Thoughtful Ways to Appreciate your Employees This Festive Season


2020 has been one of the most challenging years for most businesses. The outbreak of coronavirus meant the world was coming to a standstill. Several sectors from transport to entertainment and any other place were affected.The changes meant companies would not operate like before. Remote work became the norm, while video conferencing replaced office meetings. Employees had to shift fast while they also became overwhelmed.If there was any time to appreciate the employees, then a year it is.A well-thought appreciation would go a long way in motivating them.

Here are some of the options to consider;

Holiday gifts

Holiday gifts

Nothing sounds appreciative than a well-thought gift to the employees. Having worked together for some time, you probably have the most details about the employees. You understand their tastes and preferences. This is the time to bring that information into use.The holiday gifts show that you appreciate and value them. The personalized gifts also show you have their welfare in mind. For example, get someone who is into health and fitness a health tracker Or enroll them in the gym and let them use the gym software management to schedule their fitness sessions. For the book warmer, you can get them an edition of the latest best selling publication.The process of getting everyone custom gifts take time. Still, it is worth the effort.Also, do not let the gift take the place of the annual bonuses and other traditions. Also, avoid the traditional cliches like mugs and t-shirts. This time around, you might want to keep the bar a little higher.

Help them ushering the new year the right way.

Even though the year has been challenging, it does not have to dampen how you end it. It takes outstanding leadership to motivate the employees to see the positive. There is no better to do this than setting the stage for a happy festive season. You then end it on a happy note.One of the ways to end the year is by stock taking. Let everyone look into their achievements and failures throughout the year. This is not for reprimanding or anything. Instead, it is to help set the targets for the following year.You can also celebrate the achievements together as you award the top performers.

The other option is to share with your clients posts of commitments signed by the employees. This assures clients of value while it gets the employees to stay committed. Whatever you do, keep the employees as part of the process. It’s more comfortable working for goals that you help make up for yourself.

Team-building outings

The end of the years provides the best time for companies to have their team building activities. The only concern for this year is the limited options. Most of the fun places are closed over the coronavirus pandemic. Traveling is also not an option with restrictions in place.This is the time to get creative on how you enjoy some time together with your employees.The lockdown period had shown how much people could do online before it seemed like concerts and studies were a reserve for physical interactions.It had to take a pandemic for the world to open to other possibilities.

Consider hosting fun activities like game nights or music concerts online. Let the employees also come with suggestions on how best to have fun together. You will be surprised by how many creative people around you can get.Not all places are closed. There are restaurants and other picnic sites to visit. You only have to keep the government guidelines in place. Wash hands regularly and wear masks.

Unexpected perks

Your job already has employee perks they get by working in the firm. The festive period is an ideal period to take up the perks game. Give them a little extra on top of what they already have. Consider perks like reduced workdays or increased day-offs. You can also allow them to wear casual dresses or work from home on some weekdays.

For those working from home, you can even go a notch higher. Most people don’t have homes suited for working. They had to change their rooms into working spaces abruptly.They lack the office essentials like a comfortable desk, table, and other office supplies. Get them home office supplies from a supplier likeSouthwest Business Products for all their supply needs.

Handwritten notes

A handwritten note is personal gratitude to offer the employees. Write each one a message addressed specifically to them. The note should mention their most significant achievementsduring the year. You can then express how the achievement has been impactful to the business.Receiving the notes shows how much the company values them. It is also not an expensive means of appreciation. You only need time and interest in the work your employees do to get it right.

Give appropriate leave days.

The festive season is such a hard time for employers. This is the period when most people make purchases. It means you to be a little more active than the other times. Still, it is the time when most employees want to spend time with their loved ones.If at all, your place is slow during the festive season, then take the needed break. However, for those who get busy like the stores, find a rotational break. Consider providing for short shifts or finding a way to make up for that time. A shopping voucher, for example, would work just right.Also, let the employees understand why they can’t take the leaves. They can then work wholeheartedly.

Bottom Line

The year is coming to an end, and it offers the best time to motivate your employees. After the long year of giving their all, it’s time to show appreciation. Consider giving them unexpected perks and holiday gifts. You can also go for appropriate leave days or handwritten notes. Choose what works best for you.Almost all these options are costly to the business. However, they are more like long-term investments. An employee who feels appreciated has every reason to deliver the best.


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