If you are looking for medical mask machines or production lines, wondering which supplier to choose then this article “Are the made-in-Vietnam medical mask production lines good and where to buy them?” below will give you a more comprehensive view of the market of medical mask production lines in Vietnam. From there, it will help you make the right investment decision.

    I. The market of medical mask production lines in Vietnam.

    Machine and production lines for medical mask are not a new type of automatic production machine to many people. Before the pandemic, medical equipment manufacturers and private manufacturers, smallholders in many places in Vietnam have had one to several dozen automatic mask production lines from non-woven fabrics. These lines operate day and night with a capacity of 20 – 25 barrels/day to serve the domestic mask market.

    Previously, most of mask production lines in Vietnam were imported from China with quality depending on the reputable supplier or commercial unit. Customers who are knowledgeable about the Chinese machine and machine manufacturing market can come to see the real products and make purchases by themselves.

    The supplier’s technicians will come for installation and operating instructions. Or through commercial units, the machines are brought to Vietnam and put into production with uncertain quality and stability.

    II. The production process of medical mask production lines.

    At Uniduc Joint Stock Company, all mask machines have to go through a manufacturing process including design – manufacture – quality control – assembly – commissioning and calibration before handing over to customers. With engineers having expertise and experience in machines and automation lines, the design stage is always focused by Uniduc with the technical requirements, optimal structure, convenience in installation and operation as well as the aesthetics of the product. The mask machine is designed on 3D software to optimize structure, simulate operation, check collision,… to minimize errors in assembly and actual operation.

    After the process of choosing and preparing the right materials. The mechanical details on the mask machine are machined by us on a processing machine with the ability to process products with large size and high accuracy. 100% of the machining parts on the mask machine must go through the test of accuracy, geometry size and mounting tolerances before being transferred to the next stage.

    The assembly process of a mask making machine is done in a clean room with adequate light, temperature and equipment. Groups are assigned work, dividing the assembly area according to each stage or each project. The production plan is updated and adjusted in accordance with the actual machining and assembly schedule to ensure delivery commitments to customers during daily production meetings.

    III. Are the made-in-Vietnam medical mask production lines good and where to buy them?

    1. Are the made-in-Vietnam medical mask production lines good?

    Our medical mask production line includes automatic mask body welding machine and automatic mask strap welding machine.

    There are more than 800 components and equipment that make up the mask making machine. Each machine in the production line is composed of:

    • Mechanical parts: Frame made of steel, shaped aluminum, stainless steel. Corrugated rollers made from aluminum through anode. Mechanism of fabric feeder, wire feeder, conveyor, body welding rollers, cutting knife are made from stainless steel, chrome steel. The surface in direct contact with the mask is made from stainless steel to help ensure hygiene in production. Standard equipment such as bearings, gears, air cylinders, scissors, belts, conveyors are selected from reputable brands in Japan, Korea,… which are easy to install and replace. This really helps the page production line to operate stably.
    • Electrical equipment and control part: Large HMI screen, programmed by Uniduc engineers integrating user-friendly Vietnamese/English interface, simple operation, easy setup with many options: automatic, manual, capacity selections with intelligent fault storage and warning capabilities. Electrical equipment, servos, PLC control equipment are selected from reliable brands of Japan and Korea. 20kHz ultrasonic welding source with stable operation for a sure and aesthetic welding line.

    After being assembled, programmed and controlled, the medical mask production lines will be commissioned and tested by experienced Uniduc employees to meet product quality and productivity requirements before delivery to customers. In parallel with the assembly activities, our R&D department continuously improves, adjusts and optimizes the design to bring the best quality and best experience to users.

    With a compact structure according to the available modules with movable wheels, adjustable legs, the mask production lines designed and manufactured by Uniduc is quickly transported to the customer’s address as well as easily located in the workshop. 

    2. Where do we buy them from?

    As a leader in the field of machinery and automation lines, when the epidemic occurred, Uniduc quickly implemented a production strategy, promoting design, manufacturing, complete assembly and published the made-in-Vietnam mask production lines to the market. From there, we meet the urgent requirements for both product quality and after-sales service that every customer needs.

    Not only superior in product quality, professional after-sales service is also an important factor for domestic customers to choose us. Our skilled and experienced technical teams are always on hand to provide 24/7 customer support. Consumable equipment, spare parts and maintenance team are always available within 24 hours since customers’ requests. All of our medical mask production lines come with a 12-month national warranty. In addition, Uniduc also provides installation, repair, maintenance and upgrade packages according to customers’ requirements. As one of the leading machinery and lines suppliers in Vietnam with extensive experience in automation, we are confident to provide our customers with the best products with the following quality and professional, reputable after-sales service.

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