100+ Cool And Catchy Lifestyle Blog Name And Ideas

100+ Cool And Catchy Lifestyle Blog Name And Ideas
100+ Cool And Catchy Lifestyle Blog Name And Ideas

It is challenging to choose a blog name that can create a fascinating image in the minds of the readers. Naming a blog is not a cakewalk as choosing it is a bit tricky. Before choosing a name for your dream blog, you are in needs to understand some essential facts which you should have to consider for giving a perfect title to your lifestyle blog:-

1. The first thing which you should understand is the type of blog which you are making. Be it travel, food, health, lifestyle, or any technical blog.

2. Then ask yourself some basic things which will further help you in creating a name for your dream blog:-

100+ Cool And Catchy Lifestyle Blog Name And Ideas
  1. What is your blog all about?
  2. Who will be your target audience?
  3. On What tone you want your blog to be introduced?
  4. Do you want to build your blog name as per your brand name?
  5.  Is your blog name looking good when you enter it in the URL format?
  6. Will you blog name go if you want to change your primary niche?
  7. Is your blog name is easy to pronounce and spell?

Lifestyle Blog Names

If you have the capability to say about life, then your family and friends are always be impressed by you and turn to you for the trending products, styles, and destinations they want to decide. If you see them following you or taking advice every time from you, then you might be able to turn and make a profitable blog from your knowledge and ability.

Now, as you know that you are going to start a lifestyle blog, you need to make a right move next for your blog. And the next step which you need to take is to choose a perfect blog name.

100+ Cool And Catchy Lifestyle Blog Name And Ideas

Choosing a name for your lifestyle blog is not as simple as these names will be the first impression to be created on your followers. So the title should be brandable and should fit with your domain.

Now you are thinking it to be an impossible task, but it is difficult at all if you will follow the proper procedure.

Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas List

To make your work easy, we have come up with a few Lifestyle blog names, and from here, you can take the idea for your dream blog names.

A Fashion FixBlissful bloggerCelery CupcakesDog blog
A House in the HillsBlog journalChic MidlifeDraft first
A Paire & A SpareBlog upDaily Crazy LifeDream diaries
All about blogBloggers diaryDaily Good MomentsElements of Style
All Our MessBlogiffyDash dairyEllie’s Favourite Things
Always Live LoudBlogilatesDashinglyEllie’s Most Favorites Things
Apartment TherapyBluebirdDesign MomEvery Girl
Ape to GentlemanBreathing Loving EarningDesign SpongeFly Beyond Borders
Archetypes of LifeCats and ChloeDialogue blogFollow the Moments

Tools for your Lifestyle Blog Names

To create a unique blog name, you can also try the essential tools to create a unique blog name. Ten tools will help you to unravel your thoughts.

Using Blog Naming Formulas

There are two formulas for naming the blog, which you may use to give a name to your dream blog. They are:-

The first formula is ‘Blogging Wizard Magic Blog Name.’ 

The first formula is blog name = topic or audience group + end goal or transformation. This formula is once used by Adam when he was making his blog names.

The second formula is  to create a Portmanteau

The portmanteau is a word that combines the meanings of two others by blending the sounds.

100+ Cool And Catchy Lifestyle Blog Name And Ideas

In this formula, you can combine two words to get a new name. The original term will be like that, which will speak about what you are going to help your reader. These words hold brand key values. Using Blog Name Generators

You can also use the blog name generators which available online. But the names they give are not sometimes appropriate with all the aspects which you want to see in your blog name.

Using Thesaurus

Thesaurus is known as a handy tool for you if you are a writer or blogger. It is a source of aspiration for you if you want your lifestyle blog name to be unique as per your choice. 

Using Alliteration

Alliteration is considered an essential tool for creating a blog name. The alliteration means repetition of the consonants between two or more words at the beginning following each other or short intervals. The most satisfying thing to consider in alliterations is the natural rhythm they bring in to your brand name. (Read Also Art Club Names)

Using Abbreviations

When you want to create a unique blog name, you should not forget about abbreviation. The abbreviation is turn out to be better for the long run than for the full-length version of a brand name.

Using Unrelated words

Now, as you have seen creating your blog with the related name with a thesaurus to find synonyms. But if you want to make your blog name exciting and thrilling, you can also go in the opposite direction and use unrelated words. To make the lifestyle blog name more catchy and appealing, you can opt for unrelated words. 

Using different language

If you are still confused about creating a unique blog name, then you can also try a different style to say the same word. If you want some memorable impression, you can also combine two different languages words. 

