599+ Cricket Team & Club Names(Good,Best)

Cricket Team Names
Cricket Team Names

Any type of fever on the face of this planet could be treated with medicines but there is one fever which is non-treatable and that is the ‘Cricket Fever’. The cricket fans all over the world swear by the game. If we say that they worship this game then believe you us that we won’t be exaggerating. Cricket Team Names

Cricket is true love! We are yet to meet anybody who has not played this game. We all have.

Playing this game and forming our team was and still the biggest dream for most of us.

Did we hear it right? You are going to form your team? You already have a team and just going to make it official now?

The TurtlesThe IronThe Spirit
The Calm BlizzardsThe HardThe Spartans
The Majestic ProwlersThe SilentThe Black Orcas
The Strong DroidsThe ImpsThe Blue Vampires
The EnchantedThe Lucky GorillasThe Grim

WOW! Congratulations!

So, what is the name of your team? Not decided yet? Poor you! Let us pitch in! We bring you some amazing team names for cricket right here.

The right name is the first stepping stone for your dream to come true. So, let’s do it right.

Good Names for Cricket Teams

Good Names for Cricket Teams
Good Names for Cricket Teams

You may have many names in your mind but just any names for the cricket team won’t do. You need to have a list of cricket team names with meaning. A meaningful name would add that extra punch needed to make the name all the more special.

The Thunder BladesThe Dynamic JokersThe Bold Phantoms
The Lucky PiratesThe Grave DreamersThe Terrific Bison
The TerrificThe HedgehogsThe Blue Suns
The MysticsThe MagicThe Bitter Giraffes
The Naughty SwallowsThe CamelsThe Red Wolverines
The AwesomeThe Black WombatsThe Soldiers
The BrightThe CreativeThe Naughty Aces
The BruteThe Infamous PeacocksThe Bold
The Free CreaturesThe DeterminedThe Enigmas
The Skeleton VikingsThe Nimble ShadowsThe Strong Cubs
The Strong CrowsThe ManateesThe Mysterious Explorers
The Ancient StingersThe GiantsThe Rapid Boars
The RapidThe FlawlessThe Wise Angels
The Courageous RangersThe PigsThe Ants
The Big Bad KomodosThe Brutal TurtlesThe Valiant Giants
The Haunting StarsThe SpiritThe Grim Crabs
The Angry RoyalsThe DragonfliesThe Rough Crabs
The GoblinsThe Enchanted SharksThe Majestic Oracles
The Fantastic HipposThe Silver BeastsThe Bold
The Grand OrcasThe MysteriousThe Quiet Dragons

At the end of the day, the name should connect with you, your team members, your audience, and your fans too.

So, go ahead and see if any of the names listed below appeal to you and your team.

Mighty DemonsCrazy 11SeawolvesCool Thumpers
SuperSixersCrick-ITEnchanting StumpersDominators
CobrasThe Big BeatersGreen galaxyTrophy Fighters
Boom Boom BashersGame for RunsThe OutsidersSpartan Strikers
Bat AssaultThe Scoring WillowsScrew BallsThe Shield

Cricket Team Names List

Selecting a name is paramount because only once that name is in place, only then rest would follow. Like getting the logo designed, the team name printing on the merchandise, marketing, branding and so much more.

The Hot PigsThe Iron BaboonsThe Quiet
The Loyal RavensThe BroncosThe Mad Dinos
The Proud PigsThe Haunting TrojansThe Silent Deer
The MeanThe Hot BlizzardsThe Fabulous Rhinos
The Storm PorcupinesThe BraveThe Tough Titans
The Nimble ParrotsThe Ancient RamsThe Prime Blades
The Determined GoatsThe CrusadersThe Ancient Gargoyles
The Eager WitchesThe Fabulous MonkeysThe Phoenixes
The Storm CubsThe SirensThe Fabulous Wasps
The Swift WarthogsThe Terrific EaglesThe Fantastic Champs

It will also take time for you and your team members as well as your fans to get a hang of the name. Before you select any name make sure it fits under all the below mentioned pointers –

