60+ Best And Popular Berserker Names

Berserker Names

Whenever I hear the name Berserker, it just reminds me of fearless warriors who are ready to go into deadly fights without thinking twice. And having such a personality isn’t an easy task, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. As per universal law of attraction, any goal can be achieved when you feel it right and raise your frequency to attract your desires.

So, I thought, to adapt to the same persona, the journey begins with the name.You can start by choosing a Berserker name.

Don’t know how to proceed. fret not!  Here in this article, I have suggested some popular Berserker names. 

OROLKFitkisTucker Lee
TastrugaGwidlanDaxton Robert
NehTempura TezakiGannon Miles

Catchy Berserker Names

Berserker Names

The identity of Berserker is quite immersive and engaging. And their presence in battle and their abilities to ripen enemies are what I love to see. So, I thought, what would be the best names that highlight the capabilities and sound catchy at the same time.

Their energy is known to everyone but the most surprising thing is that they never use any weapon to fight with others. They just wear wolf or beaskin to come to the battle. Isn’t it strange to fight without weapons? But still, the enemies always have fear to come in front of them.

Afterall, the Berserker name defines your unique identity and a great impression in front of others. Feeling gutted, here are some exciting Berserker name ideas to build a unique identity. 

KringulrBlaudSvadduyFalini Malim
HunwoldMoonstruck travellerHishZerrham
Drnkan MersemOptimal AcesStingvoBhulstufram

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Cool Berserker Names

Now, as we are already talking about the capabilities, let’s know more about its origin, afterall,  a name should have the ancient essence to for its uniqueness, You must know that Berserker has a German origin and were ready to fight against enemies who are going to supply drugs and other food substances.

They have an iconic image in front of this world, they have been such an incredible story. To get some inspiration from them, you should have a cool name. If you are not familiar with such names, here are our recommendations of some cool Berserker names. 

Malami KytoonIkia InezMehzak ZukimaJudini Kalin
Infinite soulRieSunshine gipsyRaima Rilaki
Alibira RalamiKhuronKhuronMysaki Ilia
Uiloia VihaGlilgalraSokina MerhamTobura Drarari

Best Berserker Names

Berserker Names

So, after knowing a little about origin, it is pretty evident that Berserker is a powerful fantasy character whose popularity resounds everywhere. Their stories are popular because they went for a fight naked, just with an animal belt.

Berserkers are highly devotional people who gains power with some strong rituals. Those rituals never remains an easy task, it took a lot of time whether it too hot or too cold. 

Thus, making a wise choice in names, you would certainly need more options. Don’t worry, I  have compiled a list of the best Berserker name ideas. 

Sunokun MizanTimpari TukoAfilla JihalSelaz Guirez
Olga PalatoonObza TrilaWiolgrothKoyeza Sanmi
DRELDARankeni KuizaAVSASIDirilak Sirrpai
Marasal DihanOztak KurbosemDrankeni KuizoDranin Jiku

Awesome Berserker Names

I believe, the story of Berserker inspired every single person. You will be amazed to know that Berserker aims to transform into a wolf. The surprising thing was that they transformed into a wolf successfully, not only physically but mentally also. 

They want more agility during the war and that’s why their transformation plays a crucial role. Insightful, right, let’s bring in the deep characteristics in form names that will make the list even more awesome for you. take a look!. 

Ranzack TrahuzekhRuby sunTimpari TukoSomnam Kirigila
MUISAKIKoguza MezaniDrebali ObuzoKorennisa Mazrami
MARIAMOObza TrilaInimical ThugsMystic
KoyetiraPeonies gipsyRune WritersSulka Avedi

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Great Berserker Names

Berserker Names

Berserker always deserves the next level of respect because of their attributes. To make your choice versatile and great, you need to opt for the best Berserker names.  

Berserker behavious makes them like an animal rathern than a human. They can easily adopt a style of a wild animal. It was also noticed that they lose their temper and started howling like an animal.  

Are you confused about choosing great Berserker names? Here, we brought a long list of some popular Berserker names that will make your choice easy. 

Sulida FalikhForgo luckWar CrimesKalarris Mihizak
Olandra I-OnemiJiha GueraRonkin DerhamSulida Falikh
SenimaElma MyriakFalari RylisJiha Guera
Tilami ObuzaThe BarbariansAsgarri EverronFalakhi Mehzan

Amazing Berserker Names

Berserker Names

In general, Berserker keeps everyone in awe with their violent and wild behavior. The enemies were frightened by such behavior and never dared to fight with confidence.  Berserker wins their half-battle with their confidence. 

As per the stories, Berserker’s fight remains very dangerous and horrifying. They just lose their actual identity and always ready to beat their enemies. 

To gain that popularity and authority, they do a lot of hard work, which never remains easy for them. So, just have a look at some amazing Berserker Name Ideas. 

Vampiric StrikeFanam MitezMalami KytoonSey
Ikia InezMizak JihanFanamis KoyezoGrargi
Sukti MisraOlendri ObroThagadriWeath
Drajnmi FariAvladez AvudezRuthTuil Kinra

Choosing Your Own Berserker Names?

While choosing the best Berserker names, users need to stay calm and should be familiar with some important factors. Let us know what things you need to keep in mind while choosing Berserker names. 

• You need to make sure that the name shouldn’t be too long or too short. 

• The name should be easy to read and write. 

• Berserker’s name should suit your personality and attitude.

• The name should be unique and you need to research to get that name. 

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