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100+ Cricket Team & Club Names

100+ Cricket Team & Club Names

Any type of fever on the face of this planet could be treated with medicines but there is one fever which is non-treatable and that is the ‘Cricket Fever’. The cricket fans all over the world swear by the game. If we say that they worship this game then believe you us that we won’t be exaggerating.

Cricket is true love! We are yet to meet anybody who has not played this game. We all have. Playing this game and forming our team was and still the biggest dream for most of us.

Did we hear it right? You are going to form your team? You already have a team and just going to make it official now?

So, what is the name of your team? Not decided yet? Poor you! Let us pitch in! We bring you some amazing team names for cricket right here.

Blue SkywalkersThe TurtlesScrew BallsGolden Bull
Rainbow WarriorsTimberwolvesScreaming EaglesLast Pick
The BlossomsScreaming EaglesDangerous DivaCentury Hitter

Good Names for Cricket Teams

Cricket Team Names

You may have many names in your mind but just any names for the cricket team won’t do. You need to have a list of cricket team names with meaning. A meaningful name would add that extra punch needed to make the name all the more special.

At the end of the day, the name should connect with you, your team members, your audience, and your fans too.

So, go ahead and see if any of the names listed below appeal to you and your team.

Mighty DemonsCrazy 11The ShieldCool Thumpers
SuperSixersCrick-ITEnchanting StumpersDominators
All WhiteThe Big BeatersSpartan StrikersThe Elite
Trophy FightersBat AssaultHustlersFireballs

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Creative Cricket Team Names

Selecting a name is paramount because only once that name is in place, only then rest would follow. Like getting the logo designed, the team name printing on the merchandise, marketing, branding and so much more.

Now go through the list of names given below to see if anyone fits the bill –

The Epic BlastersAvengersSoaring SixesRavishing Willows
The Master BattersSwing ThingThe Scoring WillowsScarlet Raptors
Game SwingersThe Go GettersBatting DivasA-Team
The SerpentsThe Happy TornadoesThe Freedom DreamersThe Calm Griffins

Unique Cricket Club Names

Cricket Team Names

Do not compromise on the name. Even if the selection process takes some time, do not hesitate. Believe us it will be worth it.

Power HittersFerocious FastiesBroke Bat MountainDragon Slayers
The MonarchyPitch SmashersRed RidersThe Supernovas
Happening 11SmashersBall BurnersRunning On Empty
Got The RunsStrike Force 11The Tough OnesGlobetrotters

Cricket Team Name Suggestions

The list of names is here for your consideration. However, while you are in the process of selecting a name for your cricket team or club, do keep in mind the below-mentioned sources of inspiration for the name –

UnbeatableTireless RunnersScared ShotlessFlaming ballers
The White OraclesThe Stark MysticsMagnitude 11Kill Swing Maniacs
Swing ThingFlame boysUntouchablesThe Flawless Orcas
The Black LionsThe Blue KingfishersThe Royal YetisHorsepower
  1. You may take inspiration from the place you belong too or famous landmarks or tourist places around.
  2. You may get inspired by the names of the famous personality of your areas.
  3. Internationally famous rivers, mountains could bring some ideas for you.
  4. How about motivation from the world of cricket itself; maybe a famous shot or the terminology used in the game or the merchandise used in the game.

Local Cricket Team Names

Cricket Team Names

Cricket is one game that has a vast audience domestically as well as internationally. You should shortlist your local cricket team names keeping in mind the audience. If yours is a local team then the name should have that local touch which connects to the local audience.

The Cunning StuntsThe Jolly CricketersInnings StarsMasters
ConquerorsScorpionsRoyal StrikersGiant Slayers
Gray PanthersPin Drop ViolenceRunning EmptyMerciless Strikers
Six OffendersChallengersThe TyrantsThe Empowered

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How to Create Cricket Team Name?

You and your team members may choose to create a name yourself as well. Give it a shot!

Conduct a team meeting and ask for suggestions. You would be amazed at how creative your team members could be. It is a different type of happiness that you get when you do a task yourself.

And since the name is the identity and that has been formed by all of you together, it will be something that all of you will connect and relate to, not to mention the feeling of pride that will make your heart swell.

The cricket team name generator would help you to generate names from your preferred word selection. Though here we have reduced your workload and picked a few unique names for your team along with cricket tournament names as well.

Go ahead and see which all names come closer to your heart. Shortlist a few and then see if it matches with your team theme.

Sassy SwingersBlack MambasToe Crusher CrewTrophy Fighters
KingpinsGreek GodsThe Blue VampiresThe Tough Ones
ShakedownSilent KillersScreaming EaglesAvengers
Raven RaidersIce AngelsKiller WhalesThe Blossoms

If you happen to like two or more names from the list above you may consider mixing and match them to come up with something different and so your own.

Cool Cricket Team Names

Cricket Team Names

The name and logo are the brand ambassadors of any team or club. If the name is right and the logo is unique then your marketing woos is sorted. Your name and logo will create a marketing buzz for you.

Imagine people will want to know about you and your team just because your team name and logo have piqued their interest. Wouldn’t that be interesting?Here are some cool cricket team names.

Brutal StrikersThe Free CreaturesGreen galaxy
Perilous RocksThe BoldNo Mercy
The EnigmasRed RaptorsThe Loyal Stags
Running on EmptyMad MagiciansThe Flawless

Pro Tips for deciding cricket team name

It will also take time for you and your team members as well as your fans to get a hang of the name. Before you select any name make sure it fits under all the below mentioned pointers –

  • Always make sure that the name selection process is a team effort. Do not leave anyone behind otherwise they won’t connect with that name. Even if they do it will still leave a sour memory in their heart that they were not part of the selection process.
  • Select a powerful name. The name should showcase the power pact team that you have. The game is all about a high level of energy so why to keep a name that is deprived of power and energy.
  • Keep a name that is easy to remember. Name is your brand ambassador. Would you like it if your audience and fans forget the brand ambassador or struggle to retain the name later?
  • Choose a name that reflects your team in true sense. Remember that the name is the identity of you and your team members. So, identity cannot be different from its owners. It should reflect the true essence of your team.
  • The name should have a catchy element to it so that the attention of the audience and fans could be grabbed instantly.

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