The Big ScorpionsThe Defiant RaptorsThe Grizzly Admirals
The Grim ImpsThe Brute RobotsThe Hot Griffins
The Crazy MonkeysThe Big PigeonsThe Rough Riddles
The Great RavensThe SparrowsThe Creative
The SpectacularThe StormsThe Cranes
The Classic ChimpanzeesThe WildThe Moons
The Lucky CrowsThe RamsThe Mad Miracles
The HungryThe MadThe Valiant Kings
The Fiery ChimpsThe Defiant BoarsThe Bruisers
The Steel PatriotsThe Iron GibbonsThe Young Wizards
The ValiantThe BrutalThe Lucky
The Wise BoomersThe LegendsThe Bold
The OrcsThe Brave NovasThe Runners
The Grand CrocodilesThe Naughty PhoenixesThe Fearless Dodgers
The PhoenixesThe Hot WaspsThe Wild
The Powerful TitansThe Valiant NovasThe Classic Bats
The Majestic PenguinsThe Steel BruisersThe Glorious Boars
The Quiet WaspsThe Flawless StridersThe Fantastic Pumas
The Wild TrollsThe HeavenlyThe Mystery
The Great PorcupinesThe Dapper KrakensThe Mean Blades
  • Always make sure that the name selection process is a team effort. Do not leave anyone behind otherwise they won’t connect with that name. Even if they do it will still leave a sour memory in their heart that they were not part of the selection process.
  • Select a powerful name. The name should showcase the power pact team that you have. The game is all about a high level of energy so why to keep a name that is deprived of power and energy.
  • Keep a name that is easy to remember. Name is your brand ambassador. Would you like it if your audience and fans forget the brand ambassador or struggle to retain the name later?
  • Choose a name that reflects your team in true sense. Remember that the name is the identity of you and your team members. So, identity cannot be different from its owners. It should reflect the true essence of your team.
  • The name should have a catchy element to it so that the attention of the audience and fans could be grabbed instantly.

Now go through the list of names given below to see if anyone fits the bill –

The ZebrasThe Freedom DreamersThe Calm Griffins
The Big GustsThe Swift SailorsThe Daring Ghosts
The HappyThe Red StarsThe Sirens
The Powerful OctopiThe Valiant RunnersThe Gifted Droids
The Happy StagsThe Dapper HipposThe Serpents
The Fiery ShadowsThe MarvelousThe Big
The ChimpanzeesThe HipposThe Glorious Ferrets
The Happy TornadoesThe Big PorcupinesThe Spectacular Boars
The ChimpsThe Fantastic BlizzardsThe Steel
The NewThe GiantThe Iron Creatures
The Epic BlastersAvengersSoaring SixesRavishing Willows
The Master BattersSwing ThingThe Scoring WillowsScarlet Raptors
Game SwingersThe Go GettersNo game scheduledBatting Divas
Crazy 11The Jolly CricketersRunning EmptyA-Team
The GuardiansSwing ThingAmazing ShootersMaster Batters

Cricket Club Names

Do not compromise on the name. Even if the selection process takes some time, do not hesitate. Believe us it will be worth it.

The TornadoesThe Hard WizardsThe Steel Giraffes
The Freedom GibbonsThe Nimble NightingalesThe Spirit Manatees
The Bold KrakensThe Majestic PatriotsThe Brute Panthers
The GrizzlyThe Deadly BaboonsThe Mysterious Turkeys
The AngryThe GloriousThe Heavenly
The Determined OgresThe DonkeysThe Brutal
The Fiery RobotsThe RoyalThe Wicked Ninjas
The Happy GiantsThe Enchanted Honey BadgersThe Quiet Demons
The Infamous VulturesThe Brave EaglesThe Classic Goats
The Handsome BirdsThe True FuriesThe Hungry Turkeys

Cricket is just not a game but a religion that has its ardent follower worldwide. No true cricket fan would want to support a team whose name is not full of passion and love for the game.

