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A Gentleman’s Accessory: Best Tommy Hilfiger Watches For Men

A Gentleman’s Accessory: Best Tommy Hilfiger Watches For Men
Best Tommy Hilfiger Watches For Men

Luxury watches are starting to become a staple in fashion. Rightfully so, it upgrades the look into something more elegant and attractive. You can wear as basic as a white shirt and denim jeans, then throw on a luxury watch, and you will look like an A-List Celebrity that pays for fashion designers and stylists. 

However, a luxury watch can be ridiculously expensive. You should know that there is also a hierarchy within luxury brands based on the price point, quality, and design. This means that just like ordinary watches, you can pay so much yet get so little. Hence, we are here to introduce a brand where you are assured of getting the best of your money! 

Getting to know more about the brand Tommy Hilfiger:

Tommy Hilfiger is founded by the man himself, Tommy Hilfiger. Unlike other brands, it started as a men’s clothing line and later expanded its collection to fragrance, sunglasses, jewelry, and watches, the famous Tommy Hilfiger Watch. The brand is known worldwide because of its preppy American cool look that will surely match everyone’s wardrobe.

This brand prides itself on having one of the best designs and quality in the watch industry. Indeed, you get the most out of what you have paid for. Today, we will be suggesting to you one of the best watches from their vast collection. Hopefully, in the watches that we will be introducing, you can find something worth your money! 

Tommy Hilfiger Decker Chronograph Quartz Black Dial Men’s watch 

If you are looking for a perfect black watch to spice up your look, this model is probably it! Pair it with an all-black casual look or with a tuxedo in a formal event, and you will have all eyes on you. It is the perfect combination of casual and sophistication. This beauty has a silver lug and bezel paired with a black leather strap. 

This watch is also known for its unique dial embellished with a pattern. The brand name is located on the top part of the watch, just below twelve. It has thick and thin lines instead of numbers, which balances up the watch’s crowdedness with its three subdials. It has three hands to represent the hour, minute, and second.

Tommy Hilfiger Multi-function Navy blue dial Brown Leather Men’s watch 

If you are sick of sticking with the basics and are searching for a unique piece that will upgrade even the most basic looks, this is the watch for you. This beauty has a gold bezel paired with a silver lug and case. It has a navy blue dial that goes perfectly with the brown leather strap. The combination of colors compliments each other perfectly! 

This analog watch combines the use of lines and numbers to complete the 12 numerals in a clock. The logo of the brand with its name is located on the right side of the dial. It has three subdials; one takes the form of a full white colored-circle. It has three hands differently shaped against each other. This watch is fun and quirky yet classy!

Tommy Hilfiger Analog Quartz Blue dial Men’s watch 

I know classic black, silver, or gold watches can be boring. If you are seeking an out of this world color yet still want to maintain elegance, Congratulations! You have found the perfect watch for you. This watch is an all navy blue stainless steel watch from its dial, bezel, lug up to its stainless steel strap. 

The dial somehow wanted to take inspiration from minimalist designs. Instead of numbers, the watch uses lines with the 12 written in Roman Numeral. The Tommy Hilfiger logo is just below 12, while the name Hilfiger is on the bottom part of the dial. It has three subdials, each uniquely designed. It also has three thin hands, identical in shape yet different in length. 

Tommy Hilfiger Brooklyn Quartz Blue dial men’s watch 

“Basic, but not too basic” is the vibe that this watch is going for. At first glance, you could say it is simple, but when you try to dissect the part of this watch, you will be in awe with how meticulously the designs are put together. It is colored silver from the strap, case, and lug. The bezel is colored gold, which is complemented by its navy blue dial. 

The navy blue dial emphasized the gold-colored lines representing the numbers, with only 12 and 6 written as it is. The name Hilfiger and the logo are strategically placed on the right side, while the left side is styled with two subdials. The watch has three hands, all colored in gold except the hand that stands for the second, colored in silver. 


If you want to invest in something, you have to make sure that you get the best out of it. Luxury brands are great investments, but then again, you should make sure that the brand you are investing in, does not just have a distinguished name but also a superb quality and unmatched design. Tommy Hilfiger is the right luxury watch for you!


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