What Role do Divorce Coaches Play During the Divorce Process?

Divorce- Coaches Play role During the Divorce Process

A divorce coach is a specialist which will guide you through the whole divorce process and help you deal both with divorce services and personal obstacles before during and after the divorce procedure. The coach will motivate, inspire, and back you up in the decision-making process and self-control and self-establishing in the difficult and most tense period of your life. At the same time, you should clearly understand that a divorce coach is not going to substitute a divorce attorney, financial analyst, therapist, and other specialists. The coach can only complement your divorce team. His work is usually based on personal experience and special training in mentoring people in the divorce process. So, don’t expect law advice or medical treatment from this specialist.

Divorce Coach

Benefits of the Divorce Coach

A divorce coach is a useful assistant in any kind of divorce. More to this, if you are going through a collaborative one, usually, a divorce coach is the only specialist you need to complete an easy divorce online. In this and other cases this person can be truly helpful in many ways. His\her major help is in making the client focus on the problem-solution process and operate facts and wisdom but not follow emotions. Apart from help with feelings and emotions managing, divorce coach also offers strategic help, including information-gathering, physical and emotional preparation to negotiations and meetings, important conversations with children, relatives, and friends, setting and achieving strategical goals and general guidance in an offline or online divorce filing.

Pre-divorce Role of the Divorce Coach

Time before the divorce process is the most difficult period since the divorcee is overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions and finds it challenging to organize the divorce process, as he/she may not even know where to start. This is what you need the divorce coach for:

  • to analyze and assess the current situation and decide on the next step – marriage repairing, divorce, separation.
  • to gather information, materials, and useful sources, such as divorce platforms (OnlineDivorcer).
  • to establish contacts with necessary specialists (attorneys, advisors, counselors).
  • to prepare physically and emotionally for the divorce process.

Role of the Divorce Coach during the Divorce

The divorce process includes multiple procedures and issues, depending on its complexity. It is practically impossible for one person to operate and manage all the procedures on his/her own. That is why the divorce coach comes to handle the organizational process and support the divorcee. So that you can count for the following help:

  • with gathering and organizing papers and documentation, concerning finances, assets, custodial issues, and more to handle them to professionals later.
  • with deciding on the appropriate type of divorce (collaborative, mediation, arbitration, litigation), understanding the perspectives, and preparation to the certain types.
  • with establishing a personal support system (counseling, therapist, online or local community services, and many more).
  • with clarifying personal financial needs and issues for parents with children.
  • with understanding the general situation and its details, clarifying thoughts, and building up a personal sensible attitude, not being guided by emotions.
  • with setting reasonable goals and strategies to achieve them based on cooperation and a fair attitude to the ex-partner and process in general.
  • with creating a reliable and professional divorce team, including needed specialists (law specialist, business and financial advisors, psychologist or therapist, and many more options).

Post-divorce Role of the Divorce Coach

With the divorce procedure finished, it isn’t finished for you. You face an entirely new life, with different living conditions, different personal attitudes and feelings, and different perspectives. Not everyone can carry such a burden alone. So, the divorce coach will be there for you to get you prepared and organized for life after divorce:

  • to create a clear and realistic vision of the future, set goals and strategies to achieve them.
  • to learn new everyday skills and adapt to a new lifestyle.
  • to use new tools and devices to make the life of divorcee, especially single parent, easier.
  • to create and follow a successful parenting plan and strategies.

All in all, a divorce coach will be your life vest at any stage of the divorce process and long after. This will be your sober voice of sanity, not professional in la law details or mental issues, but an experienced and well-qualified guide through the hurdles of the divorcee’s life.


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