Factors That Impact Your Choice of Sunglasses


The sunglasses you wear every day helps make a statement on your overall look. This is why sunglasses are among the ultimate accessories in fashion. When wearing a pair, you are providing protection to your eyes and completing your outfit for the day. So, if you are planning to buy new sunglasses online to help express your individual taste and style, here are some factors to take into account:

Frame Shape

You can find them in a wide range of variations and selections available online to meet every need, activity, and style. Determine which shapes of sunglasses look great on you. Some common choices include clubmaster, aviator, round, butterfly, oval, cat eye, rectangular, rimless, wayfarer, shield, and wrap.

Frame Material

The frame material of the sunglasses plays a major role in overall functionality, safety, and comfort. Each material comes with different styles, functions, and price points. Some frame materials to choose from include aluminium, plastic, acetate, metal, nylon, and titanium.

Lens Material

When buying sunglasses, the lens material is a crucial element, as it is a contributing factor to the vision, comfort, safety, and appearance. Most sunglasses come with lens materials that are made from polycarbonate, plastic, and glass.

Lens Colour

The colour of the lens contributes to its performance in terms of lighting conditions. While the colour does not increase UV protection, it can impact how your eyes react to different lights. Specific lens colours are best suited for specific outdoor conditions, lights, and activities.  There are glasses with light colours, dark colours, purple, blue, and flash coated or mirrored to choose from.


One of the functions of a polarized lens is to block light rays and prevent them from penetrating your eyes. It means the light is already filtered before it enters your eyes. This reduces eye strain and glare, providing you with better vision. As the polarized lens technology blocks reflections, it increases eye comfort and safety, particularly while driving. It enables you to see your surroundings without squinting. 

UV Protection

Aside from making a statement, most people wear sunglasses to protect their eyes and the skin around them from harmful ultraviolet rays. Wearing sunglasses is beneficial if you are always exposed to bright weather, outdoor activities, and a high amount of UV light. The ultraviolet rays that the sun emits can result in macular degeneration, cataracts, eye growths, and other conditions. 

There are two types of UV rays that reach the surface of the earth UVB and UVA. UVB rays can be harmful to the eyes and may cause sunburns and cancer due to their intensity. These rays are typically much stronger from 10 am to 4 pm, especially in the summer months. On the other hand, UVA rays are considered less intense but more common than UVB. UVA can also contribute to the formation of skin cancer. UVA rays also typically penetrate deeper into the skin, causing wrinkles and other premature skin aging conditions. 

Fortunately, the majority of sunglasses come with UV protection by applying a protective coating to the lens. Keep in mind that the tint of the lens, whether light or dark, does not affect the UV protection strength. 
There are many reasons why sunglasses are the best accessories to have. Consider the factors above when you start looking for new sunglasses online. They are your best defence against UV rays, as well as your ultimate fashion statement.


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