Lich Names- Best 65+ Lich Name Suggestions For The Fantasy Fiction Lovers

lich names

As a young adventurer, I was eager to explore the world and discover its secrets. But nothing could have prepared me for the horror I encountered when I stumbled upon the lair of a lich. The ancient undead creature was surrounded by a collection of strange artifacts, each bearing a name that sent chills down my spine: the Wand of Necrosis, the Crown of Souls, the Tome of Oblivion. It was then that I realized the true power of a lich’s name – for these were the names that held the key to its ultimate destruction.

Names mentioned in the story: Wand of Necrosis, Crown of Souls, Tome of Oblivion.

I have compiled some of the innovative Lich names. You can take ideas from here.

Aethron the UnrelentingMorbathus the MalevolentZalathorm the Eternal
Kelathorn the CursedIliathor the InsatiableSythis the Soulless
Maldrion the MaleficentThelrandir the TerribleValthas the Vile
Krynnax the UndyingNefarion the NightmarishXyvexis the Exiled

Names That Mean Undead- Interesting Lich Naming Ideas

lich names

Well, I have listed those names only that are perfect for a Lich. If you are a fan of the game, Dungeons, and Dragons, you must be aware of the fact that there are so many characters in the game. Therefore, you have to decide on a unique name for a Lich so that the Lich can be distinguished from the other characters. 

Even, if you search on the internet, you will find out funny videos, where you will see that Rebecca reads Lich’s names. Well, the names of the Liches she utters are terribly funny and awful.

Now, Liches are divided into many sections. You have to name them according to their category.

I have listed the names according to the category.

Necros the ImmortalSepulchral the UndyingMorbithar the UnlivingThrenody the Eternal
Infernal the UndisputedWraithborne the EternalRevenant the InexorableGraveheart the Everlasting
Deathbinder the EnduringCadavros the UndecayedOblivion the PerpetualCryptus the Deathless
Corpsemancer the UnrelentingSpectros the BoundlessMortanimus the UnfadingGhoulian the Endless

Lich Name Generator- Naming Guide

lich names

Using a name generator is a great way to create a unique Lich name. A Lich can hide in a magical location and continue with its plans. Beware! Their plans and schemes can stay for a long time.

Now, here are some unique and famous Lich names for your fantasy fiction character.

Azaroth the DeathlessDrogath the EternalCendrius the UnboundBelthazar the Unbroken
Pythor the PestilentMalphas the MalevolentIchorus the ImmaculateErebos the Endless
Syltharion the SilentNefarious the NamelessKaelthas the ConsumingGorgath the Grim
Xerxes the ExaltedOphidian the OmnipotentLazarus the LifelessHavoc the Harbinger

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Lich Names- DND

Morgath the MalevolentThulgrim the TerribleXyvros the UnlivingSorrowmourn the Shadowed
Kyuss the UndyingBalthraxis the BlackenedZulthar the UndeadNefris the Necrotic
Gorgoth the GrimVylmarth the VenomousVythrax the VoidValtharion the Vile
Arthas the ArcanZargothrax the ZombifiedNecrovarr the NightmarishKaelthas the Cursed

Good Lich Names- Unique Naming Ideas For You

lich names

Liches tend to take such names that are empowered with magical charms. So, they often give up their old names. Here are some good Lich names for you.

Lyzara the Lich Queen
Xanathar the ExiledThrenody the SoullessVeilfang the Vile
Ragnor the RevenantZephyrion the DeathlessAzarath the ArchlichVornak the Vile
Vayne the VoidwalkerSyrinx the SpectralMalakar the UndyingNefarion the Necromancer
Myrkul the MysticDraven the DreadedZygon the Zombie LordSeraphina the Soulless

Women Lich Names

lich names

A Lich can be both male and female. But, they all look the same. They look like skeletons and are empowered with magical charms. Female Lich names should be distinguished from that of the males.

So I have given the female Lich names in this table.

