Lich Names- Clever Lich Name Suggestions For The Fantasy Fiction Lovers

Lich Name
Lich Name

Do you love Fantasy Fictions? Are you looking for some clever Lich names for your role-playing video game? You will find Liches in a fantasy fiction video game, called Dungeons and Dragons.

Well, don’t underestimate the power of a Lich. Liches possess some of the most powerful black magic and thus they have become immortal, or more precisely the undead.  

In the year 1975, Greyhawk first introduced us to the character of a Lich. After that, they became immensely popular and the gaming franchise made them an essential part of the fiction. Since then, people searched for the name of fantasy Lich for the millionth time.

Liches have gained immortality because they hide the souls in the objects. This is known as ‘phylactery’. Want to destroy a Lich? Destroy a phylactery.

So, you can see that Liches are the evil creatures and perhaps the most powerful ones. Therefore, when you are trying to decide the names for the Liches, they should also be interesting, isn’t it?

I have compiled some of the innovative Lich names. You can take ideas from here.

Let’s read.

Names That Mean Undead- Interesting Lich Naming Ideas

Well, I have listed those names only that are perfect for a Lich. If you are a fan of the game, Dungeons, and Dragons, you must be aware of the fact that there are so many characters in the game. Therefore, you have to decide on a unique name for a Lich so that the Lich can be distinguished from the other characters. 

Even, if you search on the internet, you will find out funny some funny videos, where you will see that Rebecca reads Lich’s names. Well, the names of the Liches she utters are terribly funny and awful.

Now, Liches are divided into many sections. You have to name them according to their category. I have listed the names according to the category.

Lich Name Generator- Naming Guide

Using a name generator is a great way to create a unique Lich name. A Lich can hide in a magical location and continue with its plans. Beware! Their plans and schemes can stay for a long time.

Now, here are some unique and famous Lich names for your fantasy fiction character.

Lich Names- DND

Lich Names- DND
Lich Names- DND
Qhok’mudinHiz’gudhTsumdokLich Very
Tzin’gaerSqekhoeVhymkiqakLich National
SracqouBhosteBzaazgulisNames Adept
Chiag’vodhSriad’ghodhCzocdoukoNames Quality
RilxygXhunzikedhNaindiasLich Boosts
BhathuxQuadzogAn’ghiNames Scrumptious
Yk’vozGhus’qukPit’qaroxNames Addict
xhelouzSrok’zuxBhodelLich Leaner
AcerekakAlsiguard the makerVelsharoonNamaza
AcvellanAnderSkallNames Smart
LarlochKangaxxHarthoonNames Hush
MellifluerShoon VIIRedeyeNames Nimble
OsternethWulgrethAumvor the UndeadNames Arcadia
Szazz TamYthazz BuvaarRenwick CaradonLichium
VecnaRammaqLady SaharelLich Cheeky
VlakithAlathene MoonstarRhaugilathLich Progressive
BronkyrudAl’kheeEakrakLich Cheetah
Stroc’mugruqUqorGutredaLich Mile
Skas’qidhChaqzoMulzeanNames Comrade
Duq’geqCryn’qorosNucagNames Bug
Sic’dhukudhDhuxzakNug’zogLich Plots
VhiarqogaNiab’ghaakPrauz’godakLich Wayfarer
ZheaczorOxzurizQrym’geruqLich Do

Good Lich Names- Unique Naming Ideas For You

Liches tend to take such names that are empowered with magical charms. So, they often give up their old names. Here are some good Lich names for you.

ZhoonqauxGrudzecedSqakrosLich Granular
Vhit’zugSruabzolKrykukadNames Rewards
Krum’gaazShilakTrekhudhLich Ademia
DavernochWendellorAmaravixNames Shake
Pudd GangVexacianEmeffaehNames Affordable
SammesterUzagrethZapharaaLich Creations
ZhengyiEcthrorixVorkalxiLich Climax
VelsharoonNoiraxarySceledruxLich Patch
TzyzcadLady SkurroleZolaxethLich Rentals
PurerRhaugilath the AgelessValerachNamquipo
ZamzudRenwick CaradoonIonarathNamorama
ChalxaPhom’goonMhemdeezNames Moon
VabaudNhagzoqurGhethzoguNames Circuit
Krad’ghogUgnogrokStoolzoLich Artful
CronceegunSocnoxBudrurLich Samurai
Scar’zinDruzaqPhil’khaNames Lotus
StreqnodhXim’zilosNhas’tunNames Frame
MyrzuSzaenzuStul’kheNames Dynamo
Srim’qadRuancucazTairkeNames Beyond
VakdunedhQodrizDheeb’ghiqNames Federation
XonzadhXikvumaSrarzukuLich Tune

Women Lich Names

A Lich can be both male and female. But, they all look the same. They look like skeletons and are empowered with magical charms. Female Lich names should be distinguished from that of the males.

