299+ Record Label Name Ideas

Record Label Name Ideas
Record Label Name Ideas

We have brought to you some catchy and selective record label name ideas with the purpose of inspiration. Here such names can also be useful for the music company name creation.

Well, you can use all the recording company names that we have given below in the list. However, before you finalize any name you should check the availability of that name. Numerous people visit the site every day so it is our responsibility to check the availability.

Naming the record label in the right way is actually significant. It takes a little effort to create amazing names for it. At last, the work you put in will surely be fruitful.

If we see the successful businesses around us, we will mark the things that people have worked to thrive hard to make the business into famous brands. Hence, it is not just the services that could make a business successful.

Record Labels Name Generator

Record Labels Name Generator
Record Labels Name Generator

People are wondering that what should I name my record label? So friends, here stay tuned till the end because we have created this blog just for this information only and you will get all your queries solved. Let’s get started!

Independent star recordingRecord player labelSidewalk musicTrack International
Beatnik recordsSpot  on recordsDrumbeat MusicAlloy Music
Record studio recordsRed lightning recordsOpportunity recordsSpirit Music
Repro recordsGood company recordsWhite rabbit MusicMatron Music
Vital recordsYour record labelTrack Dimension recordsWitness Records
Hip-hop MastersDeluge MusicReal Music NowSwing time music
Discovery RecordsChariot MusicLove life recordsModern modes music
Hit mixerUnconventional recordsAdoration EntertainmentFortune Music
Absolute recordsRecord CenturyImpulse RecordsMega Beats
American Western recordsSerious soundsMusic MonstersMusic Rangers
Spot in recordsUnconventional recordsSound Boost ProductionsHotbed Music
Retromix recordsMask recordsSyracuse Boom soundsLoud House Music Studios
Genius Music HouseMix Masters andTrusted tunesThe music machinery
Animation MusicLightbulb RecordsStudio supplyHit mixer
Spark Music GroupGud Muzic managementUnconventional recordsAbsolute records
Penny lane MusicUnder Radar RecordsRecord studio recordsTrack records
Royal Descendant RecordsFirst DAnce managementDiscovery musicLucky streak music
Lightbulb music groupBrilliance recordsSerious SoundsRecord Accord
Strength musicSprawl recordsDIsc-Over recordsThunderwave records, Inc
Saturday Drive RecordsAugustine Record Co.Paradise recordsSnowflake music group

Good Label Names

Good Label Names
Good Label Names
Beatnik RecordsSpot on recordsWonder recordsElegance records
Sing Face ManagementSweet16 music GroupMemento InternationalOceanview Records, Inc
Renowned record CoOrange Sofa recordsPinnacle RecordsSunshine Music
Top chartsChart ToppersDistrict RecordsDragonfire Music
Red Lightning RecordsRecord CenturyPublic record CoBig Treble Publishing
Repro RecordsMonolith MusicFretting Guitar RecordsSummertime Soundtrack Group
Signal RecordsPinnacle RecordsHappy Harmony recordsTiny Tune Records
Midnight RecordsMusic Labs StudioRecord Head MusicMagic Makers
Everlasting SoundsMorbid SoundsMore Magic MusicSound Systems
Beatnik recordsSpot on recordsLive life recordsAired out music
Good Company RecordsVital recordsNew ChordArtist Alliance recording
Sound Roots ProductionsSummer Aria RecordingRecord player LabelMagic of music
Lil Ditty RecordsRed Poppy RecordingMusic’S MasterWell Recorded
Daily Sound DosePlatinum ProductionsTuned in recordsTurnt up music
Record GaugeRecord head musicHit SupplyMusic Men Records
Your record labelAmerican Western RecordsHit FactoryMelody Marvels
Record AccordNew ChordChart ControlSoul Sessions
Music Masters8th NoteCustom CurationSoulmen Records
In The LabJazz SoundBounce BountySouled Out Records
Music LabOld SymphonyBusiness Of BounceTuned In Records

