799+ Pharmacy Quotations Names Ideas

Pharmacy Quotations
Pharmacy Quotations

Have you decided to open up a pharmacy store as your career option? Good choice indeed. The pharmacy business is the only one that is not affected by economical ups and down in a country. Pharmacy Quotations Names.

QuotationsjetQuotations PromotePharmacy BetterQuotations Mindful
QuotationsopediaPharmacy PrinciplePharmacy CleverPharmacy Wisdom
Pharmacy SturdyQuotations All-OutPharmacy RuleQuotations Sharp
PharmacyporiumQuotations BeliefPharmacy AdvisorQuotations Endure
Pharmacy SwiftQuotations AffordableQuotations RichQuotationsaholic
Quotations GuidePharmacy HappyQuotationsazaQuotations Hustle
PharmacysyQuotations RevolutionQuotations PropelPharmacyistic
Pharmacy RushQuotations OptimumPharmacy EpicPharmacy Nourish
Pharmacy PeoplePharmacy SenseQuotations JointPharmacy Infinite
Quotations SharpenPharmacyopediaQuotations EvolutionQuotations Affiliate
Pharmacy InvinciblePharmacy CheckQuotations AmazeQuotations Advisor
Quotations SupportQuotations PathPharmacyprismPharmacyx
QuotationsxQuotations ValiantQuotations AdvanceQuotations Wisdom
QuotationsivaQuotations PlanPharmacy ConnectQuotations Prime
Quotations BoldPharmacyzenPharmacyaraQuotations Harmony
QuotationsbiaPharmacyqueQuotations DeluxePharmacy Excel
Pharmacy ForwardPharmacysterPharmacyableQuotations Thrive
PharmacycogPharmacy SpiritPharmacy AllianceQuotations Reflex
Pharmacy VitaminQuotationsadoraQuotations PremiumPharmacy Valor
Pharmacy BoltPharmacy ShieldQuotations Dr.Pharmacy Evolution

But it is always good to have a look at past history before you start anything new. Many famous persons have taken interest in this field and their wise sayings have enriched pharmacy whereas their negative musings have made chemist and druggist to think twice about drawbacks.

Below we have put together the best quotations on pharmacy sorted from different sources. Hope these inspirational and humorous quotes may inspire you.

Pharmacy NursePharmacy ResponseQuotations MarinePharmacy Valiant
Quotations GenuinePharmacy RevolutionPharmacy UnityPharmacy Sharpen
Pharmacy QuestQuotations GrandPharmacy RepairQuotations Habit
Pharmacy ExaminePharmacy ExciteQuotations ChiefQuotations A1
Pharmacy PrincipleQuotations ElevatePharmacy EnsurePharmacy Infinite
Pharmacy AffordablePharmacy SolvedQuotations AstonishQuotations Dart
Quotations RepairQuotations PrimeQuotations BodyPharmacy Praise
Quotations IntegrityQuotations PrimedQuotations SheerQuotations Soul
Pharmacy LivePharmacy RefreshQuotations GuideQuotations Wellness
Quotations QuestPharmacy ClinicQuotations MarinePharmacy Younger
Quotations TrustQuotations AgileQuotations TopPharmacy Relieve
Pharmacy HabitQuotations UnleashPharmacy FulfilPharmacy Detox
Quotations UniversalPharmacy A1Quotations AidQuotations Triumph
Pharmacy ForwardPharmacy InsightQuotations CertainPharmacy Ascend
Quotations InsightPharmacy ExpertPharmacy MotivatePharmacy Ideal
Quotations VitalityPharmacy NaturoQuotations AspectQuotations Healthy
Quotations RichPharmacy DesignQuotations SnapQuotations Loyal
Quotations PowerPharmacy EnergyPharmacy BriskQuotations Acclaimed
Pharmacy RepairPharmacy SensePharmacy OptimumQuotations Urge
Pharmacy ShieldPharmacy PurposePharmacy DeluxeQuotations Paramount
Pharmacy Quotations Names
Pharmacy Quotations Names

Pharmacy Tech Quotes

Technology nowadays is a very important part of pharmacy. Renowned persons have commented on these technologies at different points of time.

