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Top 5 YouTube to MP3 Converters to use:


We all have faced the problem when we get addicted to an audio track from a YouTube video so much that we want to keep on listening to it all day long but can’t because our WIFI constantly keeps letting us down or our data is running out. In that case, hundreds of people every day opt for YouTube to Mp3 converters to download the audio component of the video and transform that video into a required format.More than hundreds of YouTube converters like “YoutubeMp3.Us” are available on the web these days that it is nearly impossible to know which one to put your trust in. An efficient converter should also provide you with high speed, great quality, and convenience.

Here are some benchmarks that will help you to distinguish between the good ones and bad ones:

Fast Downloading:

Make sure the converter you are picking cares about your time and speeds up the process because unfortunately, some converters take more than 30 minutes to download a short clip.

Preserves the quality:

During the conversion and compression process, the quality of the video/ audio can be lost. This way, instead of getting crystal clear sound, you get distorted noise. To avoid this problem, be sure to choose a YouTube to Mp3 converter that preserves the original quality of your content.

Offers a variety of formats:

It is always good when a converter can download your desired video in the best format for you. Many converters offer a variety of formats such as Mp3, Mp4, M4A, 3GP, WEBM, and more.

We selected the top 5 YouTube to Mp3 converters for you to use:



Folx does an amazing job at converting YouTube videos into Mp3 files. It works well with long videos and stands out due to its rocket speed. It is a download manager and a torrent client. Folx splits download into multiple streams in order to speed up the converting process.


  • Folx splits the video you want to download into 20 streams which makes your video load 20 times faster.
  • It’s an all – in –one tool that works with media from torrent, YouTube, and other popular sites on the web.
  • Folx supports auto-sign- up, it remembers your passwords and login for websites that require authentication


  • Basic interface- suitable for those who prefer functionality over appearance.
  • Only legal content is allowed.
  • Lack of introduction tips- if you are a beginner who wants to know about the intro tips then we have some bad news.



This online YouTube to Mp3 converter is probably one of the user’s most favorite converters to use as it YTMP3 is a great online free YouTube to MP3 converter that supports many other sites as well. It is famous for converting as well as downloading videos at a faster speed than most tools. However, there is a downside to this great tool which is that it does not support batch video downloads. So, if you are looking for batch downloading then this website might not do your job.


  • Cares about the video quality, stores the downloaded videos in their original quality.
  • Easy to use, has a clean interface that anyone can use.
  • Compatible with your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.


  • Ytmp3 converts content into only Mp3 and Mp4 formats, so if you are seeking a multi-format tool then this might not do the job for you.
  • Doesn’t support batch- downloading.



fulfills all the requirements for a high-quality and safe download of music from YouTube videos. It is compatible with many other popular sites and is remarkably easy to use for converting videos. This platform is available in different languages which is a major perk of this website.


  • Works with many browsers, operating systems, and devices.
  • Supports multiple platforms like Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube, etc.
  • Provides Cloud Storage.
  • Available in various languages


No major cons

Link : https://YoutubeMp3.Download



Anytrans is a smart media downloader that makes content transferring literally a piece of cake. It has the ability to deliver audio and video from 900+ sites directly to your Mac. It converts your favorite content from YouTube into the required format in just a few seconds.


  • Supports more than 900 sites and converts videos from a variety of different sources.
  • Smoothly switches between different devices without losing your precious files.
  • Security management- keeps your data the same and secure from viruses.


  • Can only convert files in limited formats like Mp3, M4A, and WebM format.
  • No facility for bulk downloading

Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is a great tool if you are looking for a downloader that is compatible with all portable devices and is super easy to use on the go. This platform supports over 20 sites and saves audio and video files without losing their original quality.


  • You can customize videos by cropping, merging, and editing them.
  • Supports a variety of formats.
  • Provides high-quality output after conversion.


  • It has an unappealing interface
  • It takes some time to process and convert your videos regardless of the video length.
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