Reasons Why People Don’t Use IT Support

Reasons -Why- People -Don’t -Use -IT -Support
Reasons -Why- People -Don’t -Use -IT -Support

Having to call IT support, again for the 3rd time in a row, on the same day could become a little tedious, to say the least. So much so, in fact, that some people will avoid making the call or even getting one of their colleagues to make the call on their behalf for fear of being deemed ‘a fool’.The last thing anyone wants to be hearing is; that they need to repeat the same procedure, again, for yet another time, because they have failed to enter their login details correctly, forgotten the printer’s name or the WIFI password one too many times, and are locked out. It all starts becoming a bit ‘mind numbing’.

The irony is, that most people have to call IT support multiple times in a day because, either they weren’t listening, the first, or, the second time and, they’ve forgotten the previous advice already. Either that or they don’t fully understand what it is that they are doing wrong and didn’t think to ask.

Computer says no

The majority of the time, when a computer ‘says’ no, it’s because it’s not being used properly or, the user must perform an action requested by the device in order to proceed and carry on with their work or log in. Most people don’t read the blurb, when a system message comes up, it’s the old hit the yes button, and all should be the ok scenarios, with no idea what they have just agreed to.

IT supports may seem a bit ‘brash’

If you ever come across somebody or a team of people who don’t seem overly welcoming or, engaging, there will normally be a reason as to why. As far as IT support goes, imagine having to go through thousands of lines of data and having to go through the same procedure every day with numerous people, multiple times, about the same thing. You will probably start to lose the will to live after a few days or weeks. Granted, it is their job, however, you must consider what you can do differently next time, writing down the steps they give you might be a good starter.

Make a change

Did you ever stop to think that you could make a change and encourage others to do the same, what an idea! If the user takes more responsibility for their own actions, then the chances are that IT support won’t be flooded with frustrated people who aren’t doing anything to help themselves, which, in turn, has a knock effect, passing the users frustration onto the IT support team. 

Learning opportunity

There are learning opportunities all around us if one is able to put themselves in the mindset of learning something new each day. Set yourself a goal each day to try and tackle an obstacle that you regularly come up against with a view of learning how to do the task yourself, there are many benefits to be gained. If you set yourself a goal each day and even if you only achieve half of what you set out to do, at least you are halfway further than you were before.


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