Top 7 Advantages of Using North America Shipping Services

Advantages of Using North America Shipping Services
Advantages of Using North America Shipping Services

If you conduct your business online, you must be aware of the numerous benefits you can get from engaging a professional shipping company’s services. Whether you are shipping from Canada to the US, transport a lot of goods, or need to send merchandise frequently, shipping companies come in handy to help you through the process. 

Both small and large businesses can benefit from shipping services since they are flexible and custom-made to suit every requirement. Suppose you chose to engage the service of an online shipping company. In that case, all you need to do is log into a preferred company’s website, set your preferences, and follow the laid procedure to begin the process. 

Using an online service ensures that you don’t have to engage with middlemen in the shipping chain. It is possible to track the shipping processes using your mobile smartphone; hence you do not need to wait for your email alerts. Since the booking mechanism is simple and quick, many shippers can arrange for faster, more efficient delivery.As you deliberate on the advantages of shipping, it is informative to know the different transportation modes and how they affect the shipping and delivery process. With freight conveyance, there are several modes of transportation to choose from, and the most common are 

Road transport using trucks and vans

The attributes of road transport make it a preferred means used by many North American shipping companies. Smaller parcels over short distances are conveniently transported by road. With road transport, it is possible to have door-to-door deliveries with no major challenges. Additionally, many shipments initially done by other modes of transport are competed by road transport. 

Many online businesses that need to deliver small parcels prefer road transportation since it is quick, fast, and efficient. 

  • Rail transport 

The vast majority of rail transport connects highly populated communities. Rail transport is restricted to a limited infrastructure since very few new railways have been constructed over the years. Also, railways are limited to certain geographical areas making construction cumbersome. 

However, the railway is majorly accessible in large cities and is a rather costly and time-consuming shipping mode. The main advantage of rail shipping is that it is not affected by traffic jams making it a dependable way of delivering goods to customers. Additionally, trains can carry bulk goods that include iron, cereals, and other uneconomical products to ship by other means. 

  • Air transport 

Air transportation is important for domestic and international trade and is considered the fastest growing and competent mode of delivering goods. Air transportation has become increasingly advanced and reliable, and more and more companies such as Amazon are engaging air travel for the delivery of merchandise. Unfortunately, air shipping is the most expensive and has a limitation on parcels’ weight and volume being dispatched. 

Air Transport
  • Sea transport 

Cargo ships are beneficial in transporting large volumes of goods at minimal charges. Though considered the slowest mode of transportation, it is the safest and very efficient

  • Pipeline

Though the pipeline is not a standard transportation mode, it is important in the current fuel market. The pipeline transports unrefined fuels such as gas and oil to a point where they can be transferred to the refineries using another transport mode.  Additionally, there are many benefits to gain by engaging North American shipping services

  • Customer service 

A shipper is bombarded with many questions throughout the shipping and delivery process. With good customer care service, many shipping companies have managed to offer exemplary service to their customers. With a good customer care service, you can efficiently serve customers who, in turn, become loyal frequent buyers. 

An organized customer service department can maintain customers and attract potential customers from their competitors. Additionally, customer service can boost your brand’s image, making it appear attractive in the market. 

  • Quality assurance 

If you partner with a credible shipping company, you will not have to worry about the condition in which your package will arrive. With a professional shipping company, goods are well packed and the container firmly sealed, preventing any foreign objects from coming in, especially if you are delivering foodstuff. It is a good way of protecting the goods from dust, bacteria, direct heat, harsh weather conditions, and theft.  Many containers are custom-made from durable material to protect products and maintain the quality, ensuring they arrive in good condition.

  • Ship large parcels 

Some shippers face the challenge of transporting large goods such as household goods while relocating to a new location or bulky machine appliances. With an appropriate North American shipping company, you can safely transport your goods without too much hassle.  You can easily transport heavy and bulky products by sea, which is flexible to accommodate large goods without incurring additional costs. Also, freight charges are cheaper, have no limitation of weight, unlike air transport.

  • Ship anywhere 

While selling and buying online is convenient, sometimes it poses challenges during the transportation and delivery process.

  • Save money 

If you are a startup, entrepreneur, or small business owner, you wouldn’t want to spend a large chunk of your budget on logistics, transportation, or product delivery. Selecting an appropriate shipping company that is flexible to offer you bespoke services customized to meet your specific needs will save you money. 

  • High speed 

A secure means of cargo transport with low energy consumption: The container provides great protection to the goods because once sealed, it’s a physical barrier against bad weather, temperature variations, fire, theft, and impacts during handling. Thus, the container greatly reduces the risks of deterioration, loss, and theft. Besides, maritime transport has a lower energy consumption than other means of cargo transport.

  • Versatile, highly flexible means of transport

While container shipping is beneficial for shipping large merchandise to the other part of the world, it can also deliver small packages within shorter distances. Container shipping is a versatile, highly flexible means of cargo transport since it can ferry both hazardous liquid substances, such as hydrocarbons and chemicals, and tangible goods, such as foodstuffs, clothing, and office equipment


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