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Elevator shoes for men

Elevator shoes for men
Elevator shoes for men

Elevator shoes for men are a favorite for people who want to appear tall in style. Its height increasing insoles discreetly add height to the wearer giving them that superior and confident look. www.guidomaggi.com elevator shoes for men are handcrafted with top-grain Italian leather that gives you that stylish appearance.

There are lots of reasons to wear elevator shoes. Aside from the fact that it gives you that elegant look, www.guidomaggi.it elevator shoes are fitted with height increasing insoles that can add inches of height to the wearer.

Height insoles are meant to provide shoe lifts which will help you increase height while sustaining stiffness for arch support and comfort. They give you full functionality and stability as well as the additional benefit of height.

Elevator shoes for men
Elevator shoes for men

Choosing between elevator shoes and shoe insoles

If you have ever wanted to appear taller in appearance, you might have been faced with the dilemma of shopping for an elevator shoe or buying insole for your shoes. Both elevator shoes and shoe insoles can give you that desired height and increased stature, thereby boosting your confidence.

Men love to be respected and valued. An increase in height can offer a great opportunity for you as a man. Whatever the occasion is, height increasing shoes are the perfect shoes for every occasion.

Which of them gives you more height?

If you desire to have a maximum increase in height, then you can opt for trendy elevator shoes for men. Elevator shoes for men can give you additional height increase to as much as 5 inches. Various elevator shoes come with insoles of different inches.

Based on the amount of height increase you desire, you can select the elevator shoe that gives you that. The best type of elevator shoes that gives you that huge increase in height is boots and sneakers. They are an ideal piece for men who seek that extra height to make them more confident in their daily social routine.

On the other hand, insoles, also known as shoe lifts, can increase your height, but only to a certain level, much less than elevator shoes. Shoe insoles have different levels of height increasing shoe lifts. Insoles are a good choice for those who desire to maximize their flexibility to adjust to a combination of social and business solutions skillfully. Removable shoe lifts allow you to personalize your appearance to your desired choice giving you the extra boost to attend to your social and professional engagements.


One other principal difference between elevator shoes and insoles is that the shoe lifts in elevator shoes are built-in. A major advantage of this is that you do not have to worry about removing or placing insoles in your shoes.

You can go to the store and buy any design of the elevator shoe you desire without the worry of buying a separate insertable shoe lift. While shoe lifts are great to get that desired height, they, however, are problematic in getting to insert them in almost every shoe you would put on. Shoes come in different shapes and sizes. So fitting your insoles into any shoe would not cut it. You would need to get insoles or shoe lifts that are compatible with your shoe for it to have a proper fit.


In the area of comfort, elevator shoes for men come with insoles that are attached within, meaning it cannot be altered or replaced. Based on its design, elevator shoes are built to be more sturdy and comfortable since the shoe insole is attached within. Similarly, GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for men are specially designed to help correct bad posture, a common problem in some shoes.

Height increasing insoles are great as well if you seek an additional increase in height or stature. However, your height increasing shoe lifts must be compatible with the shoe you are wearing. Otherwise, you are likely to experience discomfort in your feet.


Cost, in most cases, is a function of quality. People pay more for premium products because of the quality they seek. The same can be said for elevator shoes. While they may be a slightly expensive option than shoe insoles, they give you the much-needed quality and comfort you desire. Height insoles, on the other hand, are nice. However, in the long run, they may not appear like a wise investment choice.

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