Quotations CarePharmacy ParamountQuotations ProgressivePharmacy Unleash
Quotations ConnectQuotations SharpQuotations SupportPharmacy Ease
Quotations VisionQuotations GeniusQuotations InsightPharmacy Premium
Quotations FastPharmacy HonestPharmacy SoundQuotations Start
Pharmacy RichQuotations AdvocateQuotations PurposePharmacy Action
Quotations First-ChoicePharmacy ProgressQuotations BrilliantPharmacy Valor
Quotations PerspectivePharmacy ApproachQuotations HeartPharmacy Absolute
Quotations PurePharmacy DashPharmacy EnhancedPharmacy Conquer
Pharmacy AgileQuotations CraftyQuotations MethodQuotations Flourish
Quotations BlinkQuotations VitaPharmacy RichPharmacy Soul
Pharmacy AdvisorQuotations WellPharmacy PhysicalPharmacy Core
Quotations CleverQuotations PraisePharmacy ExcelPharmacy Haven
Pharmacy ApproveQuotations AdeptQuotations AstonishPharmacy Direct
Quotations AssetQuotations BioPharmacy VisionQuotations Fresh
Pharmacy CoolPharmacy UniversalPharmacy BoostQuotations Journey
Quotations SupportQuotations First-ChoiceQuotations GuidePharmacy Well
Quotations TotalQuotations ThriveQuotations ExpertPharmacy Push
Quotations FunctionalPharmacy ProgressivePharmacy QualityQuotations Raw
Pharmacy FlourishPharmacy GuruQuotations CoolQuotations Clinic
Quotations YouthQuotations DashQuotations OutrightQuotations Lifestyle

We have collected here the best funny quotes from them. Explore and enjoy.

Pharmacy tech knows how to mix it up
Eat. Sleep. Pharmacy. Repeat.
Pharmacy techs refill your heart with love.
Be nice! I am in the charge of happy pills.
I get paid for my work. Don’t know why my family and friends expect that shit for free.
Pharmacy technicians…because even pharmacists need heroes.
I am a legal drug lord.
We are Rx-parts.
Save one life, you are a hero. Save a thousand lives, you are a pharmacy technician Rx.

Pharmacy Quotations Eye-Catching Slogans

All you need to be successful are a transparent objective and a clear business strategy. But a clever name and a catchy slogan that draws customers’ attention to your business is really important for this niche.

You can always brainstorm a slogan of your own for your shop. But if you are too busy with other important works, you may pick one from the list below. Also, one look at the list will help you in your brainstorming session. Pharmacy Quotations

Healthcare made easy
It is much beyond prescriptions
Serving with care
No one does serve better than us
A pharmacy that you can trust blindly
A pharmacy that believes in making families
Your health is our concern
The right pharmacy is right here
We care for your wellbeing
Coz health comes first
We care beyond what your doctors have prescribed
Healthily and happily

Pharmacy Quotes

Quotes embolden us. And quotes from renowned persons whether positive or negative guide us through the correct path. Here is a list containing some quotes on the pharmacy that will motivate you if you are being nervous about your decision of opening up a brand new pharmacy shop.

Best Pharmacy Quotes Names
Best Pharmacy Quotes Names
Pharmacy StartQuotations BreathePharmacy PremiumPharmacy Grow
Pharmacy AffinityQuotations BackbonePharmacy AdvocateQuotations Certain
Pharmacy RevolutionQuotations All-OutQuotations ThrivePharmacy Stable
Pharmacy UtopiaPharmacy VigorQuotations HealingQuotations Micro
Pharmacy HeartQuotations PowerQuotations AlphaPharmacy Bold
Quotations MasterQuotations DirectPharmacy LimitlessPharmacy Inspired
Quotations KeyPharmacy SharpenQuotations BoostPharmacy Solve
Quotations AstoundPharmacy ThrivePharmacy SupremeQuotations Advocate
Quotations EmpowerQuotations LifePharmacy GuidePharmacy Outright
Pharmacy BrightPharmacy TriumphPharmacy ConquerPharmacy Finest
Pharmacy ProperQuotations DrivePharmacy ReflexPharmacy Reliable
Pharmacy SupportQuotations WellbeingPharmacy CoreQuotations Dominate
Pharmacy ProgressPharmacy ReflexQuotations EvolutionQuotations Fantastic
Quotations SwiftQuotations EaseQuotations PrevailQuotations Secure
Pharmacy HardyPharmacy QuestQuotations MicroPharmacy Epic
Quotations SturdyPharmacy BlissQuotations DashQuotations Clinic
Quotations ExaminePharmacy SturdyPharmacy ProtectPharmacy Born
Pharmacy UpgradePharmacy First-ChoicePharmacy FulfilQuotations Alliance
Pharmacy AceQuotations ActiveQuotations ChampionPharmacy Shield
Quotations PerfectQuotations GuidePharmacy PerfectQuotations Push
It is easy to get a thousand prescriptions, but hard to get one single remedy.
Water, air, and cleanness are the chief articles in my pharmacy
He who takes medicine and neglects diet wastes the skill of his doctors
The will to win, desire to succeed, and urge to reach your full potential: these are the keys that will get you 400 MURs.
The only limit is your own imagination. That and the MUR cap.
Success is the ability to go from one deprived run-down pharmacy to another with no loss of enthusiasm.
A medicine cat has no time for doubt. Put your energy into today and stop worrying about the past.
Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity.
Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future.
As to diseases, make a habit of two things — to help, or at least, to do no harm.

