New Basket Ball Players Need To Know More About Basketball Hoop

Basketball Hoop
Basketball Hoop

Basketball is really popular around the world. Everyone from countries around the world at least has heard of basketball or they see people play it in their countries. However, despite it’s very popular, you must not play it without inadequate equipment, or the game won’t be safe and fun. There are some equipment pieces that you must know so you can play basketball properly and safely. Furthermore, you also need to make sure that the height is right and the hoop isn’t too dark at night. This is necessary so you can avoid accidents that might result in people getting injured. We also recommend you light up hoops and court properly to further improve visibility and safety on the basketball court.

In this article, we will share with you some information regarding basketball hoops.

Information regarding basketball

The size of the basketball hoop height is an important thing to consider before starting the game in this sport. It’s because by knowing the height measurements in more detail, the players will be able to more easily adjust the ball throw so that it finally enters the ring.

The height of the basketball hoop is 3.05 meters from the floor. This length is calculated from the height of the top of the ring. The determination of the length of the basketball hoop itself has been determined by the International Basketball Federation.

That way, the size and shape of all basketball hoops in official events will be the same. In its official regulations, FIBA ​​states that basketball courts must have two basketball backstop units (ring units) consisting of a basket, net, board, and pole.

In official matches, the size of the basketball hoop itself is 450-459 millimeters (mm). Rings should be painted in orange color and have a thickness of 16-20 mm. The distance from the closest point of the ring to the board is 151 mm.

prestigious annual events

Meanwhile, for support poles, FIBA ​​in its regulations requires all poles to be permanently attached to the floor or to use mobile poles with wheels. Each pole must be coated in a bright color or contrast with the background, which of course is useful for making players see the presence of the pole.

In addition, the basketball hoop should not move if it is hit by vibration. Even if using a mobile pole, the organizer must ensure that the pole does not move. This can be done by increasing the load at the bottom of the support pole.With this series of rules, basketball can be done more exciting and interesting. Now, basketball itself is known to be one of the most popular in the world.

In some countries, there are prestigious annual events held for this sport.Meanwhile, in North America, there is the most famous basketball event called the NBA. This event always attracts the attention of the world community because many star players are competing in the most prestigious competition in the United States.

That’s it for the info that we can share with you in this article. We hope this info can help you to understand basketball equipment better.


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