100+ Anglo-Saxon Name Ideas & Suggestions


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The Anglo-Saxon is a descendant of the Germanic tribes, who invaded England around the five hundred years AD. Anglo-Saxon names were derived from the old English elements like wealth, fortune, power, ruler, etc. The Anglo-Saxon names have always been unique and traditional. 

Anglo-Saxon name is a personal masculine name, originating from a medieval English-Saxon surname. It’s a long time title of English-Scotch origin.

If you’re looking for a name focused on an Anglo-Saxon root, search the amazing list from which you can select

Abeodan Armenian Cyneburg Where
Acca Baltic Ecgtheow Wulfferd
Banana Banning Estar Ewald
Cadwallon Catholic Swatreband of Nanstoft Talmud of Stradale
Camden Deadbolt Wyard of Nantceter Leofric of Dumcarden
Dalston Darlin Albert of Invercargill Eadweard of Peterborough
Darel Ebert Aethelfrith Cotter Wilbrord Plummer
Edlin Edward Hathweald Taverner Ecgwulf Shepherd
Faran Farmon Heribert the Snyder Ingram the Rocker
Felix Freeman Whitlam the Warf Welding the Knight
Anglo-Saxon is sophisticated, stylish, and plain beautiful. The Anglo-Saxon believed that a name contained a person’s spirit, and by using the name for a child, the spirit could drain from him. The aristocratic people were identified by names taken from famous forbearers like Besingas, Athelings, Gumeningas, along with the final element -ing, which means ‘people of.’ Anglo-Saxon history is of ethnic heritage history. It is originated from diverse communities along with the acceptance of Christianity by men and became central to the establishment of various kingdoms. This heritage was re-established and controlled shortly after the Standard Invasion, undermined by massive Scandinavian invasions and the military conquest of Eastern Britain.
Anglo-Saxon Names
Anglo-Saxon Names
The recognizable Anglo-Saxon tradition can be seen in construction products, clothing patterns, illumined texts, and grave goods. There are powerful aspects of territorial and lordship relations underlying the symbolic nature of these cultural emblems. The elite proclaimed themselves to be kings and established burghs. Anglo-Saxons were the first English Rulers, starting with Egbert in 802. Anglo-Saxons governed for nearly three centuries and formed the base of English royalty and law during this period. Alfred the Great and Canute the Great are the two most prominent Anglo-Saxon kings. Pick up your favorite Anglo- Saxon name from below and share them with your friends and family.

Below given are some of the Anglo- Saxon names are:

Andrea Editha Wengewe Eanswyth
Avery Dawn Hildeburh Brichheve
Carolyn Coyne Leofgifu, wife of Beornred Ecgfrithu, wife of Tidsige
Chelsea Collide Ediltrudis, wife of Merewala Ymma, wife of Daedheah
Clover Crews Baldguia of Norminster Aethelwaru of Nantden
Darla Courtney Saehild of Dunwardine Bucge of Pitborough
Darlene Colley Cuthburga Drage Stanhild Cheesewright
Dixie Brona Baldguia Bender Brichtrede Kellogg
Hayley Ardith Beornthryth the Scully Earcongota the Carrin
Kendra Megan Sunngifu the Spicer Hereburg the Chafer
The names themselves are often used in mythology, and the baby names could genuinely be said to be unique, quirky, and cool names. If you choose to name your boy after one of these names, then certainly incorporating a lot of history, but he will certainly have a unique and one of a kind name.

How to pick up a perfect Anglo Saxon name?

  • You should not set up the name as per trends
  • You should always remember the names that are classic and are not boring
  • You should always try to refer your family tree for name
  • You should respect your culture for your desired name
  • You always have to search for appropriate names
  • Both potential surnames should be listed
  • The value of the middle name should be taken into account
  • Don’t overlook the original details
  • You have to talk clearly
  • You shouldn’t be too overwhelming.
You will pick a name much better if you obey the measures above without worrying. Some of the attractive Anglo Saxon names are given below by considering the above factors:
Aart Edric Aelbehrt Adellufu
Acton Edwin Acwald Godlefe
Alfred Ford Swithin Somerhild
Chester Floyd Trygil Hereburg
Barclay Godwine Sigelac Ealhswith
Baxter Holt Fulbert Sigegifu
Cosmo Ivor Cenhelm Vluerona
Dalston Durwin Leofgeat Brictwen
Douglas Eddison Tatfrid Ealhburg
Drew Duke Alward Uuordgiue

Why Anglo-Saxons are called Anglo-Saxons?

Anglo-Saxon Names
Anglo-Saxon Names
Anglo-Saxons were no ‘anglo-Saxons’ by themselves. It may appear that this word was first used in the eighth century to differentiate from those on the continent Germanic populations that resided in Britain. In 786, George, Bishop of Ostia, visited England for a conference of the clergy and informed the Pope that he was there. Historians still use this word as a metaphor to refer to the time between Britain’s Roman invasion and England’s Norman Conquest. Finding an attractive and functional name is not an easy job. It needs some patience and hard work to find the Anglo Saxon name. You need to calm down, take your time, and look for a perfect name. You may search for a few well-known names as they are not always dull.


You are entirely responsible for picking the Anglo Saxon titles. So then, trust me when you assume it’s an easy mission; it isn’t that close. However, you might also include your name in the aforementioned category if you obey the above criteria and take them into account.

I hope that in the above lists you consider the name according to your choice.
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