The HamstersThe InfernosThe Grizzly Jesters
The Happy SirensThe Flawless PenguinsThe Enchanted Goats
The Spirit GibbonsThe ApesThe Flawless Bison
The Iron ManateesThe Hot BlizzardsThe Grand Bison
The BraveThe QueensThe Courageous Tigers
The Big PatriotsThe SoldiersThe Colossal Predators
The GiftedThe BoltsThe Pure
The AwesomeThe United StallionsThe Marvelous Weasels
The Haunting DeerThe RhinosThe Swift Nightingales
The Amazing TrollsThe AlphasThe Rapid Shadows
The Skeleton DogsThe Big BadThe Careless Boomers
The Silent TurtlesThe IncredibleThe Fast Goats
The Giant HedgehogsThe StrongThe Giraffes
The Bold FalconsThe DolphinsThe Mad Hyenas
The Valiant TrollsThe Heavenly WarthogsThe Creative
The BuccaneersThe SpectacularThe Infamous Vampires
The ClassicThe Creative ToadsThe Hot Mallards
The Gifted ProwlersThe MountaineersThe Mad Pumas
The Iron CougarsThe Rapid SealsThe Fantastic Crows
The Angry AnacondasThe Clever DonkeysThe Rough

We understand that selecting the right name is a tedious process and you would want to get over it quickly but you just can’t cheat your fans by giving them just any name.

The Valiant DreamersThe Creative CreaturesThe Bold Shadows
The TerrificThe BigThe New Seals
The Golden JackalsThe RegalThe Hungry Rovers
The Big Bad GustsThe FlawlessThe White Yetis
The Giant BuffaloThe EarnestThe Blue Kingfishers
The Crazy MysticsThe Free ChargersThe Grand Moons
The White VampiresThe Loyal StagsThe Haunting Pandas
The Magic HyenasThe HeavenlyThe Hungry Turtles
The Wise RoachesThe Spectacular StagsThe True Hyenas
The Extraordinary ChiefsThe Tough DreamersThe Haunting Kangaroos

Just close your eyes and imagine when you and your team members are out on the cricket ground for a match. The crowd is cheering for you and your team. What type of name would you want to hear? Just about any or a name that feels you and your team member with a sense of pride and motivates you guys to go ahead and grab that trophy.

With this happy emotion in your heart, now see if any of the names below connects –

Master Batting SkeletonsChampionsBroke Bat MountainDragon Slayers
The SuperlativesPitch SmashersRed RidersThe Supernovas
Happening 11Runners for VictoryBall BurnersStrike Anthology
Soaring SixesEnemies of the BallThe Tough OnesBounce Demons
The MonarchyVioletsGame SwingersThe Fire Breathers

Cricket Team Name Suggestions

The list of names is here for your consideration. However, while you are in the process of selecting a name for your cricket team or club, do keep in mind the below-mentioned sources of inspiration for the name –

The Infamous ImpsThe BirdsThe Cranes
The Flawless OrcasThe ExaltedThe Great
The Royal YetisThe Determined JaguarsThe Free Marvels
The BulldogsThe BitterThe Merry Mythics
The ScorpionsThe Gruesome KoalasThe Marvelous Beasts
The Ancient MonarchsThe Powerful CrocodilesThe Black Lions
The ThunderThe Stark MysticsThe Wild
The Fearless MenacesThe Ancient MythicsThe Hungry Pigeons
The Quiet MysticsThe MonarchsThe Boulders
The LuckyThe White OraclesThe Regal Furies
  1. You may take inspiration from the place you belong too or famous landmarks or tourist places around.
  2. You may get inspired by the names of the famous personality of your areas.
  3. Internationally famous rivers, mountains could bring some ideas for you.
  4. How about motivation from the world of cricket itself; maybe a famous shot or the terminology used in the game or the merchandise used in the game.

Few names are listed below and if you need something else how about the inspiration suggestions given above.

FireballsAmazing ShotsIron Fist WarriorsThe Top Class
SoonersBohemian BlastersVandalsTireless Runners
Middle Stump AssaultScared ShotlessFlaming ballersMission Impossible
Big Hit TheorySoul TakersFresh StarsFerocious Fasties
The RecordSettersUnbeatableThe Lost BoysExplorers

Best Cricket Team Names Domestic


Cricket is one game that has a vast audience domestically as well as internationally. You should shortlist your local cricket team names keeping in mind the audience. If yours is a local team then the name should have that local touch which connects to the local audience.

