150+ Hunter Name Meanings & Suggestions

150+ Hunter Name Meanings & Suggestions
150+ Hunter Name Meanings & Suggestions

If you want a sturdy name for your baby that has the essence of rugged appeal then name that means Hunter is a good option for you. A Hunter name meaning is related to the decisive outdoor name that conjures up an image of forests, gravel, and hunting. Hunting baby names suggest your baby is unafraid of the adventure of life and embrace the journey wildly.

Hunting is also a tough but enjoyable experience for several people. Furthermore, if you have madness for hunting and desire to demonstrate this in your baby name, then check out these names of boys and girls that signify hunter and huntress. The whole comprehensive list of hunter baby names is crafted with meaning and patience. Have a look at them:

What Does The Name Hunter Mean

A hunter name means a person who can lead from the front even in an unknown place. Hence, these names mean a youthful name of a born leader. Hence, a hunter name is perfect for anyone who is filled with endless liveliness and eagerness and the name fits with an energetic adult as well. A hunter name will pose a stern side that adapts well to a professional career.       

Hunter Name Meanings
Hunter Name Meanings

Good & Best Hunter Names

There are many Good & best hunter names as this suggests an incredible superfluity of baby names as these baby names are inspired by hunting. Hunting activity has different aspects. Examples of these aspects are cuddly, attractive, and rocky. Example of names that mean huntress or hunter is as follows.

Good & best hunter namesMeaning
HunterWhy not name your baby with the direct word “Hunter”. A hunter baby name is a name that suggests a direct meaning of “one who hunts” 
ChaseChase is a name that is mainly well-liked in Canada. Chase word is well connected to hunting and popular for decades even among the girls sometimes.
HolterA male name that means hunter
HuntA straight name that relates to a hunter for your baby
HuntleyThe name has a meaning of hunter of the meadow
JaecarThe word Jaecar is a synonym of a hunter in German 
MakyaThe word means eagle hunter
RigelRigel is the name of the blue star of the first magnitude. You can name your baby girl by Rigel that implies the hunter’s left foot in the Orion constellation,
CanowicakteThe name is hard to spell but a unique name that means forest hunter.

Hunter Name Origin

Many people want to know a hunter name origin for naming their baby. Many hunter names are famous in different origins in the world and these are attractive hunter names also. Examples of some attractive hunter names with a brief description of origin are as follows. 

Hunter Baby NameHunter name Origin
FowlerFowler is the name used for a wild bird hunter. It is a famous baby name of a locality on the Stikine River, British Columbia.
GrosvenorThe name means a great hunter or the master huntsman. This is essentially a surname associated with the Norman-French family
OringoThis is an African origin name that suggests a person who likes to hunt.
SidonSidon is a Greek Origin name which means fish hunting
ToddThis is hunting boy names that suggest fox hunter. It’s originated from Scotland.
WoodmanAn English surname that is popular as a hunting boy name

Baby Girl Names That Mean Huntress

Many baby girl names mean hunter. A girl’s name means huntress is really attractive. Examples of baby girl names that mean huntress are as follows. Alos Choose A good name for your Art club

Baby Girl Names That Mean Huntress
AuryonThe baby girl name that means huntress is famous in America and has the essence of aristocrat also.
BrielleThe name means hunting grounds. This name is conventionally used in Mexico.
FiannaThe name means warrior huntress.
Zarola is a typical and beautiful name but is unnoticed in many years as it’s not very usually heard.
KacelaThe word Kacela is originated in Africa. The name is frequently used as an African girl name or female name as the Kacela means huntress.

This is an unusual variation of the name Chase. It was the first time used by Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl. From that time the name is famous. 
Kainda Although the name is feminine and sounds sweet, this means the hunter’s daughter. If your hobby is hunting and you want your family to continue or want to show the world, Kainda is a good name option from you.
Baby Girl Names That Mean Huntress
Baby Girl Names That Mean Huntress

Unique names that mean hunter 

Some unique names mean hunter. These names are good to hear and will make your children attractive. Examples of such Unique names that mean hunters are as follows.

Unique names that mean hunter Meaning 
ChaiseIt is a derived word from the chase. The name sounds good and related to hunting as chasing is related to.
GlasperThe word is related to enormous energy with spear strength and hunter
It is a unique name among the names that mean hunter that means hunter.
The word means a huntress and can be useful as a baby girl name.
This is also a unique baby name that means huntress. This can be suitable for a girl’s name.


I hope you have found an attractive name that means hunter from the post and your hunting for names will end here. All of the names mentioned here are famous in the different origins of the world through different languages, mythology, and historical figures.

If you choose any of the hunting names from the list, it will show your child has extraordinary skills and ability to lead from the front. As we know, Humans were hunting from the beginning of creation. You can also name your child Hunter directly, if you like how it sounds with your surname. For example, there are multiple people named Hunter Cordle.

These baby names mentioned have the essence of cuteness and also rugged at the same time. Furthermore, the process of Hunting needs instinct, plan, accuracy, and then attacking. Hence, these good & best hunter names show a free spirit that cannot be tied down and restless. 

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