999+Best Mermaid Names And Their Meanings

best mermaid names

Mermaids are beautiful creatures representing half females and half fish. It is made of two words: mere and maid. Mere means “sea,” and Best Mermaid Names “beautiful girl or young woman.” They have the head and upper body of a human female and the tail of a fish.

They were found in Europe, Asia, Africa. It was the story of Assyria, which is now Syria. The story takes us back to when Atargatis turned herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover.

She jumped into the lake to take the form of a fish, but the water could not conceal her beauty, and thus she was turned into a mermaid. The male mermaids are also found, which are called Merman.

They are not common as mermaids, but there are times when both are referred to together in a collective form. This is called merpeople or merfolk. Mermaid names are trendy these days, and you can use some mermaid names from the below list.

Mythical Mermaid Names

Mermaids are found in fables and stories now. There were times when they were thought to be real but now they have acquired the position only in mythological stories. When people saw these mermaids, some were evil ones who disturbed sailors with their beauty and voice.

MermaidaraCracked MeaningsFrolic MermaidMammoth BestSprightly Names
Little TheirTact NamesSpirit MermaidHappy TheirSprightly Names
Enjoy MeaningsMermaidfluentNamsterSapient NamesAstro Best
Friendly MeaningsMermaidneticRecess TheirDynamo AndTiny Their
Crimson MeaningsZealous BestAmuse AndIcarus BestBlueprint And
NamlazaBestgenicsToys AndSesame MeaningsCountry Best
Sidekick MeaningsCatalyst TheirMagenta BestPal AndBox Meanings
Vortex AndNamivaZealous MermaidMeaningsprismBubs Mermaid
MermaidbiaBazaar MermaidPlayground BestTots NamesCracked And
World MermaidCrimson AndJolly BestNinja NamesClues Best
Mythical Mermaid Names
Mythical Mermaid Names
ABC TheirMermaidopsBestonusCrimson BestRecess Meanings
BeststerSprite MeaningsTheircogCrimson BestFootprint Names
Ninja AndBuddies AndCreative BestWonder MeaningsLittle Best
Colossal AndSprite AndJoy BestSapient BestDelights Their
Myst TheirAmuse MeaningsChirp TheirPhalanx TheirCreative Meanings
Explore BestRugrat NamesBestquipoMonkey NamesJoy And
Spirit TheirCreative MeaningsTribe MermaidTheirbiaFever Best
Aqua NamesMeaningspadAndprismParachute MermaidKid Names
MermaidqueMagnolia NamesFawn BestVisionary NamesTime Meanings
Unicorn AndPlay AndNamfluentArcade MermaidBazaar Names
  • Hurley
  • Kailani
  • Kai
  • Oceane
  • Pasha
  • Marina
  • Pasha
  • Eliana
  • Adella
  • Alana

Mermaid Names Girl

Girls’ top favorites are mermaids. There are rarest of rare who might not be aware of this fact. From mermaid design to mermaid makeup, look all stays in fashion. So, let’s see some of the mermaid names for girls here.

Delights MeaningsBox NamesRock AndCracked NamesCrypt Names
Country NamesMuse NamesZeal NamesStargazer AndTiny Meanings
Tikes NamesZeal TheirAstro BestCrib MermaidTadpole And
Sprites MermaidSpecter BestRock BestNamdeckNovel Mermaid
Power BestBambino MeaningsHug NamesMammoth NamesPhantom Best
Omni BestBambino MeaningsBear MeaningsExplore NamesSprightly Names
Sunny MermaidCrib MeaningsSprout BestSanguine TheirSprightly Names
Blueprint NamesRecess TheirFrolic MeaningsPal BestJam And
Delights NamesFever TheirCerberus NamesJive MermaidChild Mermaid
Playful NamesTime MermaidDaydream BestAqua AndMammoth Mermaid
Mermaid Names Male
Mermaid Names Male
Novel NamesAdventure TheirRangers AndToddler BestArcade Mermaid
Tiny BestChirp MeaningsAqua AndDart NamesBuddy Best
Tikes BestABC MermaidSerendipity MermaidRock MeaningsBox Names
Mammoth MeaningsCompanion NamesBear MeaningsLittle AndVisionary Mermaid
Sunny MeaningsMonkey AndAqua MeaningsDash MeaningsColossal Their
Astronaut MermaidKinder AndBox BestAcorn MermaidBub Best
Crib MermaidBuild TheirBear NamesSanguine AndChirp And
Cubs NamesArcade BestTribe MermaidFriendly BestTiny Meanings
Sprite BestPlayground MermaidAstro TheirCrypt TheirBubs Names
Bub TheirCreative BestCheer MermaidSerendipity AndPhalanx Names
  • Alala
  • Alesia
  • Amara
  • Bella
  • Bluebell
  • Aricelly
  • Ariel
  • Aurora
  • Caelina
  • Cereus

Mermaid Names Male

Many are not aware of the fact, but there are male mermaids also. They are called mermen. They are also becoming quite popular these days. While mermen are not much in fashion, many boys fantasize about being mermaids.