The FieryThe EarnestThe Wicked Crusaders
The EnchantedThe Grand Bottle RocketsThe Prime Komodos
The Dapper ClawsThe TrollsThe Dapper
The Awesome PorcupinesThe Quick HedgehogsThe Quick Sparrows
The Great BadgersThe True SpidersThe Red Spartans
The PureThe Blue MonstersThe Naughty
The Freedom KingsThe SealsThe Hungry Patriots
The Defiant SparrowsThe HorsesThe Eager Crusaders
The Deadly GriffinsThe ChimpanzeesThe Major
The Calm ManateesThe Regal LeopardsThe Happy Mystics

But, always keep your hopes high, you never know when you and your team get in demand internationally.

The Cunning StuntsThe Jolly CricketersBall BreakersMasters
ConquerorsScorpionsRoyal StrikersGiant Slayers
The Master BattersPin Drop ViolenceRunning EmptySoaring Sixes
Six OffendersChallengersThe TyrantsWe Don’t Lose
Merciless StrikersInnings StarsThe EmpoweredIn Style

How to Create Cricket Team Name?

You and your team members may choose to create a name yourself as well. Give it a shot!

 Conduct a team meeting and ask for suggestions. You would be amazed at how creative your team members could be. It is a different type of happiness that you get when you do a task yourself. And since the name is the identity and that has been formed by all of you together, it will be something that all of you will connect and relate to, not to mention the feeling of pride that will make your heart swell.

The Earnest ChimpsThe Grand WarriorsThe Hungry Gators
The FlyingThe Big Bad GladiatorsThe Blizzards
The DeterminedThe Calm StridersThe Golden Scorpions
The Merry BroncosThe RoughThe Enigmas
The Deadly HyenasThe MagicThe Golden Prowlers
The RavensThe Haunting DinosaursThe Deadly Blades
The Swift GhostsThe Ancient HeroesThe Calm Robots
The HoundsThe Red WizardsThe Skeleton Pelicans
The GruesomeThe Rough HyenasThe Rough Blazes
The BlueThe Quick OcelotsThe Powerful

The cricket team name generator would help you to generate names from your preferred word selection. Though here we have reduced your workload and picked a few unique names for your team along withcricket tournament namesas well.

The Fantastic YetisThe White OrcsThe Lobsters
The Clever ParrotsThe Grand RangersThe Tough
The Terrific VikingsThe ShadowsThe Wild
The Deadly MountaineersThe Young OrcsThe Terrific Chimpanzees
The HotThe CubsThe Mystery
The Blue RavensThe Rough PanthersThe Royal Gargoyles
The PelicansThe Careless MoonsThe Wise Wildcats
The Quick ChimpsThe Mysterious AndroidsThe Spectacular Ocelots
The Hidden ScorpionsThe KangaroosThe Clever Rockets
The Steel TrollsThe Free RaccoonsThe Majestic Raccoons

Go ahead and see which all names come closer to your heart. Shortlist a few and then see if it matches with your team theme.

The Amazing HyenasThe Powerful SlidersThe Apes
The Calm PhantomsThe White ImpsThe Powerful Claws
The TurkeysThe AliensThe Glorious Lobsters
The Proud KingfishersThe EagerThe Flawless Weasels
The Careless BlazesThe Tough StallionsThe Hot Griffins
The GiantThe Proud MarvelsThe Strong Alphas
The Determined PythonsThe Merry FalconsThe Fearless Toucans
The Hungry SunsThe Exalted ToadsThe Silent Pumas
The Extraordinary RoversThe Swift StingersThe Mad
The ManticoresThe Bitter PatriotsThe Swift Dreamers

If you happen to like two or more names from the list above you may consider mixing and match them to come up with something different and so your own.