Unique Medicine Quotations

Medicine may be a business option for you. But be aware that it has moral responsibilities toward the well-being of the patient and towards the society as well.

Unique Medicine Quotations
Unique Medicine Quotations
Quotations CoolQuotations AscendQuotations SharpenPharmacy Thrive
Quotations SnapQuotations GeniusPharmacy ValiantQuotations Sound
Pharmacy SenseQuotations GenicPharmacy RestorePharmacy Functional
Quotations LiveQuotations BoltPharmacy PhysicalPharmacy Flawless
Pharmacy AdvocatePharmacy QualifiedPharmacy PromotePharmacy Deluxe
Quotations EssencePharmacy HappyQuotations QualifiedPharmacy Capital
Pharmacy SharpQuotations TitanQuotations BriskQuotations Fix
Pharmacy WholesomeQuotations NutritiousQuotations CheckPharmacy Alpha
Quotations CompletePharmacy BossQuotations VictoryPharmacy Virtue
Pharmacy ZoomQuotations SharpQuotations EnergyQuotations First-Choice
Pharmacy VanguardPharmacy AffinityQuotations AstonishPharmacy Universal
Pharmacy GenuinePharmacy ValorPharmacy EvolutionPharmacy Vigor
Pharmacy WisePharmacy PeoplePharmacy AnchorPharmacy Recover
Pharmacy VibrancePharmacy StudiedPharmacy PraiseQuotations Real
Quotations AffinityPharmacy SupportQuotations EnsurePharmacy Enhance
Quotations RefreshQuotations GlobalPharmacy YoungPharmacy Finest
Pharmacy QuickPharmacy FinestPharmacy CoreQuotations Astound
Pharmacy AwarePharmacy EnhancedQuotations PraisePharmacy Breathe
Pharmacy WisdomPharmacy HealingQuotations ActionQuotations Approach
Quotations GeniusQuotations KingPharmacy ExaminePharmacy Agile

Read some funny yet witty quotations from famous literary persons on medicine that will make you aware of the liabilities of medicine. Pharmacy Quotations

Do as much as possible for the patient, and as little as possible to the patient.
A surgeon is a doctor who can operate and who knows when not to.
Always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine.
Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
Isn’t it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do “practice”?
How do you tell the psychiatrists from the patients in the hospital?
The patients get better and leave.
After you find out all the things that can go wrong, your life becomes less about living and more about waiting.
Medicine is my lawful wife, and literature is my mistress. When I get fed up with one, I spend the night with the other
The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.

Quotations about Medicine

Here are some more quotations about medicine.