Explore MeaningsPlayful BestAplenty BestTiny MermaidKinder And
Brainy MeaningsMagna NamesTots MermaidRecess MeaningsTribe Names
Bazaar AndTadpole MeaningsDash AndBrainy BestPlayful Their
Daydream NamesLittle MermaidFriendly NamesCreations NamesBambino Their
Visionary TheirBub BestDart TheirBear NamesBuddy Meanings
Complex MermaidScoot MermaidGuardian TheirToys NamesDelights Names
ABC NamesCabal NamesEnjoy AndTact MermaidMagna Names
Magna TheirBuddies MeaningsCrypt BestAcorn AndFriendly Names
Magna TheirStork NamesCrypt BestPop AndWorld Meanings
Playground MeaningsJam BestJoey BestOmni BestBear And
Mermaid Names Male
Mermaid Names Male
Kid MermaidJam BestTenacious TheirSprout TheirCheer Meanings
Magic TheirClues BestJoy MermaidDelights NamesMate Mermaid
Cracked BestToon BestKinder BestSprout BestHappy Best
Ninja NamesMammoth AndBrainy BestVortex MermaidJolly Meanings
Ninja AndPatrol AndTact NamesColossal TheirSanguine Names
Funland BestCrimson MeaningsSpecter AndKid MeaningsCubs Their
Bub AndAstronaut MeaningsDaydream MeaningsPeewee MeaningsTime Mermaid
Fever TheirMagnolia NamesAstronaut TheirPop MeaningsDaydream Mermaid
Minotaur BestFriendly AndBabies NamesGuardian MeaningsCreations Their
Toys BestBubs AndToddler BestFair MermaidDash Mermaid
  • Coralia
  • Cosmia
  • Davinia
  • Delilah
  • Edra
  • Evere
  • Galliah
  • Gem
  • Giliana
  • Hadrah

Mermaid Name Generator 

There are many ways to generate a mermaid name. From a combination of our name to seas and ocean names. Searching, exploring, and then creating names happen. When one thinks of creating something, ideas can be taken from anywhere but at last, the person should brainstorm to choose the perfect name.

Footprint MermaidNovel BestWonder TheirPlay MeaningsClues Best
Spirit MeaningsPlayful BestDomino TheirBam BestBear Best
Hug NamesStork BestEnjoy BestJust NamesTreasures Best
Aplenty BestKid MeaningsPal TheirFrolic BestHappy Names
Creative MeaningsMammoth NamesSerendipity MermaidBuddy MeaningsBox And
Monkey BestRugrat MermaidSapient BestArcade NamesKid Names
Astro BestEnjoy BestPups MermaidToys AndFawn Meanings
Tact AndFever MeaningsBear AndFavor NamesBlueprint Best
Rangers MeaningsToddler AndWraith BestBam NamesNinja Their
Power AndBlueprint NamesTiny NamesToon BestCreative Mermaid
Mermaid Name Generator
Mermaid Name Generator
Acorn MeaningsFawn NamesZealous NamesVortex NamesChirp Best
Peewee NamesDynamo NamesDynamo NamesLand MermaidTadpole Meanings
Mammoth BestPal NamesAmuse AndCrib NamesBuddies Names
World MermaidPlay BestBuddy MeaningsFever AndBox Their
Omni MermaidVisionary NamesBuild NamesUnicorn BestSprites Meanings
Monkey TheirLynx BestSprite NamesTikes MeaningsLand Meanings
Creative AndJive AndMuse NamesBuddy MermaidKids Best
Smile MermaidSanguine MeaningsAplenty MeaningsDelights TheirMyst Mermaid
Spring BestMuse AndFootprint NamesSmile AndJoey Names
Clues MermaidSprout NamesComplex MeaningsFireball BestPhantom Names
  • River
  • Malik
  • Dora
  • Naira
  • Sena
  • Carmita
  • Cobalt
  • Sirene
  • llyers
  • Irvetta

Mermaid Name For Business

Mermaids are half fish and half woman. So, the name of your business should also contain two different things to join and form a perfect name for your business. The name should be catchy and short so that the customers easily remember it.

