Home Brand name Amazon Mission Statement, Vision & Values – All You Should Know

Amazon Mission Statement, Vision & Values – All You Should Know

Amazon Mission Statement, Vision & Values – All You Should Know
Amazon Mission Statement, Vision & Values

Love him or hate him, but Jeff Bezos helped turn the Amazon business into one of the largest businesses in the world. He didn’t accomplish this through sheer luck, though. Oh no. he had a business model fit for the long-term. At the center of this business model was a mission statement. A promise made by Amazon to its customers. It is the mission statement that we want to discuss in this article.

Amazon Mission Statement

The Amazon Mission Statement

The Amazon vision statement is pretty short and snappy. However, this is the exact statement that sits at the heart of every decision Amazon makes as a business:Our vision is to be earth’s most customer-centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.

Amazon’s mission statement and vision is completely focused on delivering the best possible service to the customer. If you have been browsing Amazon since the beginning, then you will know just how far they have gone to reach these goals.

The company has greatly expanded the number of products and services that are on offer. It helps to ensure that this is the only online retail store that customers will visit as their go-to point. Sure, this benefits Amazon, but it also helps customers purchase the products they look for. There is no need for them to jump from website to website – everything is under just one roof with Amazon!

Amazon also strives to offer the best possible prices too. But, again, for the benefit of the customer. However, we are sure that by providing incredible prices on products and services, Amazon makes a massive amount of money.Amazon even took its customer-obsessed approach to a whole new level with the introduction of Amazon Prime. Services like this are all for the customer’s benefit, and, of course, it helped Amazon become the vast company they are today. We doubt that they are going to be stopping with their innovative ideas any time soon either.

Amazon Leadership Qualities

The Amazon vision statement gets a lot of discussions online since people are all about the customer experience. However, very few people seem to talk about Amazon’s vision when it comes to hiring its staff. These are the rules that their staff members should always adhere to.

There are a lot of different qualities that Amazon looks for in its leadership. Rather than go through all of them, we will give you a brief overview. It shows that the company has been built from the ‘ground up’ for the customers.

Customer Obsession

The prime focus for any employee of Amazon is the customer. Every decision that they make has a focus on the customer. Everything they do is about gaining the trust of their customers.

If you have ever talked to Amazon customer support, you will know the staff’s lengths to live by this rule. They are more than happy to throw out gift vouchers or refunds for the simplest of problems. It is because they want you as a customer in the long term. So a short-term loss is going to be a long-term gain for them.

Willingness to Learn and Innovate

Have you ever wondered why Amazon offers so many different products and services? Well, it is because they require their staff to be innovative.Their staff is encouraged to bring new ideas to the table to help improve the business. It doesn’t matter who they are.

Amazon also encourages people to learn from their mistakes. Leadership roles do not punish people for making small mistakes as long as the risk was calculated. Amazon believes all decisions are reversible, and making mistakes is part of growing as a staff moment.

Think Big

Amazon staff members are encouraged to think about the long-term growth of the business. They are meant to think about how the decisions that they may make will impact other departments. In addition, they should be thinking about how their decisions impact the customer.If a staff member struggles to think long-term, Amazon doesn’t want them on the team.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Amazon is all about focusing on the customer. Everything they do is about the customer. They hope that by doing this, they can secure a customer for life. We must admit, Amazon seems to have done a pretty decent job of this. Most people wouldn’t shop anywhere else but Amazon.


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