Shopping for Liquor in Singapore

Liquor -in- Singapore
Liquor- in -Singapore

Being out with friends having drinks poured for you by mixologists is a great way to relax and have fun at the end of the day or week. However, sometimes all you want is to relax at home either with friends or alone. During the pandemic, the government in Singapore is discouraging people from drinking in bars. Being home with your drink is a massive part of the new norm. Are you probably wondering about the place to Shop tequila in Singapore? Here is some information on the site you can shop for your desired liquor in Singapore.

Shopping for liquor


Jarbarlar is one of the best shops to shop for your drink; besides delivering your purchase, they will also award you points for shopping. These points will help you save money. As soon as you open an account and order your bottle, you start accumulating loyalty points that you can use for future purchases in their online store. The store also offers you a 5% discount for purchases above 150 dollars to ensure maximum savings. Jarbarlar is also well-stocked to ensure that you will not miss your preferred drink.


This shop seems to stock it all in the world of liquor. From beer to tequilas, they got it all. You can even have them deliver a beer keg if you so prefer. Their delivery hours are from 12:00 to 10:30 pm categorized depending on your urgency. Of course, you add a few coins if you need your drink within two hours after your order.

The liquor shop

Another great place to buy your liquor in Singapore is the liquor shop; they have a wide range of alcohol from spirits, wines, and even beers. Besides their well-stocked shelves, they offer huge discounts for their drinks along with free delivery for orders over 100 dollars.


Cellarbration is an alcohol-selling shop chain. It is not very well known. However, it happens to offer some of the best prices in town. What’s more, is that their delivery service does not require a minimum purchase. As soon as you sign up as a member on their website, you get an automatic 10% discount. It’s an alcohol-selling enterprise with four outlets conveniently located around town to offer easy access.

Booze Buddy

You need a friend to bring you a few celebratory drinks, then look no further Booze Buddy is your buddy. Booze Buddy is an online alcoholic selling platform. It serves beer, wines as well as a selection of mixers and spirits for cocktails. As a party host, Booze buddy will make your work a little easier. You also need not worry you aren’t late; they offer one-hour delivery.

Beer force

If your drink is beer, then this is the shop for you. Here you will find various labels, both local labels and imported ones. Would you please place your order before 4:00 pm and have them deliver your order the same day?

Orihara Shoten

The best thing about Orihara Shoten is that the people running it are in the alcohol distribution industry. They are thus able to provide all kinds of alcohol, including rare varieties. It is also well located along Unity Street, making it easy to access.

Oak and Barrel

Oak and Barrel is a liquor shop in Singapore with a wide range of alcoholic products. More importantly, the store has a phenomenal collection of tequila at a friendly price. There are different bottles of tequila on their shelves to ensure that you get what you need. Shop tequila in Singapore at Oak and Barrel, where you are sure to get your ideal tequila bottle.


Paneco prides itself as the best alcohol delivery store in Singapore. They stock a wide range of alcohol, making it a one-stop store for all your alcoholic products purchases. The best selection aside, Paneco offers its customers free next-day delivery without minimum purchase and an optional 2-hours delivery.

Stay safe in your home and get your special drink delivered to your doorstep. These stores in Singapore will spoil you, giving you an unlimited choice of alcoholic products.


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