Ever thought of playing a Necromancer? If not, then you should. This might scare you but necromancy is a study of black magic. You might have watched many movies, fiction series which involve wizards and magicians. All of them can be categorized under necromancer. 

Just to let you know if you didn’t know this, that there are many necromancer virtual video games that you can play on your Andriod. Even when you’re teaming up for a PS, you might need a name that fascinates everybody including you.

So, without any further delay, let’s get you a perfect necromancer name for playing Necromancer Diablo 3, Guild war 2 or a game where you can play necromancer.

Ideal Necromancer Names

The name that sounds scary, depicts dark art and involve black magic. All these parameters are necessary when you are seeking names for a necromancer. Are you finding it difficult to search for a name? Don’t worry. We have a list for you, choose a perfect name and have fun! ( Select mobile phone shop names Here )

Wild IgravrisDeadly Soul eaterDead red plasmaRed bloody soul
The Sin eater hawkDarky the MadSoven The EvilThe Immortal
The dead evilRed dark shadowMad blood evilMoxaura The Insane
The Red Blood queenTaxis of the DeadVictor The GirishQueen of fire and blood
Queen of death andNeilan the undertakerThe death stormMallus The Evil
Laura The deathShield The CorpseGrabrum The NightfallVrotulah The Undead
Yaurina Alure of EvilsEmpress The nightmareAmohilde Molder of deathMissDeathwhisper
The Puma CraneGreat The MuteBenilde the GirishUwradita Anatomy

Male Necromancer Names

Male Necromancer Names
Male Necromancer Names

There are many good necromancer names for males you can think of. But why waste time and energy, when you get it all here. The names sound powerful and vital for any boy or an adult playing video games of Necromancy. You may or may not agree, but the names will definitely raise your spirit and encourage you to play wonderfully alongside the strong opponent in the game.

Here are some random good necromancer names. Choose the best name and rock the battlefield!

Burnt Butcher SwineThe forsaken lich of DeathTangle brute of terrorGrisly cave Sin Eater
Mad black berserkerEcthrois Wild GravesKaiser Death WhisperJinx Hunt Willow
Crisenth of Dead CromwellAshen Borges of MadCanada Morgan of wildCalamity Lestat reviver
Lucia Vigil Sin eaterClarita Dark MaleficarumEstella Tempest Of DarkChurel Destructor Graeme
Supreme Phantom ViperFirion Victor WhisperEcthrois Evil GravesCrimson Horror Vermin
Evasive Mist ViperIvory Warp LynxThe Lone Razorback swineVicious Blight Deathwhisper
Ravaging Nether GargoyleThe Dark Skeletal CorpseStorm Cloud doomFurry jester Hawk
Howling dark grieveThe Skeletal ScreamerThe Ugly haunt devilThe Canine Death Being
Vicious Mocking BehemothParallel Howler DeathwhisperWild Sun SwineFeline Evil whisper

Girls Necromancer Names

Strada The WraithDark EvilUmbraMaxime The DeathwhisperArrow The Sineater
BoneDock Evil SaintZelig La CroixPaxton Dark RexDylan Cromwell
Killian Raven EvilPetra The SineaterStamina The DecrepitBringer of nightmares
Melinoe The MadPiocilia The BlightWreireda The MadPrism Evil Diction
Strength The GirishFeibetha The ParanoidWaris The MadThe Dead Entity
Horned Preying ScorpionDead Grim BoulderEvil moon death whisperDeath Insane figure
Gilgamesh Evil MadEdebrix The SoulreaperGourotia The CarverMatriarch Broken Savage
Vicious Mocking BehemothParallel Howler DeathwhisperWild Sun SwineFeline Evil whisper

Females are quite a devil when it comes to playing a necromancer video game. So, it’s important to have a devilish name for game freak girls out there. The names might haunt just like the game and necromancer stories. Take a look at our female necromancer names

female necromancer names
female necromancer names

Famous necromancer names

Who are your favorite necromancers in Fiction movies and series? Try to remember the character that you wished to play or to have the name of a famous necromancer. If you can’t remember, then let us remind you of some movies & series that had necromancer characters.

Game of Thrones: The army of dormant creatures comes for 9 noble families of different kingdoms. Ghost Whisperer: A newlywed who has the ability to communicate with the unbound spirits, knows black magic and other wizard stuff. The Witcher: Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter who brings about the destruction of the world.

All these are fascinating stories which you could remember for ages. If you want to have a famous name for your necromancers play, then you can choose names from our list. Here we also have some famous female necromancers who played the character brilliantly on-screen.

Frazier The NecromancerWrakar The RottingFester The BlightWoqurThe Paranoid
Sachin The SineaterThe Evil DecayerStories The MadVermont The Corrupted
She or The CorpseAdults The UndertakerOdrovok The CorruptedCalculus The Crippled
Salazar The MuteSerpent The EternalThe Eternal evilThe Black Evil
Spirit of deadsModular The DarkThe Dark nightmareThe Dark Vice
Sheridan The DeathwhisperVaxir The ConstructedGelekai The DeathhandKorean The Necromancer
Vaudulus The HaggardThe Inquisitor of sinsKing of DeathlandLavash The Haggard
Gitic The DecayerNatural The CorpseLogin The CorpsemakerThe evil Nightmare

Funny Necromancer Names

Funny Necromancer Names
Funny Necromancer Names

It isn’t always necessary to have a scary name if you’re playing a necromancer. You can have a funny name too. So, here we present some necromancer pun names for your ideal character.

Kagami the DecayerSoven The MuteSoven The MuteSoven The Mute
Turati The RottingGirona The MadChristina The DecomposerAreas The Blight
Maughan The AdeptNeilan The RottingCream Sanguis hereinNeilan The Putrid
Shield The UndeadProvide The CorruptedCresin The DarkmasterNomirn The Necromancer
Cups The RenovatorNeilan The NecromancerGirona The ShadeThe Dark Sorceress
Nazeebo The DarkAgner The SineaterCroucrux The ReanimatorSekai The Living
Sharael The DemonWazir Dark NightshadePune The CrippledKridrex The Desecrator
Stepeste The SoulreaperPopular The Evil CorruptorVarina The DecomposerNarcissa the death evil


Have the best necromancer name for your fiction character. The name can be used for any purpose game, drama, or play.

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