Things Casinos Don’t Want You to Find Out


People have a fascination with playing betting games that will probably never change. As long as the chance to win a huge jackpot for only a few dollars exists, players will flock to them.

Most people are aware by now that nearly every casino game will have rules or regulations put in place to work in the casino’s favor. However, some games are worse than others when it comes to delivering payouts to players. So, it’s key to know which games are worth the time and money to try your luck.

Furthermore, there are some games that you should avoid altogether. Since it’s almost impossible to win certain bets within them. The smart thing to do before you begin playing is check statistics and house edges before you select the games you play. Even within the same game, different variants create unique odds.

Which Games Should You Play?

Just like there are games to avoid, there are some you should absolutely play. These are the ones that offer you much better chances, especially when you take the time to use the right strategies.

For example, traditional blackjack, if played correctly, can reduce the already low house edge even more.  Video poker is another excellent example of a game where strategies rule.

Basically, any game that gives you the chance to strategize and develop skills will give you better odds of winning.

Land-Based Casinos Are Designed to Keep You Playing for Longer

If you’ve spent any amount of time in a casino, then you already know that it can be hard to pull yourself away. If you aren’t careful, you might lose track of time and subsequently your spending. This is the reason you won’t find windows or clocks on the wall. Casinos love to operate as if they are in a bubble where time and real-world problems are left at the door.

While a buffet and free drinks is a very nice addition to your experience, the main point is to keep you comfortable and playing for as long as possible. Moreover, some casinos around the world have gone to extreme measures to outdo each other. For example, putting in stripper poles and sexy dance acts.

Of course, one great way to avoid all of these typical temptations is by playing online. Such as at the sites you’ll find at

Eyes Are on You at All Times

There is no such thing as privacy when you’re in a casino, unless you’re in the bathroom perhaps. If you’re in a casino, it’s safe to assume you’re being watched carefully by security. Especially if you’re winning.

Casinos do not take chances with security. There is a whole team of security agents behind the screen and on the floor to keep an eye out for cheaters and scammers. Therefore, from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, you will be covered by surveillance.

But don’t worry, this last one protects you just as much as it protects the casino. Your wins will be captured by cameras, and you can feel safe from pickpockets and other scammers that prey on tourists.

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