Junk Removal Guide For Your Spring Cleaning

Junk Removal Guide For Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning gives your house a fresh look allowing you to maintain cleanliness. True cleaning refers to junk removal and eliminating clutter. Living in a clutter-free home gives you an amazing feeling. Only those who have gone through the process of spring cleaning or junk removal can understand. If you’ve decided to hire a reputable company offering quality junk removal services like Jiffy Junk, you don’t have much to worry.

Yes, the entire process needs a lot of effort – but it pays back in the long run. Where to begin? How to plan the entire process?

Here is the junk removal guide for your spring cleaning.

But First, Why Should You Do Spring Cleaning?

Have you ever wondered why people do spring cleaning? Why not remove junk during the winter?

Well, you could do that – but less sunlight and cold weather demotivate you to handle large tasks. Spring cleaning gives you a fresh start and signifies a beginning.

People started spring cleaning decades ago. When the need for fire to stay warm went away in the spring, people used to clean their houses. Thanks to science and technology, we no longer need to burn fires. However, we can freshen up our homes and have a better feeling.

Let’s Plan For the Day

Sit down for half an hour and make a spring cleaning plan.

Get a calendar and choose two to three days for junk removal. Visit each room and each corner of your house and write down the tasks. If you are confused about throwing a thing or keeping it, this is the moment to decide.

Still, confused? Throw it out – you definitely don’t need it

While taking notes, remember that you may want to give used items to your loved ones. You should also schedule these arrangements at this point. Imagine you have removed the clutter and have a lot of space. Now, how would you like to use the new space? Plan it. More importantly, it will motivate you for junk removal.

Last but not the least; you need to write down how you want to spend the reward day. Would you like to read one of your favorite books or go to watch a movie?

Right Mindset

Make a habit to get in the right mindset before you begin anything. When you don’t have the right mindset, you can’t get yourself in the cleaning zone. Once you have marked the day on the calendar, make sure you are free on that day. If there is anything important to finish, do it before the cleaning day.

Make sure that you don’t have any excuses on the day to postpone.

Cleaning Should be Fun

Why should junk removal be a boring task? Add some fun and enjoy your time. Turn on some music or play a podcast. It will increase your energy levels and make the entire process a fun activity.

Decide a time when you will end your junk removal activity. It should be a realistic goal and remember that you have to dispose of items. Unnecessary items should be left outside the house after you are done.

Involving your children could provide you with some firepower. However, they may slow down the process. Rest assured, it will be fun.

Clear the Surfaces

Begin your junk removal effort by clearing surfaces. Empty the shelves, floors, tables, and other surfaces. Clearing the surfaces will give you an idea of how much space you have. 

Place things away or throw them out if not required. Not only, it will clear the clutter but also ensure cleanliness in the long term. Moreover, it will help in removing the dirt that was stuck under the junk.

Everything Needs a Spot

Have you noticed the clutter comes back soon after the cleaning? It’s frustrating, right? Would you like to know why? You haven’t assigned a spot for everything.

In order to maintain the cleanliness, you have to organize your stuff. Begin with finding a spot for everything. Be it a shelf, drawer, bin, or anywhere in the house. Once you have decided the spot, make sure you put the thing back in its place.

While doing the junk removal, you have to organize things logically. Keep in mind how often you need it before deciding on a spot.

When to Throw Out Your Things

The best junk removal strategy is to remove everything you don’t need. Now, your mind will tell you that you may need one of these things in the future. Can you recall when you have used these items in the past? No? Well, it is time to let it go.

Throw out doesn’t mean that you have to put it in the trash. Junk removal companies ensure most of the stuff goes into recycling. If some of these items are still usable, they will donate them. In any case, you don’t need the stuff and you have to get rid of it. When in doubt, throw it out.

Clean Every Corner

People often think that some areas of their homes don’t need spring cleaning. Well, that’s not the case. When you are committing to spring cleaning, make sure you visit every corner of your house. From your garage to the basement, you need to clean everywhere.

Is there a storeroom that has turned into dumping ground? Well, you should start from there. You will find a lot of items you haven’t used in the recent past and have no intention of using them anytime soon.

Throw it out!

By removing clothing, appliances, and old electronics, you will get a lot of free space.

Call a Junk Removal Service

Need reinforcements? A junk removal company will be your best bet. Hundreds of junk removal companies should be operating in your town. They are specialized in removing stuff without causing harm to other things.

From removing electronics to get your home in order, they offer a range of services. Make a call and reduce your spring cleaning burden.


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