The Impact of Crusher Bucket Excavator Use on Construction Sites


    There are many costs on a construction site as-is. When someone then factors the transportation of materials to the dump and the crusher it makes the problem even worse. Since construction costs already so high this presents an option for those who work in certain fields to save money and work faster than ever before.

    Najmeddine Sahraoui, deputy general manager, Middle East and Africa, MB Crusher, talks about the feasibility and convenience of deploying crusher buckets at construction sites

    New crusher buckets are attached to excavators and really simplify this issue. By utilizing the hydraulic system of excavator’s crusher buckets can crush onsite materials these buckets arrears then hooked up to the skid loader, loader, and backhoe loaders. This system allows the excavator hire machinery to crush all sorts of waste that can be found on a construction site. By being able to crush all this waste directly on-site the overall use of mechanical pieces of equipment and leasing costs are lowered.

    According to Najmeddine Sahraoui, crushing directly with excavators saves great amounts of money.

    “Savings are easily recognizable with MB products. Transportation costs are eliminated, and fuel costs are reduced. The personnel requirement is also minimized, as a single operator can manage the crushing activities as well as the maintenance requirements of the machine. MB Crusher has created a product line that makes it possible to manage the complete recycling phase directly on-site, simplifying the operations of crushing, screening, and handling of the aggregates. Crusher and screening buckets, drum-cutters, and sorting grapples are installed directly to the operating machine and powered by its hydraulic system,” says Sahraoui.

    As stated by Sahraoui the MB Crusher is the only manufacturer in the world that is able to offer a complete set of 26 attachments which include crushing and screening, buckets, drum-cutters and grapples for excavators, loaders, skid steer loaders and backhoes ranging from 2.8 to over 70 tons.

    “MB Crusher is the inventor of the crusher bucket and offers the widest range of crusher buckets for all operating machines. We have crusher buckets for excavators, loaders, backhoe loaders and skid steers, so we can satisfy all the customers’ requirement. MB Crusher holds a series of certifications, including UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, CE, TUV, GOST and RINA and employs Hardox-certified materials to give customers the best possible products. MB Crusher’s focus on innovation is proven by the number of awards that the company has won over the years, including the 1st Grand Prix at the 2007 International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, something which no Italian company had achieved for more than 20 years,” he says.

    One of the attachments for the MB Crusher is its buckets. MB crusher buckets are outfitted with an AAA+ hydraulic system. This means that the crusher bucket less harsh pressure and hydraulic flow rate.

    “MB buckets are the only ones in the world that does not need drainage, and also the ones that ensure higher productivity compared to the countless imitations of the original BF unit. MB’s crushing power exceeds 110m3/h, due to a power enhancer which allows to crush the hardest and tenacious materials as basalt and granite, ensuring a finished product with the lowest price of the market and in compliance with the high-quality standards required for waste material reuse. The extreme compactness and low center of gravity improves balance and drastically reduces the strain on the excavator arm, eliminating impact and vibration. Equipped with a dust suppression system, iron separator and producing a low noise impact, it can be easily used in any construction site, in total compliance with environmental regulations,” says Sahraoui.

    Technology is always advancing. This is clearly seen with how advanced the MB crusher is and the multitude of attachments it offers.


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