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Portable toilets

Portable toilets for indoor or outdoor events are the right solution for those who need a non-permanent toilet. A portable toilet was chosen because it can be used anytime and anywhere. Portable toilets are generally used for outdoor events. But portable toilets from Portaloo Hire can also be used for indoor events.

The need for sanitation facilities for indoor events does require a lot of preparation. However, given the time available and the hassle of preparing for the event, it is not uncommon for the committee to worry about adjusting the standards for toilet facilities. Making temporary toilet beds is certainly not a wise step because it is ineffective and costs a lot of money. Moreover, there is a risk that the toilet beds that are made will pollute the surrounding environment. For this reason, portable toilets are considered to be an alternative solution.

Portable toilets are helpful because they are easy to assemble and clean. When not in use the toilet can also be stored. Who would have thought that these non-permanent toilets have several types or types that can be chosen according to needs and designations? Each type of portable toilet is known to have a different type and equipment. The following are several types of portable toilets for indoor events:

Standard Portable Toilet

Portable toilets for standard indoor events are usually equipped with squat toilet facilities. It is the right choice for monthly indoor events because they can be used for the long term. This type of portable toilet is also commonly used at construction project sites. Other supporting facilities are also embedded in standard portable toilets, namely cleaning tools in the form of jet sprayers, lights, water tanks, and drain tanks. A standard toilet usually has dimensions of 2.3 m x 1.2 m x 1.2 m with a 250-liter water tank and a 265-liter drain tank.

VIP Portable Toilet

VIP Portable Toilet

The next type of portable toilet is the VIP portable toilet. Highly recommended for daily indoor events such as entertainment, sports events, office or company gatherings, weddings, exhibitions, or other events that require non-permanent toilets. VIP portable toilets are usually equipped with a sitting bidet. Meanwhile, several other additional facilities are in the form of a jet sprayer cleaner, lights, tissue, perfume, water tank, and drain tank. The dimensions are not much different from the standard portable toilets, namely 2.3 m x 1.2 m x 1.2 m with a 250-liter water tank and a 280-liter drain tank.

Portable VVIP toilet

For indoor events with important guests of the VVIP class, there is also a type of portable VVIP toilet. Because it is intended for special guests, it is certain that the facilities provided are more elegant, modern, and usually also equipped with a sink. The types of toilets that are installed are sitting toilets with additional facilities such as lamps, washbasins, tissues, fragrances, and jet sprayer cleaning tools. In terms of size, it is slightly larger than the previous 2 types of portable toilets for indoor events, namely 2.3 m x 1.2 m x 1.3 m with a 250-liter water tank and a 333 liter larger drain tank.

The existence of several types of portable toilets, of course, provides its own convenience in choosing a temporary toilet according to your needs. With a portable toilet, event organizers do not need to worry if the space you rented is not available a permanent toilet or maybe the number is insufficient. Even for a prestigious event that invites guests of honor, portable toilets for VVIP indoor events can be considered with all the luxury it offers.

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