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The Biggest Brands of Online Gambling


The online casino business has improved to reach a stage where it’s popular around the world. Almost everyone around the world is interested in gambling. This has also affected the population in Canada as everyone is interested in online gambling. The ongoing pandemic outbreak has kept almost every Canadian locked inside. And people find it more convenient to have fun by utilizing the service of online gambling industries.

When it comes to the biggest brands of online gambling industries, there are a lot of companies to mention. These companies have been in the online gambling industry for a long period, ensuring that gamblers get what they deserve. The big brands list below are evaluated based on their contribution to the online gambling industry, along with their current review from clients

Here are the biggest online gambling companies:

  • Bet365
  • William Hills PLC
  • 888 Holdings PLC
  • GVC Holdings PLC
  • International Game Technology PLC


Biggest Brands of Online Gambling

In the year 2000, Bet365 started in England to become a popular betting company in the world. Today, they have over 30 million customers who play their favorite games on their platform. Bet365 has been in this business for a long period and knows that customers value online gambling fair. In 2020, a part of their generated revenue was estimated to be about $3 billion. Bet365 provides different varieties of games ranging from sports betting to live casino games. So, no matter what any Canadian gambler is looking for, Bet365 will always have a slice of it.

William Hills PLC

Who wouldn’t know about William Hills? If not the oldest company in the online gambling industry, they have been in this business for a long period ensuring a safe and secure gambling process for players around the world. They started in London before getting famous. William Hills takes rules and regulations seriously, as they utilize the latest security protocols in keeping user’s information secured. 

The Stars Group

Everyone in Canada is familiar with The Stars Groups as they have the online gambling biggest trends. That’s not all because the service they provide is flawless. For most gamblers, they are the best payout online casino Canada. They provide different varieties of poker games, which have taken the fame of generating over $2.5 billion in 2020. The remarkable breakthrough they have achieved in having different varieties of subsidiaries across the globe makes them the leading mobile and online betting company.

International Game Technology PLC

International Game Technology often regarded as IGT specializes in lottery, sports betting, and other gaming machines. They have been in the online gaming business for a long period creating a massive reputation for themselves. In 2018, they have generated revenue of about $4 billion, which has ranked them higher than any other online gambling companies. They have continued to retain their reputation among the biggest online gambling companies 2020.

GVC Holdings PLC

The GVC Holdings is very popular in the online gambling industry as they operate under different sectors and brands. They provide different varieties of gambling opportunities to gamblers around the world. Their business started in Douglas, Isle of Man. And since then, they have been very popular in what they do. They operate under popular brands like Bwin, Foxy Bingo, and others. All of these companies have contributed immensely in making the online gambling industry what it is today. According to our superior Michelle Thomas here, who’s an expert in guest post topics, there’s likely to be changes among these reputable brands in the future. You can also view her profile here


Each of these biggest brands in the online gambling industry has a different worth and value, which is what contributes to their popularity.

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