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7 Well-Known Versions of Nike Air Max From ‘78 to ‘99

7 Well-Known Versions of Nike Air Max From ‘78 to ‘99

Most sneakerheads have one thing in common, and that is their love for retro shoes. There is something about retro shoes that make people want to wear them, even if there are many modern selections from the same shoe brand. A great example would be the Nike Air Max line. 

You will still see many people, old and young, buying the same shoes. A few reasons for people wanting to wear the Nike Air Max is because it never runs out of style and has different versions. You can also turn it into a collection, which many die-hard sneakerheads are doing right now. So when you plan on buying your Nike Air Max at Foot Locker, or any other trusted online shoe shops, you may find these designs there, and this article might give you a heads up on some popular versions to select from:

  1. Nike Air

This is the very first version that later on started the Air Max lineup. This was also the first shoe to ever incorporate Air technology. This provided more comfort to the wearer’s heel when walking or running. Not only does it provide comfort, but it is also lightweight, making the one who wears it feel like they do not have any shoes on. This air technology idea came from a former NASA engineer called Frank Rudy. 

  1. Air Max 1

After discovering the Air technology, Tinker Hatfield used that technology and made his own design, which ended up being called the Nike Air Max 1. You can probably say that this is one of the best sneakers ever. It revolutionized how the shoe industry worked and the first ever created for the Air Max line. This was also the first shoe to show the Air technology underneath the sole through a clear rubber. 

  1. Air Max Light

Nike released a similar version to the Air Max 1, yet they made sure to create a lightweight version. The only new addition to this shoe was that it used EVA foam to create a new feeling for wearers. 

  1. Air Max 90

When it was released in 1990, people called it the Air Max 3, which supposedly should have been called the Air Max 90. Nike completely reworked the entire shoe, added more colour patterns in different places, and gave an Air Max badge to the shoe’s side. This ranks as the number 2 most loved in the Air Max lineup falling behind the Air Max 1. 

  1. Air Classic BW

Like with the Air Max 1 and Air Max Light, Nike decided to create another version of the Air Max 90. However, this time, they made sure to make more adjustments rather than just make it lightweight. The design is sleeker and has a larger window for the Air technology to show. The large window is the reason why it’s called BW (Big Window)

  1. Air Max 93

Nike finally decided to use the blow-moulding technique for this shoe. Apart from the technique, this was also the first time Nike made coloured air units, which varied in different colourways. The tongue and collar were made into one, holding your ankles for added comfort and safety. 

  1. Air Max 97

Skip to 4 years and many other iterations later, the Air Max 97 was the one that captured the soul of shoe lovers. It was completely different from the other Air Max lineup due to its stitching pattern, inspired by the bullet train and the air unit almost entirely shown. The silver colour was inspired by the metallic finish of mountain bikes. 
You can usually find these versions of Nike Air Max at Foot Locker, or other reputed online or brick and mortar shoe stores. And once you have them with you, expect to get the most out of it! The only thing left is to pick out an outfit that would fit with your Air Max. 


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