799+ Cool Nail Business Names & Suggestions

Nail Business Names
Nail Business Names

Who doesn’t want to show their beautiful nails? Especially for women, nails are one of the most important beauty assets.

Nowadays, everyone is either having their nails done or learning to do nails. Acrylics, Gels, square shape, coffin shape, the list of various nails goes on and on.

Even a few years back, people were crazy about eyebrows. Now the thing is happening with nails. Therefore a nail appointment has been relatively regular nowadays in the salons.

Hence, we can say that the nail business is an excellent idea presently, especially after this lockdown; crafty individuals are doing great.

During the long lockdown period, they practiced their art and enhanced their skills. Now they are looking to turn their hobby into a career option.

And a business must need a catchy name to flourish to catch customers’ attention. Therefore in this post, we will suggest several nail business names that will give your business the limelight.

Nail Page Names For Instagram

Nowadays, everyone is tech-savvy, and Instagram is a great platform to represent your hobby, skills, or business.

Therefore you can showcase your business information on this online platform as well. Home catchy nail page names for Instagram are-

Luxuriate NailNailvioTempean NailKnockout NailEnviable Nail
Unlimited NailSecure NailAmber NailHypnotizing NailArdent Nail
Sugar NailMiraculous NailNailgenixDrive NailForward Nail
Depot NailGentle NailUrge NailFlamingo NailCleopatra Nail
Strange NailArtistry NailAutumn NailWarrior NailExcel Nail
Spur NailKing NailNailonusFeminine NailEgo Nail
Glamor NailCoverage NailRiveting NailFoundation NailEncore Nail
Amore NailPromote NailPicturesque NailGaia NailRiveting Nail
Nail Page Names For Instagram
Nail Page Names For Instagram
Restore NailNailnStudied NailGood NailAmber Nail
Blush NailBewitch NailEsthetic NailCookie NailDrive Nail
Agile NailAmethyst NailEnticing NailInnovate NailVenus Nail
Majestic NailWinter NailOcean NailNailologyDreamboat Nail
Dame NailNailoryxWinsome NailCore NailCapri Nail
NailivaAccess NailBone NailNailneticVictoria Nail
Luxe NailPhoenix NailCarnations NailNailquipoClear Nail
NailaroGuide NailNaillazaBeing NailCalm Nail
  • Luxuriate Nail
  • Unlimited Nail
  • Sugar Nail
  • Depot Nail
  • Strange Nail
  • Spur Nail
  • Glamor Nail
  • Amore Nail
  • Restore Nail
  • Blush Nail
  • Agile Nail
  • Majestic Nail
  • Dame Nail
  • Nailiva
  • Luxe Nail

Nail Business Names With Your Name

Using your name in the nail business is a confident move. It helps to attach your personality to the work you do directly.

It gives your extra business strength. Also, it creates a warmer and more personable vibe key to your business.

And this sense of warmth and familiarity is essential in the beauty service industry. Here are some nail business names with your name;

Lapis NailNailbiaBelle NailNailbeaModern Nail
Divine NailFaith NailBlend NailComplete NailSwift Nail
Harp NailNailzillaRenew NailHoney NailMonroe Nail
Contact NailAffluence NailDepend NailNailyaBoho Nail
Tinged NailNailbesAddiction NailSpeedy NailAid Nail
NaildeckNailpadActive NailAttractor NailInvigorate Nail
NailiumSheeny NailFemme NailElegant NailImage Nail
Stunner NailNailsterExtravagance NailChampion NailMatrix Nail
Nail Business Names With Your Name
Nail Business Names With Your Name
Enviable NailKnockout NailLuxuriate NailNailvioTempean Nail
Ardent NailHypnotizing NailUnlimited NailSecure NailAmber Nail
Forward NailDrive NailSugar NailMiraculous NailNailgenix
Cleopatra NailFlamingo NailDepot NailGentle NailUrge Nail
Excel NailWarrior NailStrange NailArtistry NailAutumn Nail
Ego NailFeminine NailSpur NailKing NailNailonus
Encore NailFoundation NailGlamor NailCoverage NailRiveting Nail
Riveting NailGaia NailAmore NailPromote NailPicturesque Nail
  • Nailvio
  • Secure Nail
  • Miraculous Nail
  • Gentle Nail
  • Artistry Nail
  • King Nail
  • Coverage Nail
  • Promote Nail
  • Nailn
  • Bewitch Nail
  • Amethyst Nail
  • Winter Nail
  • Nailoryx
  • Access Nail
  • Phoenix Nail

Nail Salon Name Ideas

Previously, we have mentioned that the nail business is on a high after this lockdown period. Nail business usually offers nail care and maintenance.