Women Lich Names
Women Lich Names

So I have given the female Lich names in this table.

CogviadhVusgecaScek’nukoiNames Dynasty
BzyrockXhud’ghikiZhoxhaniLich Aesthetics
ScindorudUrughaPsibridhLich Ink
BolgiAgzadhPougvarukNames Calm
SzuthanBhal’ziSqak’vasNames Acarya
UbzycScix’zyghiVaqnagnodhLich Chomp
VazganuaqNhuskaciaxKryszelukLich Lily
Bzos’zaeqXhanqonukOthorainNames Legendary
VhogveSqac’maghacSrylxuguxLich Asset
Goc’nogradBzustoqUrylNames Detox
Names MindsetNames StardustNames RecoverNamopolis
Lich CityNames ApexNames WiseLich Daub
Lich SunsetNames FormedLich RelyNamaholic
Names CocoLich SeekLich SakuraNames Blade
Names ArtisticLich ShotNames BitNamlia
LichonusLich SpurLich ScienceNames Heroes
LichlazaNames SimulationLich EraNames Maven
Lich MountNames MirageNames SuccessNames Mystical
Lich RockstarLich LanceNames PainterLich Commune
Lich LiftedLich CompaniesLich LimitedLich Villa
Lich LustLich BlockNames GenNames Thorad
Lich HillNames CreateLich DiggingLich Friend

Famous Lich Names

Well, all Liches are famous. So, if you have to give them names, you have to think out of the box. Here are some famous Lich names for you. Anyone can get naming ideas from this table.

Names CentsNames MetricNames RideLich Box
Lich StudiedLich LoudNames ActiveLich Faqs
LicharcLich BornLich ContemporaryLich Flame
Lich ScopeNames JourneyNames ReduxNames Scribe
Lich A1Names All-StarLich HexNames Live
Names DetailLich MethodicalNames AssetNames Recorder
Names MoneyNames KinNames InquisitionLich Vanguard
Names BlindLich MirageLich FrumptiousLich Cohort
NamqueNames DhyanaLich TrophyNames Swift
Lich SpurNames UltraLich VoltaLich Delight
Names NiftyNames UnrealNames ChronicLich Monkey
Lich StrumLich GoldenNames VengeanceLich Vortex
Names DashNames AbilityNames StandLich Board
Lich CollisionLich GuardLich PromoNames Looker
Lich BroadwayLich ToonLich GreenhouseNames Gory
Names SurveyorLich ElasticLich BrainNames Direct
Names TurboLich RiseNames SparkleLich Beltline
Names ResortNames FastNames SolvedLich Dr
Lich PaladinNames BoyLich DiscussNames Brain
Lich LoungeLich CeramicNames ClusterLich Exchange
Lich ClassicLich ArticlesLich EsteemNames Tractor
Lich SombreNames CognitiveLich GlobalNames Surprise
Names SlideNames CapriNames BalanceLich Ghost
Lich NaturallyNames DelightNames EngagedNames Source
Names HonestNames FortuneNames CuteLich Prism

Pathfinder: Lich King- Crazy Naming Ideas

Pathfinder: Lich King- Crazy Naming Ideas
Pathfinder: Lich King- Crazy Naming Ideas

A Lich king name must be cool and crazy. After all, they are kings, right? So, if you are tired of thinking of creative Lich king names, here is the naming idea for you.

Names OnNames PrestigeNames NightNames Ranch
Lich DepotNames StockLich BoldLich Live
Lich BeautyNames PieceLich GlobalNames Lantern
Lich HurdleLich SeductressNames HandbookNames Lunar
Lich SunnyNames BotNames HurdleNames Stock
Names MisfitsNames LeaderLich DispatchLich Grander
Lich ClioLich BounceLich CEONames Manage
Lich AdvantageLich HomesteadNames GaugeLich World
Names RoadwayLich CompassLich DevelopLich Throttle
Names SepiaNames Blue SkyLich HauteLich Energy
Names PeakLich ShackNames MisfitLich Forum
Lich RangeNames LeapLich SnackLich Aloha
Names PublicNames DistortionLich Close-UpLich Harmony
Names TestedLich AlpineNames SpringNames Havoc
Lich AcademicNames SoftNames FrameworkNames Kennel
Lich FrostLich KickNames ExquisiteLich Orchid
Lich MotherLich UnholyNames ChipLich Identity
Lich ThorNames LadybugLich QuakeNames Loin
Names ImpulseLich SonicNames LaxNames Relief
Names NexusNames EncourageLich RoadmanNames Intuition
Lich ClutchLich RingerNames ExpressLich Divine
Lich FlawlessLich AccelerateNames ComfortLich Gravity
Names BerserkerLich MobilNames ProbeLich Dandy
Names ShareNames ArcadiaLich MageLich Endure
Names PunishNames PinesLich NaturalNames Legacy

Kuva Lich Names- Imgur

Kuva Liches are also known as super soldiers. They fight for their Queen Kuva. These super soldiers are empowered with special weapons and thrall troops. Therefore Kuva Lich’s names must be royal and strong.

