Should you enroll your child in a preschool?

Should- you -enroll -child- in - preschool
Should -you -enroll- your -child -in- preschool

The necessity for preschool in the life of a child is a topic of debate among parents. Some of them tend to think that at the age of 3-6 children are too fragile and would fail to integrate into a structured community. Others believe that kids will suffer from separation with their parents. In fact, enrolling children in a preschool has much more benefits for their development than keeping them home. Here are 4 reasons a Singapore pre school is good for your child.

Acquires basic literacy skills

A child that has not attended a pre school may find it hard to adjust to the increased academic demands of school. A preschool is necessary to allow for a smooth transition from the home environment to the academic environment where the child has to solve problems and work on developing skills. A preschool teaches kids basic literacy and numeracy abilities. When they go to school, they will not be subject to the stress of experiencing and misunderstanding a lot of new and complex things. They will find it much easier to comprehend the academic material given their already formed foundation.

Becomes part of a structured community

Some parents choose to replace pre school with homeschooling. Teaching the child basic literacy abilities at home is possible. However they will not be able to develop crucial social and emotional skills. They can do it only in a large community where they have to interact with other people. A preschool in Singapore is the perfect place for this, as it provides a social environment where the kids can develop their socializing abilities in a vibrant ambience. By communicating and collaborating with other kids during games and problem-solving activities, the child learns how to work in a team, cooperate with others for achieving common good and distribute tasks within a project. Additionally, they learn such valuable emotional traits as empathy, compassion and sharing.

More chance to explore and experiment

At the age of 3-6 children are similar to a sponge, absorbing every piece of information they hear and being endlessly curious about everything that moves around them. Top Singapore pre schools have a comprehensive learning program that allows children to learn new things via games, funny activities and experiments that help little explorers find answers to their questions. There are science classes where they can take part in captivating experiments and crafting classes where they assume the role of innovators, creating various items. The outside playing time also allows children to explore nature and play games that develop their thinking abilities.

More chance to explore and experiment

Makes friends

Homeschooling may bring positive results, yet it poses a risk for the child feeling isolated and lacking communication with same-age kids. If they go to preschool, children get a deeper understanding of the concept of friendship, learning how to make friends and how to value them by sharing and helping in hard times. They learn that a friend is a person with whom they can share emotions and complain about difficulties. Developing this capability from a young age helps the child become friendly, reliable and helpful when growing up.


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