Cool, Best Record Label Names

Music LaboratoryElectric GuysBounce BizTurnt Up Music
Hit LabBlues BrothersMic BizReal Music Now
Hit MakersCountry RoadMagic Of MusicHarmonized Moans Music
Top ChartsNew EdgeMusic’S MasterAcoustic Cool Records
Chart ToppersBlues BoysWell RecordedBebop Babes Music
Trusted TunesMusiXPerfect RecordsThe Classics Music
Tempting TunesMoon RecordsPerfect RecordClassic Sounds Records
Mastery Of MusicCyber TuneRecord RoyaltyFolks Love Music
Music Mastery UnlimitedHarmony RecordRoyal RecordsOld School Records
Music DoctorsRhythm CorpMy Own MusicThe New School Music
Lab DoctorsPop AriaMusical MachineNew Kids On The Block Music
Studio DoctorsLand of MusicMusic EnterprisesRap Rock Rules Music
Studio MagicNext DoorExceptional EnterprisesPiece By Peace Music
Music MagiciansFantastic SixStudio KeySinging Tunes Records
Magic MakersPower StringsTopbase RecordsHymms Lives Records
More Magic MusicVocalus360Degree MusicGospel Gains Records
Sound SystemsBoogie LandPolygon RecordsAir Horns Music
Sound SupremacySong of SirenNewlife MusicHype Beasts Music
Supreme SoundMix TapeGem RecordsJazz Jives Music
Super SoundsVynil MusicBasement RecordsPlainsong Records

Record Label Names Unused

Record Label Names Unused
Record Label Names Unused
Super StudioSerious MusicAtrium RecordsSwingtime Music
Sound StudioMusicManInterstate RecordsLove Music Records
Music BoxGuitarManDisc-Over RecordsModern Modes Music
The Music MachineRockzzzSprawl RecordsFolk Fusion Music
Music MachineryIron ViolinA&B RecordsA Cappella Tunes Records
Studio SupplyPop AnthemDelphi RecordsHarmonized Records
Label SmashLet’s RockAlphapop RecordsVoices Records
Record KeyJust HearEmporium RecordsVocals Alive Records
RecordpadJust SingShowcase MusicBreakthrough Records
Label BashRoad SongBlue Lake MusicThe Loft Music
Label InfinityStreet MusicBanner MusicRocked Out Music
Name StrumDIY MusicCarbon MusicFusioned Tunes Records
Record ShiftMagic BrothersPixie RecordsMetered Records
Label PickupMelody HouseEarth SoundSong Cry Records
Record SyntheticSound EngineersExcel MusicToned Records
RecordadriPizzicatoGood TunesBlack Jack Music
NameoozeDance ScienceSunrise MusicSwing High Records
Record DevineMax SaxHype MusicRepoed Music
Label TastefulDouble RockStallion LabelHeavy Vibes Music
Label LegionLast NoteRetrosoundGirl Chat Music

Record Company Names

Record Company Names
Record Company Names
LabelocityPerfect NoteUniquesoundsChamber Music
Record BangTryHardsNewdawn LabelWe Make Music Records
Record GhostPiano LegendGoodvibes RecordsLive Life Records
Name AutomateRiver SoundGravity MusicAired Out Music
Label GaloreNew CenturyHarmony MusicName Pickup
Label ServiceSonata RecordsGreatimprints MusicRecordex
Record NetRockLifeJuve SoundsRecord Play
Name VexDrum MastersGorilla MusicLabel Feast
Name VinylLabel RubiconTopshots RecordsName Reckless
Label ProjectRecordxDeep Cut MusicLabel Lane
RecordoozeLabel PingAmazin MusicRecordcog
Name BitName VirtualAudiotune RecordsLabelquipo
Name FreshName BargeBoom MusicName Novus
LabelryRecord FlavorMushroom MusicRecord Clef
LabeladriRecord TaskBlimp RecordsRecord Variable
Name HoverRecord ChipHex MusicName Dockside
Record EngineName AltoStargold MusicRecordsio
Label HotspotLabel ChopInkstinct MusicLabel Operator
Label SplitNameverseBrightdawn MusicLabelzoid
Name ProjectLabel TrillKiwi MusicName Variable

How To Name A Record Label?

Choosing a business name carefully will help in increasing business a lot. If we choose a name that people cannot understand, how are we supposed to increase the number of customers with such a name?

How To Come Up With A Record Label Name?

The important thing to choose a name that shows your goals and missions. Below are some tips that will help you name your business record label.

Brainstorm the names

The first step is to create a shortlist of names by brainstorming various ideas. Put and add all the names on the list that you have made. If you are having limited names then you should start adding names from this list.

You can get the suggestions from your friends and family members who are interested or may be experienced in the music industry. You will get some good ideas and suggestions from them.