Quotations AdvantageQuotations QuickPharmacy VibranceQuotations Hardy
Quotations YouthQuotations ExcelQuotations DetoxPharmacy Rely
Quotations ExpertPharmacy DartQuotations SupremePharmacy Amaze
Quotations FlourishQuotations LeaderQuotations StreamQuotations Sage
Quotations TrustQuotations BreathePharmacy UtopiaPharmacy Vanguard
Quotations EpicPharmacy AstoundPharmacy RuleQuotations Vigor
Quotations FlyPharmacy RevolutionPharmacy AspectQuotations Heart
Pharmacy VigorPharmacy FosterQuotations WholesomePharmacy Loyal
Quotations PushQuotations BoldQuotations GlobalQuotations Shield
Quotations HealPharmacy ConquerQuotations JourneyQuotations Brisk
Pharmacy SageQuotations VitaQuotations CompleteQuotations Fantastic
Pharmacy PeoplePharmacy ThrivePharmacy RepairPharmacy Top
Pharmacy WisePharmacy HeartQuotations InformedPharmacy Advantage
Pharmacy HappyPharmacy GenuinePharmacy ConnectPharmacy Boost
Quotations GrowPharmacy SolidPharmacy IntegralQuotations Mindful
Quotations LiftQuotations UrgePharmacy LeaderQuotations Rely
Pharmacy MotivatePharmacy SupportPharmacy SharpQuotations Boost
Pharmacy BackbonePharmacy VitaQuotations EvolutionPharmacy Outright
Pharmacy InstantPharmacy VitaminPharmacy BrightQuotations Virtue
Pharmacy HabitQuotations AcceleratePharmacy EssenceQuotations Check
Though the doctors treated him, let his blood, and gave him medications to drink, he nevertheless recovered.
A good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.
The delivery of good medical care is to do as much nothing as possible.
Physicians dispense not only medicines but words that influence medicines
Do as much as possible for the patient and as little as possible to the patient.
It all starts by caring enough
Physicians and patients need to work together
The first duty of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine.
Often the best medicine is no medicine at all.
Prevention is better than cure.

Funny Drug Quotes

Quality leisure time allows you to step back from stress, both physically and mentally. We all know that the build-up of something brand new is so huge a responsibility and is never easy at all.

Quotations UpgradePharmacy ShieldPharmacy BeliefQuotations Vita
Pharmacy TRUEQuotations BreathePharmacy QualityPharmacy Dart
Quotations ThriveQuotations SoundPharmacy ResolvePharmacy Support
Quotations WardQuotations BrilliantQuotations InnovatePharmacy Promote
Pharmacy ExcelQuotations LimitlessQuotations AssistPharmacy Instant
Pharmacy AcePharmacy PrinciplePharmacy EsteemQuotations Sense
Quotations PrevailPharmacy ProsperPharmacy ParamountPharmacy Enhance
Quotations BornQuotations InsightQuotations FreshPharmacy Joint
Quotations FastPharmacy BioPharmacy DirectPharmacy Rediscover
Pharmacy DependQuotations InspiredQuotations VictoryPharmacy Genic
Quotations GuruPharmacy GuruQuotations GrowPharmacy Genuine
Pharmacy TitanQuotations BoostQuotations PerspectiveQuotations Plan
Pharmacy StudiedQuotations LeaderPharmacy EpicPharmacy Bound
Pharmacy MindfulQuotations RushQuotations EssencePharmacy Physical
Pharmacy PrimeQuotations MotivatePharmacy GlobalPharmacy Wellness
Pharmacy WholesomeQuotations WellnessPharmacy SpiritPharmacy Dominate
Quotations CleansePharmacy ExpressQuotations TotalQuotations Soul
Pharmacy ResponsePharmacy BlinkPharmacy ParamountQuotations Naturo
Quotations SupportQuotations PrimaryPharmacy AstonishPharmacy Better
Quotations HardyPharmacy Dr.Pharmacy EssentialPharmacy Active
Creative Pharmacy Quotations
Creative Pharmacy Quotations

But you need your body and mind to tune with each other to perform this giant task. And a good relaxation time is the best way here.

Here are some funny drug quotes that will feed your brain with potent sayings and will help to get a quality relaxation time.

Throw that stash into the trash!
D-rugs E-nd A-ll D-reams.
I’m not addicted to cocaine. I just like the way it smells.
I’ve never had a problem with drugs. I’ve had problems with the police.
I tried sniffing Coke once, but the ice cubes got stuck in my nose.
I don’t use drugs, my dreams are frightening enough.
Cocaine is like really evil coffee.
Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.
Reality is just a crutch for people who can’t cope with drugs.
Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.

Anti Drugs Quote

Every coin has two sides. Drugs are live-giving, but if abused they can undoubtedly ruin you. And this abuse is affecting the youth power of this era. If not taken care of, this major problem will slow poison and damage the backbone of our society permanently.

