Home Education Why do the kids need to have a good idea about the Venn diagrams?

Why do the kids need to have a good idea about the Venn diagrams?

Why do the kids need to have a good idea about the Venn diagrams?
Venn -diagrams

The Venn diagrams are considered to be the type of diagrams that will be utilised in terms of representing the sets, operations and the relationship between different kinds of sets in a very formal manner. This concept will be based upon utilisation of the circles of all times which will be overlapping, intersecting and non-intersecting so that the relationship between different sets can be perfectly achieved and understood.

The Venn diagram is also considered to be a set diagram or the logic diagram that will help in showing out different kinds of operations for example intersection of sets, union of sets and various other kinds of related things. The Venn diagram is considered to be the best possible way of representing all possible relationships of different sets and this particular diagram can be represented by any kind of closed figure, for example, any polygon or circle but normally circles are utilised in this particular area. Different symbols will be utilised and the symbols are explained as follows:

  1. In the cases of the union of sets symbol of U will be used
  2. In the cases of the intersection of the sets symbol of reverse, U will be used.
  3. In the cases of compliment of a set, the symbol of A’ will be used.

 How one can have a good command over the Venn diagram?

 The process of making the Venn diagram has been explained as follows:

  • First of all the individuals need to set out the parameters for the analysis and for this purpose they need to get answers to different kinds of questions like what is the overall goal, why it is important to make this particular diagram, how to determine the concept of sets and ideas and several other kinds of things.
  • After this individuals need to consider and create their universe which will be based upon when diagram and generally it will be the rectangle in which all other shapes will sit. These kinds of shapes will also overlap so that one can have a complete idea about the possible relationships between all of them.
  • After this, they need to label all the sets and the name of sets that they will be choosing will always depend upon the representation of simple or simplified ideas along with data in every set. The individuals also need to consider the comparison of characters from the novel so that labelling can be perfectly carried out and giving different kinds of letterforms is important in the whole process.
  • After this, the individuals need to be clear about placing the data into the Venn diagram depending upon the relationships which they need to analyse throughout the process. After this, the data from one side will meet at the intersection which it will have with another and this particular information will be available only once.
  • Then the individuals need to look for similar information in every set so that they can weigh out the differences and can draw the conclusion very easily without any kind of problem. Hence, the above-mentioned steps will always help in reaching the right kind of decisions very easily.

 Following are some of the very basic uses of the Venn diagrams:

  • Computer scientists use this type of diagrams in computer languages and their visualisation.
  • In linguistics also different kinds of illustrations are made with the help of diagrams.
  • In the world of mathematics and statistics, these diagrams are utilised in terms of comparing the possible events and finding out the likelihood of those events occurring
  • The teachers also use such diagrams to improve the reading comprehension of the students and ensure that they can find out the similarities and differences between different kinds of characters.

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