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Top Ten Ways to Choose the Right Basketball Hoop

Top Ten Ways to Choose the Right Basketball Hoop
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Basketball is one of favorite sport for many people. One of the important pieces of equipment for this sport is the basketball hoop. In this article, we will review various things about the basketball hoop for you. You will find a variety of quality basketball hoops from Kingsport, SKLZ, Pro-Shot, and various other brands. Before that, we will also explain how to choose the best basketball hoop for you. You can use the basketball hoop in this article for official games or casual games. Choose the product that best suits your needs and have a more exciting time playing basketball!

Generally, basketball hoops are divided into two, namely those that are large enough for official matches and smaller sizes for casual games. So that you can findĀ the hoops for youth, let’s look at how to choose it first.The installation of the basketball hoop is divided into three ways as we will explain below.

Choose a basketball hoop in the installation method that best suits your preferences.

Choosing a hoop with a simple installation suitable for casual play

As we mentioned, there are three ways to install a basketball hoop. The first way, hanging on the door or other place. The second way, it is fixed permanently on the wall, and the third is mounted on a special stand or pole. For a casual game, choose a basketball hoop that hangs above the door because the installation method is very simple and easy. There are also products that are sold in a package with a special small pole. Products like this are also suitable for casual play.

Choose a hoop that is mounted to a wall or equipped with a stand suitable for serious training

There is an option for those of you who want to seriously practice shooting basketball. The first option is to practice using a basketball hoop that is fixed to the wall using a bolt. Some basketball hoops with this installation method are sized according to official matches. However, the weight of some of these products is quite heavy. You have to spend more effort and time to install it on a solid and strong wall. Always check the installation location and how to install the product you want to buy.

Choose a hoop that has a special stand or pole to practice throwing the ball while running

The next option is to practice using a ring equipped with a special stand or pole. Rings like this are a great choice, especially if you want to practice throwing the ball while running right under the ring. A lay-up or a running shoot is an example of this exercise. Of course, it’s dangerous if you practice the movement using a ring mounted on the wall, right? So, a ring like this is the right choice to practice this movement.

Select products according to size according to official matches

Basketball Hoop

The basketball hoop for official matches at junior high school level and above is 305 cm high. In elementary level competitions, his official height is 260 cm. Meanwhile, the ring diameter is 45 cm for official matches of all levels. If you want to get serious about practicing your shooting skills, choose a product that is the right size for the official match. In addition, there are also products whose mast height can be adjusted as needed. Products like this are right for those of you who want flexibility in setting ring height.There are various types of materials used to make basketball hoop reflective boards. Many products that are sold for home use are made of acrylic and polycarbonate. Some manufacturers make reflective boards out of acrylic because they are very durable and suitable for official matches. There are also those who make reflective boards from polycarbonate because they have excellent reflectivity and are suitable for casual games. If you are very concerned with reflective board material, you can choose one of the two materials. However, there are also many people who don’t care about the reflective board material. Moreover, products whose reflective boards are made from these two materials are quite expensive. If you fall into this category, you don’t need to think too much about the reflective board material. Choose a product at a price that you value most reasonable.

Choose a hoop made from molded plastic for those of you who have a limited budget

Plastic is commonly found in the cheapest basketball systems and it is affordable for everyone, and it is really only suitable for small children or people who only play occasionally. Because planks made of plastic generally do not have good reflective power when used by professionals.

Hoop made from Acrylic for strong durability but cheap

The most common material that you will often come across on the market is acrylic. The acrylic raw material is very cheap, but still provides strong durability and provides a pretty good ball bounce. But you need to consider when acrylic meets the sun, it will turn yellow.

Choose a hoop made of polycarbonate for five times stronger durability than acrylic

Polycarbonate has the same function as acrylic but has the advantage of being much stronger. In fact, it is about five times as durable. In general, when you look at the two systems and are given a choice between them for the same price, and one offering polycarbonate board and the other acrylic, you should go for acrylic. Please note that some basketball boards that say they have “polycarbonate acrylic” are actually the only polycarbonate without acrylic.

Hoop made of glass for professional matches such as the NBA

Glass is a basketball board material that is used by professionals including those used by the NBA, besides that the board with glass raw material is made of selected glass material because nothing has the same pure stiffness. If you really want the same type of material that is used in the NBA, you should get glass planks that are 72 inches wide and half an inch thick.

Steel hoop for extra strength and less damage

While backboards or steel basketball boards are almost always found in commercial basketball destinations, some of them are painted to serve as a promotional advertising medium. While steel backboards do not actually offer greater durability than acrylic type boards, they do not. churches, schools, and outdoor public parks often use steel basketball boards, especially in the United States, because they serve the purpose of extraordinary durability and are not easily damaged or destroyed. Steel can actually last for decades, even when used extensively.

Buy at a trusted store

To get the best basketball hoop that has strong durability and good quality, you can buy it from trusted shops. Make sure you understand how to install and maintain the basketball hoop you have. Ask the seller. A good seller will be happy to provide you with the various information you need to get the best hoop. You can ask your friends or relatives who usually buy sports equipment. Ask them for recommendations on the best sporting goods store.


By owning a basketball hoop, you can play basketball both indoors and outdoors. When you want to buy it, you need to choose a product according to its intended use. Also, make sure the size fits your needs. You also have to make sure that you install it correctly. Do not let you become inconvenient when you want to install it. Choose the product you like the most and enjoy playing basketball either alone or with your friends. After you know how to choose the right basketball hoop, you only need to find the best hoop brand. For that, you can visit our website to get the recommendations we have chosen for you.

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