Cricket Team Names and Logos

The name and logo are the brand ambassadors of any team or club. If the name is right and the logo is unique than your marketing woos is sorted. Your name and logo will create a marketing buzz for you. Imagine people will want to know about you and your team just because your team name and logo have piqued their interest. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

The BitterThe DefiantThe Naughty Wolves
The Swift ElephantsThe Grand BoomerangsThe Naughty Goblins
The VikingsThe Monstrous MarinesThe Gnomes
The Extraordinary Bottle RocketsThe Big GnomesThe Vipers
The Stark GustsThe Royal ManticoresThe Royal Warriors
The Crazy AliensThe FabulousThe Swift Badgers
The Courageous KingfishersThe Freedom YetisThe Majestic Bruisers
The White MallardsThe StagsThe Great Champs
The Amazing TerrorsThe OrangutansThe Rough
The CreativeThe Courageous BaboonsThe Heavenly Canons

Now all you need is to focus on your game and keep improving it.

Select a good name first. The decision should not be solely yours, pull in your team members in the decision as well. Then give the name to a professional logo designer who would do wonders for you. Unless you have an amazing designer in your team so that even designing cost could be saved. Just remember to keep the logo unique but eye-catchy.

The KnightsThe Black SwallowsThe Shades
The BlitzesThe Merry MonkeysThe Griffins
The Steel OctopiThe Major KoalasThe Classic
The Storm StingersThe Majestic LlamasThe Ants
The Mean KangaroosThe Red StingersThe Sailors
The Glorious HawksThe FlyingThe Bitter Royals
The Awesome BadgersThe GreatThe Fiery Wizards
The PureThe AcesThe Happy Wombats
The HorsesThe MerryThe Flawless Droids
The Fearless BlitzesThe Infamous HogsThe Steel Wings

Cricket Team Names in Tamil

You know what,  you may also select a name for your team based on some regional or state languages like Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Oriya, or any language.

The Red HamstersThe RegalThe Wild Mountaineers
The MarvelousThe Golden WreckersThe Haunting Orcs
The ValiantThe PrimeThe Young Patriots
The Honey BadgersThe Bright CrocodilesThe Porcupines
The Defiant ChimpsThe Lucky CardinalsThe Fiery Lobsters
The Grave DemonsThe HauntingThe Mean Angels
The Fiery ToadsThe Fiery ArrowsThe Ancient Stallions
The Regal HogsThe Terrific OrangutansThe Storm Cubs
The Quick WombatsThe Brave BravesThe Monstrous Hornets
The OraclesThe ChampsThe Dynamic Alphas
The Heavenly GiraffesThe Brute CoyotesThe Strong Arrows
The Proud DroidsThe Fearless PandasThe Mad Bolts
The Angry WizardsThe PigsThe Dynamic
The Crazy GnomesThe Flying DemonsThe Flawless Furies
The Grim DolphinsThe Iron ScorpionsThe Spectacular Gophers
The Determined OstrichesThe Determined BuccaneersThe Major Gladiators
The Brute ZombiesThe Rapid WaspsThe Deadly Crunchers
The HandsomeThe BigThe Deadly
The Silent BlazesThe Grim MysticsThe Majestic Predators
The Monstrous WombatsThe Awesome BouldersThe White Ferrets

But you should make the decision of using a regional language name based on the team members and your audience too.

The CavaliersThe Nimble Honey BadgersThe Earnest Yetis
The ToughThe WildThe Rapid
The Bright PelicansThe BruteThe Mystics
The IncredibleThe Valiant ArrowsThe Classic Nationals
The Hard LionsThe Regal DogsThe Stark Werewolves
The Silent CranesThe Hot AsteroidsThe Goats
The Wise RoversThe ChimpanzeesThe Chiefs
The Enchanted WildlingsThe EnchantedThe Incredible
The Gifted ParrotsThe Grand OraclesThe Tough Marvels
The BitterThe WreckersThe Valiant Cougars

There are few funny cricket team names in Tamil too. Be wise in this decision. The name should bind all the team members together, it should not bring any differences.


It is rightly said that “First Impression Is the Last Impression” and the name of the cricket team is indeed that first impression. So here we have published a long list of excellent cricket team names for your perusal. Pick one of those and use it unedited or go ahead and mix-n-match it to your liking. All that matters is that in the end, you have a rocking cricket team name. All the best!

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