Trending Adult Halloween Costumes for 2020


The year 2020 has given us a unique challenge, and enjoying the little things is a good way to endure it. With Halloween just around the corner, it is the perfect time to remind yourself that things will get better soon. 

Celebrate this year’s edition of All Hollow’s Eve with the following great ideas for adult Halloween costumes


Day of the Dead Señor Bones Costume

Day of the Dead Señor Bones costume is great for men who want to keep up with the current Halloween trend. This set comes with a hat, jacket, mock shirt, and trousers. Put on a skull face paint and skeleton gloves to complete the look. 

Day of the Dead is a multi-holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, especially in the south and central regions. Friends and family gather to pray for departed loved ones and help them on their journey through the afterlife. It became even more popular through the animated movie “Coco,” where it is an integral part of the story’s premise. 

Fever Day of the Dead Women’s Costume

Fever Day of the Dead is perfect for women who want to look scary good. This costume set comes with a dress, an underskirt, and a rose headband. You can go all out with accessories, such as wigs, masks or face paint, and other decorations. 

Dark and elegant, Fever Day of the Dead builds on the popularity of both the festival and the movie. It makes a perfect couples’ costume with Señor Bones, but it can also be worn by itself. Once Halloween is finished, you can still wear it for other themed parties, cosplay events, and theatrical productions. 

Breaking Bad Costume

When the crime-drama show “Breaking Bad” first aired in 2008, it immediately became a part of TV pop culture. The main protagonists, Mr. White and Jesse Pinkman, wearing full-bodysuits, were one of the lasting images it left on hard-core fans and casual viewers. It is also the basis for one of the most popular adult Halloween costumes for 2020. 

The Breaking Bad Costume set consists of one yellow full-bodysuit with a zipper that runs the entire length of the front torso and elastic ends on the ankles and wrists, a half mask with two air filters attached, and a pair of blue nitrile chemical-resistant gloves. 

High School Horror Zombie Schoolgirl Costume

The rise of zombies in modern pop culture is unique, taking a path different from vampires or Frankenstein. It is not based on literary figures. It has never been the main character of a movie. Walking mindlessly in the background, the zombies have never been the star of the show. Until they take a whiff of the human brain, that is.

The High School Horror Zombie Schoolgirl costume combines the popularity of zombie pop culture and the high school fun to create one of the most imaginative adult Halloween costumes for 2020. It comes with a school jacket, tie, an attached shirt, and a skirt. Add other accessories, such as white blood-stained thigh-high socks or stockings and makeup, to complete the look.  

The zombie schoolgirl costume looks intricate, but it is designed with an elastic waistband and is easy to wear. It is perfect for this year’s Halloween parties and can be worn for themed school reunion events.


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