Quotations AstonishPharmacy SoundQuotations AspectQuotations King
Quotations HealthQuotations UrgePharmacy DesignQuotations Crafty
Quotations PrincipleQuotations LaunchQuotations EmpowerPharmacy Virtue
Pharmacy RulePharmacy OptimumQuotations BlissQuotations First
Quotations MasterQuotations ResponsePharmacy WellbeingPharmacy Astound
Pharmacy EnhanceQuotations AlphaQuotations ActivePharmacy Belief
Pharmacy ValiantPharmacy ReflexQuotations DirectPharmacy Way
Quotations AgileQuotations QuestPharmacy SolutionsQuotations Excel
Pharmacy AffordableQuotations RestoreQuotations UpgradeQuotations Grand
Quotations EsteemPharmacy AlphaPharmacy ScootPharmacy Recover
Quotations VisionPharmacy RepairQuotations AceQuotations Solid
Quotations FosterPharmacy OutrightPharmacy WellnessPharmacy Check
Quotations DominatePharmacy BalanceQuotations BoltPharmacy Sheer
Quotations GrowQuotations BrilliantPharmacy EpicQuotations Bulk
Quotations HabitQuotations ProgressPharmacy ExaminePharmacy Energise
Pharmacy EssentialQuotations UnityQuotations SupremeQuotations Integrity
Quotations CleansePharmacy HavenQuotations EssencePharmacy Restore
Quotations RichPharmacy CurePharmacy ApproachPharmacy Agile
Pharmacy WisePharmacy DefenderPharmacy CapitalQuotations Rule
Pharmacy SupportQuotations HarmonyPharmacy CoolPharmacy Premier

Here are some anti-drug quotes that you may use in anti-drug campaign. Also feel free to design them on your t-shits to raise awareness.

Drug is poison. Get rid of it.
Life is the most beautiful god blessed us with. Leave drug and live life.
Raise your voice against drug. Save nation.
Put it out before it puts it out.
Drug:  the more you use, the less you live.
Get high on life, not on drugs.
No more huff n puff. No more stuff.
Say no to drug, life will say yes to you.
Mary Jane: it ruins the brain.
Kill the weed. Save life.
Anti Drugs Quote
Anti Drugs Quote

What Is The Motto Of Pharmacy?

A pharmacist performs several duties in accordance with time and need. On the other hand, if you look at hospitals, pharmacists firm the core part of a medical team. They do not merely provide the patients with drugs prescribed by the doctor; rather they notice the effects of treatment on specific patients and monitor their drug charts. Pharmacy Quotations

Quotations FlyQuotations PraiseQuotations ClinicPharmacy Expert
Pharmacy CornerstonePharmacy KeyQuotations CleverPharmacy Master
Quotations FlourishQuotations AcutePharmacy PowerPharmacy First-Choice
Pharmacy A1Quotations ReliefQuotations ScootPharmacy King
Pharmacy VibrancePharmacy IntegralPharmacy SupportPharmacy Active
Quotations CoreQuotations AstoundPharmacy DependQuotations Boss
Pharmacy HealPharmacy RestorePharmacy BackbonePharmacy Propel
Pharmacy CraftyPharmacy GuidePharmacy PrimaryPharmacy Flawless
Pharmacy AllurePharmacy UniversalPharmacy AxisPharmacy Answer
Pharmacy ApexQuotations PlatinumPharmacy BlissPharmacy Aura
Pharmacy AffiliatePharmacy AwardsPharmacy BossPharmacy Aegis
Pharmacy AimPharmacy AridPharmacy BornPharmacy Blessed
Pharmacy BeastPharmacy BeginPharmacy AverPharmacy Browser
Pharmacy BrowsePharmacy BloomPharmacy BargainsPharmacy Brite
Pharmacy BeyondPharmacy AnswersQuotations YoungerPharmacy Awry
Pharmacy BreezyPharmacy ArkPharmacy AnytimePharmacy Articles
Pharmacy ActionPharmacy AheadPharmacy AtlasPharmacy Blink
Pharmacy BoostPharmacy AxenPharmacy AgilePharmacy Bonus
Pharmacy BestPharmacy BasementPharmacy AgueQuotations Expert
Pharmacy AcePharmacy AcceleratePharmacy BrokersPharmacy Atto

 A pharmacist has to perform administrative jobs too, if the post demands.