However, some brands mainly specialize in nail art, false nails, and nail products. In the United States, nail salons are trendy. Similarly, you will need nail salon name ideas to make your business popular. Such names are;

Amber NailGood NailRestore NailNailnStudied Nail
Drive NailCookie NailBlush NailBewitch NailEsthetic Nail
Venus NailInnovate NailAgile NailAmethyst NailEnticing Nail
Dreamboat NailNailologyMajestic NailWinter NailOcean Nail
Capri NailCore NailDame NailNailoryxWinsome Nail
Victoria NailNailneticNailivaAccess NailBone Nail
Clear NailNailquipoLuxe NailPhoenix NailCarnations Nail
Calm NailBeing NailNailaroGuide NailNaillaza
Nail Salon Name Ideas
Nail Salon Name Ideas
Modern NailNailbeaLapis NailNailbiaBelle Nail
Swift NailComplete NailDivine NailFaith NailBlend Nail
Monroe NailHoney NailHarp NailNailzillaRenew Nail
Boho NailNailyaContact NailAffluence NailDepend Nail
Aid NailSpeedy NailTinged NailNailbesAddiction Nail
Invigorate NailAttractor NailNaildeckNailpadActive Nail
Image NailElegant NailNailiumSheeny NailFemme Nail
Matrix NailChampion NailStunner NailNailsterExtravagance Nail
  • Tempean Nail
  • Amber Nail
  • Nailgenix
  • Urge Nail
  • Autumn Nail
  • Nailonus
  • Riveting Nail
  • Picturesque Nail
  • Studied Nail
  • Esthetic Nail
  • Enticing Nail
  • Ocean Nail
  • Winsome Nail
  • Bone Nail

Acrylic Nail Names

Acrylic nails are pretty trendy nowadays. If you plan to set up your nail business only on acrylic nails, you must need some acrylic nail names.

The acrylic nail business is easier to set up as these nails are easy to shape and design. By having an acrylic nail parlor, your customers can try different shapes.

Now let’s have a look at the acrylic nail names;

Vision NailTempean NailKnockout NailEnviable NailLuxuriate Nail
Sheer NailAmber NailHypnotizing NailArdent NailUnlimited Nail
Elfin NailNailgenixDrive NailForward NailSugar Nail
Bridal NailUrge NailFlamingo NailCleopatra NailDepot Nail
Luxe NailAutumn NailWarrior NailExcel NailStrange Nail
Touch NailNailonusFeminine NailEgo NailSpur Nail
Glamour NailRiveting NailFoundation NailEncore NailGlamor Nail
Affects NailPicturesque NailGaia NailRiveting NailAmore Nail
Acrylic Nail Names
Acrylic Nail Names
Morale NailStudied NailGood NailAmber NailRestore Nail
Angelic NailEsthetic NailCookie NailDrive NailBlush Nail
Purity NailEnticing NailInnovate NailVenus NailAgile Nail
Artistry NailOcean NailNailologyDreamboat NailMajestic Nail
Bonjour NailWinsome NailCore NailCapri NailDame Nail
Luxuriate NailBone NailNailneticVictoria NailNailiva
Assured NailCarnations NailNailquipoClear NailLuxe Nail
Expert NailNaillazaBeing NailCalm NailNailaro
  • Knockout Nail
  • Hypnotizing Nail
  • Drive Nail
  • Flamingo Nail
  • Warrior Nail
  • Feminine Nail
  • Foundation Nail
  • Gaia Nail
  • Good Nail
  • Cookie Nail
  • Innovate Nail
  • Nailology
  • Core Nail
  • Nailnetic
  • Nailquipo

