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How Do You Wear A Paperclip Chain?

How Do You Wear A Paperclip Chain?
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In recent times the evolution of fashion has progressed to a great degree. Various trends and styles have resurfaced or been created to reflect the diversity in fashion, and one of the mainstream trends out there is the paperclip chain. In this article, you will come to know the origin of the trend and how it blew up to become an edgy and unique trend everywhere.

What does a paperclip chain mean?

To put it simply. Paperclip chains are a form of craft made by attaching paper clips side by side to create a loop that fits around your neck. These chains can be further improved by adding unique hooks that give the chain elegance and uniqueness.

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How did this trend arise?

Perhaps the main reason people from different countries began to popularize this trend is because of its diversity and its simplicity. A range of ages can perform the process of making this simple yet remarkable chain as it can be interpreted in the form of art. In addition to that, these chains are also popular as they are not bound to a specific gender, which adds to their uniqueness. Even though the trend may seem simple and edgy, it is, however, something that can be used to unite different genders.

Various ways to style a paperclip chain

Although the paperclip chain can be worn in various ways depending on how you view fashion, there are a few tips and tricks that will transform your overall look and make you look cohesive and fashionable. One of the most common ways to wear a paperclip chain is by layering it with dark-toned colors such as black, grey, or burgundy tops to pop out the look of the chain.

The silver-colored paperclip chain could also be worn with other different chains to create an overall heavy chain look. Moreover, you could also style the paperclip chain by adding different colored paper clips and layering it with a base shirt such as white or grey to enhance the chain’s features.

Types of paper clip chains

With the rise or the trend of wearing paper clip chains, numerous top-quality fashion brands specializing in jewelry have begun to follow and manufacture their designs of paper clip chains. These chains are painted/polished with real gold or silver to amplify their look further and come in various sizes and styles.

One of the most common and eye-catching paperclip chains out there are the ones that have a central lock of varying colors to reflect the overall chain effect… Individuals interested in high fashion can easily visit the website and purchase paperclips to their likings.


Fashion can be interpreted in various ways depending on the person. It can be used as a tool to reflect their personality, which can be easily achieved using paper clip chains. Due to its unique assortment and a vast range of styling that can be done, these chains are bound to leave a mark in the fashion industry.


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