Keep it short and simple

Business names that are creative, short, and simple have a long-lasting effort on the readers. How to create a record label name?

We can review that from the business around you are living. Cute and short business names are not only liked by the crowd but even also, they are memorable. This will increase the number of customers of your brand.

Analyze your opposition

You can learn umpteen things from the famous and successful business names around you. You can learn many things from them. If the name of your competitor is long as well as may be put thousands of dollars in making their name a brand.

Apart from that, simple names do not need to be marketed that much.

Confirm the business name

Record Labels Name Generator
Record Labels Name Generator
  • Here are some traits to do before you finalize your business name.
  • Register a domain name to make an online presence.
  • Get all the social media handles for your selected music name.
  • Use the name yours and also one can use the name of the location.
  • Get suggestions from people who worked in the same industry.

Record Label Names Not Used

Name PingLabel HyperOwl RecordsName Scope
Record GalaLabel DigitalSurge MusicRecordio
Record ModelLabel SoundSoundstorm MusicRecordzilla
Name ForageName CarteJivesoundsName Ambrosial
NameopolisLabel ChiefLabel RanchLabel Edulis
Record BinaryRecord CrispyLabel NibbleRecordworks
Label BakedRecord ChowLabel MintyRecord Central
Name SystemsName ModularRecord BootLabelpad
Label BangName ToneName ElixirName Tasteful
Record TonicName PhantomRecord ServedName Timbre
Label CaveLabel DanceLabel DuoRecord Reckless
Name AltRecord CheckRecord ModularLabel Connoisseur
Name YouLabel RockyLabel IntegrationName Central
Name FissionLabel SuperiorLabel SafetyRecord Sign
Label AppetiteName FedRecord HookName Incubator
Record CyberName CeramicName ControllerName Step
Record HavanaName WireRecord DineLabel Compact
Name OptimizeRecord KeyLabel LaneLabel Cookie
Record AcclaimedName GigaName StandRecord Virtual
Name AppLabel WiseLabel TaskRecord Fission

Recording Studio Names

Name BabyLabel TitanName HideawayLabel Systems
Label PlaceName PerfectionLabel PalaceName Sizzle
Label DipRecord RubiconName DanceName Spices
Name TapName JoyousName PalaceLabel Citron
Name AromaRecord TecRecord BiteLabel Module
Name PolyLabel CeramicName TenorRecord Factory
Record RelishName BiteName VinylName Fiesta
Record CanaryLabel AutoLabel ProgrammaticLabel Omega
Record FestiveLabel TheoryRecord RateRecord Largo
Name BazaarName StrumRecord LogicName Pop
Record StackName AutomateName GrooveRecord Compact
Record AlphaLabel BazaarLabel BiteLabel Axe
Name FedName IlluminateLabel FrameworkLabel Flavor
Name CanaryRecord GeniusLabel PhantomName Binge
Label HackLabel DynamicsLabel StackName Edulis
Label ConditionName FreezeLabel AutoName Logic
Label ChowLabel ShotgunLabel TonicName Intellect
Label BingeName ScrumptiousName LoungeName Stake
Name ClassicsRecord ArclightRecord AtlasRecord Illuminate
Label DanceLabel HookRecord TuneName Hot

What Are The 4 Major Record Labels?

Recording Studio Names
Recording Studio Names

A record company is a trademark of music recordings and videos. Sometimes, a record label is also a publishing company that manages such brands and trademarks, coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion, and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings and music videos, while also conducting talent scouting and development of new artists. However, take a look at the major brand names herewith.

Universal Music Group, sony music, Warner Music Group, BMG and there are many more to be considered.

What Is The Most Famous Record Label?

Brands bring the talent, but without the right management and record label. They often don’t get very far. Labels handle everything, from setting up distribution to calming down the chaos and even developing the current sounds we hear on the radio.

Music is a huge aspect of human culture, allowing artists to express themselves and share their

These are the largest record label in the world.

RCA Records, Warner Records, Columbia Label Group, Capitol Music Group, Interscope Records, Republic Records, Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Universal Music Publishing Group.


So, friends, you may notice one thing opening a recording label is a great profitable business but at the same time, it is a highly responsible business. One must have to be alert all the time while creativity and updating with the era and the generation will be vital things to be considered.

Let us know your reviews and ideas to help our readers. Also, write us for more suggestions and queries related to such names even. All the best!

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