Here are some of the Kuva Lich names for you.

Lich SlipNames AcquireNames ShapeNames Catwalk
Names FlowNames EnchantLich ColossalLich Classics
Lich DistortionNames ApexLich ZephyrLich Made
Lich IntegralNames ReportLich ShotgunNames Flavor
Names CityNames AccentLich EarthLich Kawaii
Lich BudgetLich GridLich HonestLich Lists
Lich CuddlyNames GroundNames EnigmaNames Kennel
Names AliveLich ArticLich EasyLich Do
Lich StackNames BotNames FlairLich Rate
Lich AerobicNames ValueLich ActiveLich Examine
Names AzureLich TaleLich IndulgenceNames Final
Names MilliLich UltraLich KnobNames Brothers
Names PilotLich MuseLich ChangeLich Den
Names SwagLich BodyBuildNames IdealNames Lifesaver
Lich OurNames OcityNames BlendNames Hammer
Names ChoiceLich NetworkNames SwarmNames Lush
Names EspressoLich TargetLich CheerNames Tera
Names HandbookLich SewNames NodeLich Ranger
Lich CaptivateLich InvestLich ScaleNames Creations
Names BrewerLich BarnLich FocusNames Value
Names TopLich LustNames TradeNames Wink
Names RapidLich NavyNames ClearLich Watcher
Lich StockLich MeasuredNames EnergyNames Surya
Names NeticLich PublicistLich CatchNames Pilot
Lich IntervalLich CollectiveNames GardenNames Axel

Lich Names- Wow

Lich Names- Wow
Lich Names- Wow
Lich SmartNames MuseNames GraciousLich Produce
Lich VitalityNames RelieveLich WeeklyLich Nexus
Names FranchiseNames Zone DLich StripLich Forge
Names CoreNames DeluxeNames EnjoyLich Enrich
Names GhostNames TreeLich PauseLich Lia
Lich ForumNames FoxLich MeasureNames Soft
Names PhysiqueLich JadedNames EnterLich Balaji
Lich SkyNames FoodLich SwankLich Real
Names DreamLich AnticsLich FoamNames Bright
Lich ReservationLich LifeNames TideNames Collaborate
Names AccentNames RunnerNames VinylLich Dovetail
Lich LoadedNames ThiefLich PrimedNames Endure
Names CleverNames AbsoluteLich LoveNames Automation
Names WorldwideNames ApproveLich MineLich Mountain
Names EpicNames DistrictNames BooNames Sell
Lich BankLich FuelLich GrainLich Scoot
Names MasterNames NovelLich CircuitNames KO
Lich DelicacyNames ShantiLich ParachuteLich Bounty
Names SeekLich A-LineLich ImperialNames Lush
Names MindfulLich CultureNames BulletLich Bubs
Names BazaarNames WorldLich TRUELich Help
Lich HubbleLich ShadowNames ZenLich Beryl
Lich AlphaLich RestedLich CaptureNames Combine
Names MeasuredNames TriadLich GlimmerNames Jungle
Names ReaperNames HugsyLich AffiliateNames Jape

 Wow: The Lich’s Identity- The Quest

After giving a suitable name to the Lich, you, as a player have to complete this quest. In this quest, you have to search for the talent and the identity of a Lich who is dwelling on Brightwater Island. The Lich is powered with necromancy and that will be useful to you.

To find out the identity of the Lich you have to find out his spellbook. You have to steal it from his camp. When you will successfully finish the quest, you will be rewarded.

The goal of this quest is to hatch the spellbook of the Lich to Bethor Iceshard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Be The Male Lich Names?

Liches can be both male and female. Just like the humans, you have to distinguish the name of the male Liches from the female Liches. Here are some of the male Lich names that you can try.

  • Alhoon
  • Aumvor
  • Black Garius
  • Demchungchumrub
  • Laroch
  • Velsharoon
  • Zulkir
  • Bronkyrud

What Is A Lich?

A Lich is evil and undead creature. They possess magical powers. But, a Lich is not like a Zombie. Zombies are mindless. But the Liches can be intelligent, powerful, and sapient.

Surprisingly, a Lich can hide his or her soul in the objects with their magical powers. That is why they have gained immortality. If you want to kill a Lich, you have to destroy the object in which his soul is hiding.

Which Type Of Liches Is Good?

You can consider the Archliches as good because they were kind human beings in their former life. But, I can suggest that you should never trust them fully. Usually, they are evil creatures who bargain for knowledge. That makes them devour human souls and evil beings.

Closing Thoughts

Are you writing fantasy fiction? Need names for the Lich Characters? Don’t worry. These names will help you to get inspiration for your project. I have given here the names for all Lich categories. You can pick any name from any category.

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