Elyndra the Eternal
Ysara the BlackheartZarene the Eternal QueenIthriel the Immortal
Lyzara the NecromancerDrusilla the Sorceress SupremeAlastrina the UnconquerableValtara the Undying
Sylphrena the Soul BinderMirielle the NightwalkerGaladriel the Shadow MistressKaelindra the Deathless
Nefaria the Dread LadyXandria the Witch QueenThalindra the CursedNymira the Enduring

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Famous Lich Names

Well, all Liches are famous. So, if you have to give them names, you have to think out of the box. Here are some famous Lich names for you.

Anyone can get naming ideas from this table.

Xyvax the Eternal
Kael’thas the SoulflayerKrytos the EnchanterZalazar the Unyielding
Acererak the ArchlichAzarath the DamnedZoltar the MalevolentValtor the Undying
Vecna the Whispered OneSargeras the CorruptedGrimgor the DeathlessNefarion the Dreaded
Orcus the Demon PrinceKel’Thuzad the NecromancerVyrath the DarkThaxanos the Cursed

Lich King- Crazy Naming Ideas

A Lich king name must be cool and crazy. After all, they are kings, right? So, if you are tired of thinking of creative Lich king names, here is the naming idea for you.

Nekrosis the EternalAbyssus the Endless VoidZephyrion the UndeadRavenna the Deathless
Hades the Lord of the UnderworldNoxus the Shadow KingAzazel the Frozen OverlordMalice the Immortal
Charon the Ferryman of the DeadErebus the Soul DevourerBalthazar the Eternal DoombringerMorgath the Unholy
Styxus the River GuardianThanatos the Grim ReaperVesperon the NightwalkerAcheron the Eternal Tormentor

Kuva Lich Names

Kuva Liches are also known as super soldiers. They fight for their Queen Kuva. These super soldiers are empowered with special weapons and thrall troops. Therefore Kuva Lich’s name must be loyal and strong.

Here are some of the Kuva Lich names for you.

Valtor the Bloodthirsty
Vorath the VengefulNekron the ShadowArkaan the Cruel
Vayne the Dark LordRaxen the HarbingerYarok the CorruptorZorvath the Revenant
Gruumsh the WarlordThulgar the DreadGalvorn the DestroyerXalaxar the Enraged
Zulakar the ImmortalZethros the UnyieldingZaelen the MalevolentKavax the Betrayer

Lich Names- scientific name for lichen

Lich Names
Xanathar the UndyingRaziel the RevenantValtor the VileMordecai the Malevolent
Lilith the Lich QueenTenebris the TombboundLyndra the LifelessZephyrus the Eternal
Samael the SoullessKalypso the CadaverousAvarice the AbjectKael the Damned
Alistair the AbominableMalachai the MacabreDrusilla the DeathlessNerathul the Necrotic

The Lich’s Identity- The Quest

After giving a suitable name to the Lich, you, as a player have to complete this quest. In this quest, you have to search for the talent and the identity of a Lich who is dwelling on Brightwater Island. The Lich is powered with necromancy and that will be useful to you.

To find out the identity of the Lich you have to find out his spellbook. You have to steal it from his camp. When you will successfully finish the quest, you will be rewarded.

The goal of this quest is to hatch the spellbook of the Lich to Bethor Iceshard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. What Should Be The Male Lich Names?

Liches can be both male and female. Just like humans, you have to distinguish the name of the male Liches from the female Liches. Here are some of the male Lich names that you can try.

  • Alhoon
  • Aumvor
  • Black Garius
  • Demchungchumrub
  • Laroch
  • Velsharoon
  • Zulkir
  • Bronkyrud

    Ques2. What Is A Lich?

A Lich is evil and undead creature. They possess magical powers. But, a Lich is not like a Zombie. Zombies are mindless. But the Liches can be intelligent, powerful, and sapient.

Surprisingly, a Lich can hide his or her soul in objects with their magical powers. That is why they have gained immortality. If you want to kill a Lich, you have to destroy the object in which his soul is hiding.

Ques3. Which Type Of Liches Is Good?

You can consider the Archliches as good because they were kind human beings in their former life. But, I can suggest that you should never trust them fully. Usually, they are evil creatures who bargain for knowledge. That makes them devour human souls and evil beings.

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