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The 5 Top International Casino Brands

The 5 Top International Casino Brands

In the past, casinos were generally popular in Las Vegas. However, it all has started to change recently, leading to several entities of casinos operating around the world. Nowadays, the popularity of casinos has reached the extent where other brands are eager to partner with them.Even hotels and restaurants have found it beneficial to merge with other casino brands to form larger cooperation in Poland. Due to this, it’s easier to spot casinos offering more services than only gambling. And as this continues, more casinos like Playamo have been established in Poland. So, the success of casino businesses has reached the extent of incorporating in locations other than Las Vegas.

Here’s a list of the top International casino brands

Vegas Sand Corporation

Unlike other casino brands, the Vegas sand corporation is a very popular place, where famous gamblers have been spotted in the past. The famous Frank Sinatra and Peter Lawford was a regular customer in this resort in the 60s.

However, it didn’t take long before ownership of the resort was changed between Jake Freedman to Howard Hughes. Although, it didn’t take long before the resort ownership was transferred from Howard to Kirk Kerkorian and eventually to Sheldon Anderson who currently manages the resort.Since then Anderson has made incredible decisions in renovating the overall resort with the modern gambling experience. And that has led to the resort expanding in the last few years. Nowadays, the resort contains thousands of rooms for gamblers who value privacy. The Las Vegas sand resorts remain the best casino brand among other biggest casino companies.

Wynn Resorts

Wynn resort
Wynn resort

The Wynn resort is very popular in Las Vegas, with lots of features that will keep any gambler entertained. The resort was purchased by Steve Wynn in 2000. At that time the place was only a desert inn, hotel, and casino. However, Wynn changed over a resort with more interesting features. Gamblers in Poland are known to visit Las Vegas, just have the feeling of playing in Wynn’s resort.

Galaxy Entertainment Group

Even if the Galaxy Entertainment Group is not very popular in Poland, it’s still the most popular brand in the Macau market. They received their gambling license in 2002 from the Macau government, leading to the business growing further as an international casino brand.Ever since then, the Galaxy entertainment group has continued to grow further. Partnering with other casino resorts and providers. According to the opinion of Klara Czerwinska here, who’s an expert in guest post topics, recently the Galaxy Entertainment Group resort has expanded, offering up to hundreds of guest rooms for improving the gambling experience.

Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation

Unlike other casino brands in Poland, Caesars entertainment corporation is among the oldest brands of casinos. Since the 30s, the company started from a small bingo parlor by Bill Harrah.However, since 1930 the business has started growing further with the implementation of newer technologies. Even newer innovations have been stipulated by brands enlarging their structures in many locations. Today, Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation owns different varieties of structures in Cairo, Las Vegas, and Poland.

MGM International Resorts

MGM- International- resorts
MGM International resorts

The MGM International resorts still date back to 1960. It was initially known as Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios, which was bought by Kirk Kerkorian. However, it didn’t take long before he sold the business to Bally’s manufacturing. Leading to them partnering with other brands to reach where they are today.


A lot of brands have made remarkable breakthroughs in the casino industry globally, including online casino companies. And the above-mentioned resorts have moved casino gambling to another level.


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