Cool Nail Salon Names

Usually, the catchy business names are one-word names. Such names are easy to remember. If you want to stand out in your nail business, here are some cool nail salon names are;

Capital NailBelle NailNailbeaModern NailLapis Nail
Winter NailBlend NailComplete NailSwift NailDivine Nail
Boudoir NailRenew NailHoney NailMonroe NailHarp Nail
Aspasia NailDepend NailNailyaBoho NailContact Nail
Tempean NailAddiction NailSpeedy NailAid NailTinged Nail
Luxury NailActive NailAttractor NailInvigorate NailNaildeck
Obsidian NailFemme NailElegant NailImage NailNailium
Athena NailExtravagance NailChampion NailMatrix NailStunner Nail
Cool Nail Salon Names
Cool Nail Salon Names
Enviable NailLuxuriate NailNailvioTempean NailEnviable Nail
Ardent NailUnlimited NailSecure NailAmber NailArdent Nail
Forward NailSugar NailMiraculous NailNailgenixForward Nail
Cleopatra NailDepot NailGentle NailUrge NailCleopatra Nail
Excel NailStrange NailArtistry NailAutumn NailExcel Nail
Ego NailSpur NailKing NailNailonusEgo Nail
Encore NailGlamor NailCoverage NailRiveting NailEncore Nail
Riveting NailAmore NailPromote NailPicturesque NailRiveting Nail
  • Knockout Nail
  • Hypnotizing Nail
  • Drive Nail
  • Flamingo Nail
  • Warrior Nail
  • Feminine Nail
  • Foundation Nail
  • Gaia Nail
  • Good Nail
  • Cookie Nail
  • Innovate Nail
  • Nailology
  • Core Nail
  • Nailnetic
  • Nailquipo

How To Come Up With A Business Name

Energy, courage, and passion are the main ingredients for a business name. If you have an excellent idea for a business and you have a potential client base, you are all ready to set up your business.

Here we are talking about the nail business; you need to be more tricky. Also, you can use a nail business name generator to find names. You need to follow some points to come up with a business name. Such points are;

  • Use acronyms
  • Make mash-ups
  • Choose foreign words
  • Get inspired by literature
  • Apply your name
  • Mix things up
  • Make a partnership with another company.
  • Use a symbol
  • Make it descripciptive.
  • Represent your story
  • Show your beliefs

How To Check If A Business Name Is Available For Free

If you want to check if a business name is free or not, you can check it easily online. €the process is relatively easy. €tere are a few steps only;

  • Check dba registrations
  • Search for a trademark business name
  • Check the LLC registry, and
  • Google it.

Avoid The Common Mistakes When Picking Your Business Name

Choosing a business name is quite challenging for many startups. Especially when it is about nail business names, you must be more attentive to avoid mistakes.

Whether you choose cute nail business names or small nail business name ideas, you need to prevent the following ideas.

  • Don’t pick a business name that limits business growth.
  • Don’t pick a too generic name.
  • Don’t use unusual spellings of common words.
  • Don’t use a too-long business name.
  • Don’t forget to search names online.
  • Don’t forget to consider domain name availability.
  • Don’t copy any other business names.


1. What is a good name for a nail business?

There are several nail brand names that give your business the proper limelight. Such business names are;

  • Well Polished.
  • Nail Brain.
  • Shine Me Up.
  • Lavish Nails.
  • Luxury Nail Spa.

2. How do I name my nail salon?

There are some tips to name your nail salon. The tips will help you to choose sassy nail names. Such tips are;

  • Represent your brand’s identity.
  • Don’t use meaningless words.
  • Choose a name that people will remember.
  • Avoid meaningless or unnecessary words.
  • Try to use your name.

3. How do I brand my nail business?

The tips that will help you to brand your nail business are;

  • Bring your business into the limelight.
  • Spread leaflets.
  • Go for networking.
  • Promote on social media.
  • Offer a flash sale.
  • Reward loyal customers.
  • Support the local charities.


Nails are an essential part of your body to represent your beauty and personality. And running a nail salon brings too much competition.

Hopefully, you have got enough idea about nail business names from the above discussion. So, choose any of these names and rock with your passion.

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