Checking competitors

To get the first position in the race, you need to check out for your competitors to get some ideas about them. It can be taken as an inspiration. When you see the work of your competitor, you can do your job much better than them and also avoid some mistakes which may happen for the first-timer. 

Brainstorm with Pen and paper

It is not a wrong thing to write down what’s in your mind. It is a great way to clear your mind and make your thoughts visible in front of you. You will get inspired by the ideas that you possess. You can also take help from your friends and family in this brainstorming session. Every people have different thoughts and different perspective to look into the same situation. By doing so you will get a bunch of ideas which you may not have considered earlier 

Putting own name

Bloggers who create lifestyle blogs generally prefer to give their blog name by using their name. It is good, but it has some pros and cons as well. It will work as a personal branding service. But if you are selling any product, then it is on the flip side. While selling any product, we should always consider the product name. Using your name in the blog also gives you the flexibility to switch the niche without doing rebranding.

Doing Mix Match with Words

You can also create a blog name for your lifestyle blog by mixing your thoughts with a personal interest or matching it with your daily activities. For that, you need to understand what type of work you want to include in your lifestyle blog. It can be an adventurous journey or a drive or an exciting course or a voyage or an expedition.

Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas

By considering the above tools, you can take help for your Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas, which are as under.

Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas
Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas
FollowMeToInspired for LoveLive Spontaneous LifeMy Soul Heartbeat
Freedom with DanceInspired Lives MatterLiving for PassionMy Way to Earn
Gal Meets GlamJoy The BakerLiving in YesteryearNew Second Beginnings
Gentleman ApeKat and CreamLiving Life RoaringNew Wanderlust
Good Life BeginsKat Got the CreamLiving Loving EarningOn the Creative Edge
Good Life LivedKelly In The CityLove Life Without LimitsOur City Lights
Happy Simple JoysKitchen SproutedMagpie MakeupOur Interrupted Life
Honestly WTFLife With MeMakeup MagpieOur World Begins
House HillsLife with Passion ProjectMidlife ChicOver our wall
I Go By KatieLifestyle Over LuxuryModern Creative LivingPerfect publisher

What makes a perfect Blog Name?

It is the art of giving a name to your lifestyle blog. It is imperative to choose a name that will showcase your personality and makes your topic clear and help you to get popularity among your followers. Above all, the name which you want to showcase should be easily identifiable on social media and any search engine results.

Lifestyle blogging is all about creating an example for others as to how to live better. As all the best lifestyle blogs point towards the version of the life that your follower wants to live or they could live by taking help from your blog.

100+ Cool And Catchy Lifestyle Blog Name And Ideas

Because of this, also your blog name should have to be funny and inviting. It needs to sparkle up your personality and should be clear to you. Lifestyle blogging is known as a crowded field. To create an impressive blog name, the last thing which you want is a name that will sound generic.

As uniqueness is an essential factor to consider in your lifestyle blog names, you need some research on the name ideas by following the above tools, which you have learned above. You should also take help from social media and type the chosen them name into any social media platforms which you want to use for publicity. This search will help you to get some specific name which you may wish to use, but will also concept about how to name your lifestyle blog.

Lifestyle Blog Name Suggestions

Here are some more Lifestyle Blog Name Suggestions which you can use in your lifestyle blog

Pure Ramshackle LifeSponge DesignThe Golden GirlThe Wondrous Wanderer
Real Unpredictable LivingSpontaneous Family LifeThe Golden Girl BlogThe Yesteryear Home
Retro Green LivingSprouted KitchenThe Lifestyle BloggerTreasure timeline
Retro Living TodayStunning New LifeThe LondonerUnpredictable Soul
Shine with the SunSweetest ThingThe Raw Food LifeUrban Family Adventures
Show the truthTeam Family AdventuresThe Skinny ConfidentialVirtually Yours
Sincerely JulesThe Black PearlThe Sweetest ThingVoyage Unplanned
Skinny ConfidentialThe Black Pearl BlogThe Tough and TumbleWanderlust Buzz
Soul of HoneyThe Every GirlThe Unplanned PlaceWelcoming words
Sphere blogThe Fox and SheThe Unplanned WayWritten well


Choosing the perfect blog name depends upon your niche and the type of followers you want to have for our blog. Taking time to weigh-up your options will pay-off over time for lifestyle blog as selecting a correct name for your blog is as significant as you in your Lifestyle blog.

“I hope the above suggestion will give you a clue or a suggestive name for your dream lifestyle blog.”


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