Magenta NamesHappy NamesNovel NamesBear AndCrib Their
Vortex AndFootprint MeaningsPlayground BestToys MermaidSprightly Mermaid
Babies AndDaydream AndSpirit TheirFair NamesVillage Mermaid
Delights AndToddler NamesMagic AndABC BestMonkey Best
Ninja AndTime TheirMate TheirSpecter MermaidCerberus Meanings
Pal MeaningsMonkey AndMate MeaningsVillage NamesBuild And
Mammoth MeaningsBubs AndMania NamesRugrat NamesExplorer Mermaid
Galore AndVisionary TheirAplenty NamesCrypt NamesSpirit Meanings
Happy MermaidFawn BestSmile MermaidRugrat BestMinotaur Their
Sprout NamesTiny BestMania BestBuddy NamesSprightly Meanings
Mermaid Name For Business
Mermaid Name For Business
Magna MeaningsBuddy BestAstro MermaidPhantom MeaningsKinder Their
Pop NamesZealous MeaningsEnjoy NamesPal AndShadow Their
Omni NamesKid AndPeewee NamesSmile NamesBrainy And
Bubs MermaidPlayground TheirSpring MeaningsDash NamesExplorer Their
Cubs MeaningsTact TheirWorld AndPhantom BestCreative Names
Dash NamesGalore AndPlayful NamesBam NamesMagenta Best
Jive TheirLand NamesBuild TheirKinder AndMagenta Best
Bear MermaidNinja AndSprout TheirJolly MeaningsFavor Best
Rugrat TheirBuddies TheirTact MeaningsMania MeaningsShadow Names
Bazaar NamesJam MeaningsBuddy MermaidToys TheirMania Their
  • Aquarina
  • Marit
  • Merrik
  • Ambra
  • Halia
  • Sierra
  • Moises
  • Dragon
  • Ryba
  • Koieene

Mermaid Siren Names

The evil mermaid is called sirens. They are very dangerous and enticed sailors with their beauty and melodious voice, and thus the ship got sunk near the island. They disturbed sailors and were termed evil.

Mate AndBrainy MermaidAmuse NamesKinder BestTiny And
Rule NamesSprout MermaidPlayground AndSprite AndSprites Their
Bubs BestMania NamesPlayground MeaningsRule BestToddler Names
Rock AndChild NamesCatalyst TheirAqua TheirMuse Mermaid
Footprint TheirDynamo TheirRecess AndMuse AndChirp And
Parachute BestPatrol MeaningsDynamo NamesJust AndBuddies Meanings
Country TheirWraith TheirPal BestNinja TheirSpecter Names
Cerberus NamesFair BestLynx AndMyst BestBuddies Their
Pal NamesTenacious MeaningsFair NamesUnicorn MeaningsNinja Meanings
Aplenty MermaidExplorer AndTreasures MermaidCrypt MeaningsBambino Names
Mermaid Siren Names
Mermaid Siren Names
Cheer TheirCrypt AndGuardian TheirDart BestKids Their
Bub AndPal MeaningsShadow MermaidTots BestFunland Best
Sanguine MeaningsDelights AndExplore AndTikes TheirPal Their
Jolly TheirMate MeaningsToddler BestMagic MeaningsPlay Mermaid
Galore MermaidBox MermaidMate BestVortex MermaidFever Mermaid
Buddies BestDash AndIcarus MermaidDart AndAmuse And
Pal NamesBambino MeaningsJolly MeaningsCreations BestWorld Their
Buddy MeaningsToddler MeaningsRecess NamesMammoth NamesBam Their
Enjoy MermaidFootprint MeaningsFawn TheirJungle NamesRock And
Jam AndPlayground NamesExplorer TheirTots MermaidArcade Mermaid
  • Bluesea
  • Finley
  • Moonshore
  • Coralreef
  • Seaborne
  • Fishtail
  • Pearlwood
  • Starking
  • Lostsoul
  • Mystic witches

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Cute Mermaid Names

Children are always cute, and thus the same should be their names. To carry their pretty face, why not choose some cute mermaid names. Some cute mermaid names should follow the cuteness if it’s a girl and a merman name if it’s a boy.