What Is The Main Motto Of A Pharmacist?

Pharmacists have social responsibilities to take care of. The major responsibility of a pharmacist includes restoring the general health of a patient. Other than this they also have to spread health awareness and education among their colleagues. Pharmacy Quotations.

Motto Of A Pharmacist
Motto Of A Pharmacist
Pharmacy AlphaPharmacy BoardsPharmacy BoxPharmacy All-Star
Pharmacy ConquerPharmacy AquaPharmacy BevyPharmacy Bench
Pharmacy BalancePharmacy ActivePharmacy AdvisorPharmacy Brig
Pharmacy ArgentPharmacy AnythingPharmacy AboutQuotations Response
Pharmacy AbsolutePharmacy AnywherePharmacy AzurePharmacy Benefits
Pharmacy AfterPharmacy BloxPharmacy BlasterPharmacy Bucks
Pharmacy BureauPharmacy BoldPharmacy AuroraPharmacy Attic
Pharmacy ArchivePharmacy ProgressPharmacy ArticlePharmacy Agents
Pharmacy AvePharmacy ArchivesPharmacy AlityQuotations Elite
Quotations AstoundPharmacy AngelPharmacy AwarePharmacy Akin
Pharmacy AvatarPharmacy ForwardPharmacy BowPharmacy Alliance
Quotations ExcitePharmacy AssetPharmacy BardPharmacy Ammo
Pharmacy DaysPharmacy ChimpPharmacy CollectivePharmacy Camo
Pharmacy DashPharmacy CentricPharmacy CrownPharmacy Discovery
Pharmacy CrossoverPharmacy CollectPharmacy DigestPharmacy Doup
Pharmacy DowntownPharmacy DollarPharmacy BytesPharmacy Cygen
Pharmacy ClassicPharmacy CavilPharmacy ChoicePharmacy Cache
Pharmacy CurbPharmacy ClutchPharmacy DirectoryPharmacy Direct
Pharmacy DisplayPharmacy ConnectPharmacy DiscountsPharmacy Century
Pharmacy CheckerPharmacy CentersPharmacy ConsciousPharmacy Buys

What Is Pharmacist Oath?

Slogan Related To Pharmacy

Slogans are necessary to bring attraction and attention. Here we have assembled the most elegant and timeless slogans that may be suitable for your business.

Pharmacy ChartsPharmacy CertifiedPharmacy CleverPharmacy Circles
Pharmacy CentPharmacy CasterPharmacy CitiesPharmacy Check
Pharmacy DartPharmacy DetailsPharmacy ChampionPharmacy Dawn
Pharmacy ComparisonPharmacy CollectionsPharmacy CharterPharmacy Cupid
Pharmacy CorePharmacy CollectorPharmacy DivisionPharmacy Director
Pharmacy DefencePharmacy CapitolPharmacy CrawlerPharmacy Concept
Pharmacy CarePharmacy CzarPharmacy CasePharmacy Dr
Pharmacy CatalystPharmacy DenPharmacy ComplexPharmacy Dish
Pharmacy ClawPharmacy CapitalPharmacy DesignsPharmacy Dream
Pharmacy CreatePharmacy CalculatorPharmacy ConnectionPharmacy Demand
Pharmacy ChartPharmacy CatcherPharmacy ClonePharmacy Creators
Pharmacy CampaignPharmacy CrimsonPharmacy DelightPharmacy Charm
Pharmacy CollectionPharmacy DaubPharmacy CrafterPharmacy Courses
Pharmacy CraftPharmacy ChannelsPharmacy CloudPharmacy Compass
Pharmacy DeltaPharmacy CostPharmacy CompaniesPharmacy Doozy
Pharmacy ClubsPharmacy ControlPharmacy CityPharmacy Dept


Being professional is important for any business. You need to be serious and sincere to be successful. But a good relaxation is important as well. Don’t let your work pressure get on your nerves.

These quotations are smart way to have a fruitful leisure time. The witty quotes in this article entertain you and brighten you up with fertile advices from geniuses.

Hope your fun-time with us de-stresses you and boost up your work spirit.

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