooden brackets as well. 

What Size or Number of Shelves Should You Have?

The answer to these questions depends on two factors: Your bathroom’s size and how much you need practicality. For example, if you have frequent guests during weekends, you might need two or more shelves. The size also depends on the needs that you have to satisfy in terms of amenities. If you have family members coming over during the holidays, then you need to be more significant and more. 

  • Little shelf by the bathroom mirror: This is great for storing things you frequently need, like hand soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, facial scrub, cologne, shave, or anything item you need every day. This kind of shelf should also come with a hanger to put face towels. This kind of shelf is the most popular choice because all bathrooms have this item.
  • Shelf by the door-This is another shelf that you can add to put other items that you need like a washcloth, face towel, or bath towel. Shelves of this kind also contain other essentials like bath soap, scented candles, or shampoo. These days people also decorate their shelves with crafts to add beauty to their bathroom environment. Potted plants can be great ornaments for this kind of shelf. 

Should You Get Ready-Made or Make Your Own?

If you have carpentry skills, then it is easy to make your bathroom shelf. The advantage of building your shelf is that you can control the design. You can also choose the size based on your needs. You have control over the materials and even the build. You can buy those ready-made items from different stores for those who don’t have carpentry skills. In getting shelves, it would be best if you were careful with the build and materials. You can also pick something that will accommodate your needs. Remember that you don’t need a big shelf to feel secure. A big shelf will be a waste of space if it doesn’t even accommodate your needs. 

In Conclusion

Bathroom shelves can be cheap or expensive, depending on the build and materials. The price range also depends on the brand. If you shop hard enough, then you might find items at a discounted rate. But then again, it also depends on your needs. A bathroom shelf should be there to store all your necessities and not there to occupy more space. 


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