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Tips For Managing Different Payment Options

Tips For Managing Different Payment Options

As soon as you have selected the different payment options for your checkout, it’s important to ensure they are effectively managed. By using the guidelines set forth below, you will be able to just that.

1. Offer Clear Payment Options

One of the things you should be doing is making your payment guidelines clear. Any customer that comes to your site should be able to easily identify what payment options you offer and make their choice easily. You want to focus on a couple of key areas. For one, you should ask a customer to choose the credit card brand they are using. Along with this, they should provide the number of their card. You will be able to do this easily by creating a drop-down list. If there is any discrepancy found, it can be discovered easily. Each brand of a credit card can be identified by the first digit being used. The following is true:

– First digit of American Express is 3

– First digit of Visa is 4

– First digit of Mastercard is 6

– First digit of Discover is 6

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2. Don’t offer a choice between debit and credit because the meaning behind them can differ. 

3. Give information on how to setup 3rd party payment services. Inform the customer that they will need to have a corresponding account with them for the payment to process. You don’t want to assume your customers know anything. 

4. Don’t have any payment option set as the default. Ensure your customer has to click on a single payment option. While you could potentially advertise which payment option you might prefer, you don’t want anything pre-selected. Everything should be blank to ensure your customer chooses the one they want to use.

5. Give your customer the freedom of choice when it comes to making their payment. Don’t attempt to dissuade your customers from making a payment in a way that best suits them. If you do, you could find yourself losing a sale and even putting yourself up for bad PR, PR, and potentially chargebacks.

6. Offer confirmation for your customer’s payment selection. You don’t want any payment understanding. Because of this, you want to have a confirmation page to ensure everything is listed so the customer is fully aware of how much they are paying and with what card or method they are paying. Have them hit ‘Accept’ before it processes.


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