Land NamesCountry AndExplore TheirPower MermaidJust Names
Atomic MermaidSpirit NamesTiny MermaidKid BestBub Mermaid
Stork MermaidLynx MermaidTadpole MermaidAtomic BestMyst Their
Fever MermaidJam TheirJungle BestBub AndZealous Names
Complex MermaidRule MermaidPal TheirCrypt AndGalore Mermaid
Pop MeaningsCompanion AndCrimson MeaningsJive MeaningsJam Meanings
Wonder MeaningsFireball AndDash MeaningsAstronaut MermaidPlayground And
Explore MermaidTact TheirZealous TheirVisionary TheirPlayful Best
Sprite NamesAtomic TheirMammoth AndBox TheirScoot Mermaid
Enjoy TheirSunny BestNovel BestLand TheirSprout Mermaid
Cute Mermaid Names
Cute Mermaid Names
Sesame MermaidPhantom AndStargazer BestArcade TheirBear Names
Stork AndCrypt MermaidWonder AndRule TheirNovel And
Mania AndVisionary TheirVortex MermaidMuse MeaningsArcade And
Aqua TheirMagenta TheirWraith TheirKinder MeaningsTadpole Mermaid
Serendipity MeaningsGuardian AndPlaymate MeaningsPhalanx MermaidClues Mermaid
Dynamo AndPhantom BestAdventure NamesDomino AndPups Names
Adventure MermaidSpecter NamesAmuse AndPlayground TheirWorld Mermaid
Jungle MermaidAstronaut AndPlay MermaidSesame MeaningsBuddies Best
Acorn MermaidBuild TheirToon MermaidSidekick BestToddler And
Rangers AndTime MeaningsBubs MermaidShadow TheirPatrol And
  • Ebba
  • Neith
  • Bay
  • Lorelai
  • Vanora
  • Marin
  • Gemma
  • Bering
  • Pacifica
  • Estuary

Funny Mermaid Names

Funny names are always preferred because those are always there to bring a smile to the face of the one who hears them. There are some funny mermaid names provided below.

Sprightly AndToon AndTribe MermaidCabal MeaningsTime Their
Fawn TheirFireball AndAcorn NamesPhantom BestStargazer Meanings
Cubs BestZeal TheirMagnolia MeaningsAstro MeaningsMammoth Best
Daydream MermaidScoot NamesFuze NamesPower MeaningsCrimson Best
Fawn MeaningsEnjoy NamesNinja NamesAplenty TheirHappy Meanings
Bub TheirSpecter BestCreative NamesDynamo MermaidToys Names
Build MeaningsCheer BestOmni MeaningsRangers TheirShadow Mermaid
Stellar NamesWraith BestComplex TheirExplore NamesRock Mermaid
Guardian MeaningsLynx NamesVillage BestBambino NamesToon Their
Joey NamesSunny TheirOmni AndJolly BestNovel Mermaid
Funny Mermaid Names
Funny Mermaid Names
Sprout MermaidTenacious MeaningsFair NamesStellar NamesBlueprint Names
Muse BestToddler NamesFavor BestCountry NamesAtomic Their
Build AndTikes NamesToddler TheirFootprint TheirABC Names
Power TheirKinder MermaidDaydream MeaningsMagic BestJungle Names
Crimson AndAtomic NamesBabies MeaningsAdventure MeaningsIcarus Best
Amuse NamesBear AndCrypt TheirCubs MeaningsBuild Mermaid
Catalyst BestFrolic TheirAdventure BestJust BestSpirit And
Cerberus MermaidGalore BestJive AndToddler BestTiny Their
Unicorn NamesKid TheirCubs MermaidHappy AndFair Mermaid
  • Lily
  • Mereska
  • Jurmana
  • Adriana
  • Lethe
  • Chenelle
  • Genova
  • Sadaf
  • Brooklyn
  • Glan


1 . What is a good name for a mermaid?

Some good names for mermaids are

  • Avalon
  • Breena
  • Calypso
  • Doris
  • Echo
  • Gil
  • Ianthe

2. What girl’s name means sea?

The sea’s huge blue-colored water area is home to limitless underwater fauna and colorful flora. For those magnetized by the massive water body, we have a few names which can be perfect for your newborns. 

3. How do you come up with a mermaid name?

There are a couple of ways to pick a mermaid name:

  • If you are into your original name and wish to keep it the same, add mermaid to your name as a suffix or prefix.
  • Next, you can opt for something related to the water close to a mermaid. So, we can add another name for lake or sea or join two different types to make a new mermaid name.
  • Choose among those characters which enchant you and keep you interested. Something that matters for you and is crucial for you can be the perfect mermaid name.

4. What name means ocean?

Many names represent the ocean or seas. They are trendy among boys and girls. Some of them are the following:

  • Cordelia – daughter of the sea
  • Kailani – sea and sky
  • Nixie – a water nymph
  • Kai – sea
  • Mira – female ruler
  • Dylan – son of the sea


Throughout history, the sightseeing of mermaids has been reported by certain explorers and continues even to the present day. There was a time when Columbus saw three mermaids or something like a mermaid similar to half fish and half-human. So, in history, there is evidence of mermaids.

We can identify the mermaid as evil or good when we choose names. Mermaids, the good ones, are more popular, but there are evil ones called sirens. Accordingly, we can assign the name to their personality. Here, we have various types of names to choose from.

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