The Benefits of Using a Family SIM Plan


In this modern, digital world, everyone wants to stay connected. Today, almost five billion people have access to a mobile device. Most likely, you also wish to have a SIM plan for yourself and your loved ones. Whether it is for calling, sending SMS, or browsing the net, you need a reliable SIM Card that will allow you to stay in touch with your family and friends without breaking the bank. If you are a family or a group of besties of four, you may consider getting a family SIM plan for each family member. Consider the following perks of getting this option:

Enjoy Super Affordable Rates

When you are using a family plan, the calls and text messages are free between the users. This comes in handy because you’ll most likely be making calls towards your family the most. With a basic plan, the single line only comes with a fixed number of very few minutes. If you add another line, you pay more to extend your benefits. The family SIM plan offers the best rates without breaking the bank. You share the data load and minute/text allotment. Best of all, your unconsumed data or minutes can be rolled over to the next month. 

Use Existing Phone If You Want

If you use a family plan, you and your family members can keep your current numbers. You get a new SIM Card with the same number. You can also use it on your existing phone. There’s no need to buy another phone that you don’t need. As such, you are not pressured to buy another gadget that you don’t need. All you have to do is make sure that your phone is unlocked, or the card may not work. When your phone is tied up to your current provider, you can use any other card. Thus, make sure you have an open line. Fret not because it’s not hard to unlock a line. You can read this tutorial for added insight.

Never Miss a Billing Cycle

One of the primary headaches of dealing with individual phone lines is keeping track of each account. Most likely, the lines will have different bill payment due dates. At times, they even have different amounts depending on your consumption for the month. If you forget to pay for a particular line, especially for your kids, you waste money on hefty late payment fees. As such, it is better to get a family plan because you pay a set fee or all the lines every month. There is less likelihood of you forgetting your payment due date because you’re just keeping track of one account and one payment figure. 

Proffers You Tons of Flexibility

Finally, getting a family plan gives you a lot of flexibility. Even if your children move to a different territory when they pursue college, you can rest assured that the SIM Card will work wherever they go. Remember, you don’t have to live in the same place in order to enjoy the benefits. Imagine, every person in your family can enjoy very low monthly rates while having several separate lines.

Final Wrap Up

Remember, this kind of group plan makes sense as it will save you a lot of money. You can also be spared yourself from the hassle of keeping a tab on basic, individual plans. Indeed, just like its name says, family mobile phone plans are the most ideal for families. 


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