Panini Vision X Check Scanner


    With the performance, reliability, and quality demonstrated by Panini’s products, vision X assures customers of advanced cheque capture features at an affordable price and excellent performance. All Panini cheque scanners offer top-notch reliability for distributed cheque capture based on our core competencies of MICR read accuracy, professional services, superior image quality, flawless document handling, and system scalability.

    Panini provides customers with the advantage of cheque truncation, allowing them to protect investments, lower operational costs, enhance customer experience, and optimized return on investment.

    Panini Vision X check scanner features:

    • Physical and virtual item endorsement options.
    • System scalability.
    • Ergonomics and unparalleled ease of use.
    • Flawless document handling.
    • Panini services.
    • Superior image quality and MICR read accuracy.

    Panini Vision X Check Scanners Technical Specifications:

    • USB 2.0 connectivity with Microsoft WHQL certification for simplified implementation and device recognition.
    • It has ultrasonic double-feed detection for higher reliability against false and actual double feeds.
    • It contains Optional Barcodes decoding, IQA library, and ORC decoding.
    • Two-pocket models are available for applications that require real-time physical document sorting.
    • Expandable with Multi-Function System (MFS) modules that provide additional functionality and more benefits for teller applications.
    • It incorporates an advanced MCRPlus magnetic reading, which includes ORC correction mixed with API to allow maximum MICR read accuracy.
    • It has an automatic document feeder for ease of operation.
    • 50, 75, and 100+ documents per minute throughput based on 6” check specification.
    • It contains Ultraviolet and Infrared front imaging options for security applications.
    • It has an Optional 1-line rear inkjet printer with an intelligent printing capability (SmartJet).
    • Color duplex scanning or grayscale in multiple resolution settings (100, 200, or 300 dpi) for maximum imaging flexibility.
    • Ink level monitoring and automatic inkjet cartridge.
    • It has an advanced graphic printer model (vision X AGP) used for validation, cut sheet receipt printing, and rich endorsement.

    Panini Vision X Check Scanners benefits:

    • It has an Advanced Graphic Printer designed for validation printing and receipts.
    • It allows sorting, and printed text can be determined by image or MICR data.
    • It offers quiet operation, a sleek design, and a compact footprint for the user’s comfortability.
    • It maintains the proven reliability and robustness of the Panini Vision X family products with the lowest cost of ownership.

    What to know before buying a check scanner?

    If you are up for your business getting paperless, there is a lot you need to be informed about so you can pick the right scanner. Below are some tips to help you in the selection:

    1. Maximum paper size. What is the largest paper size that the scanner will work on? Look for the one with the maximum paper size according to your business requirements. The standard letter size is (8.5” * 11”), legal (8.5” * 14”), or large size (11” * 17”). Thus, settle for the scanner whose paper size will comfortably suit your needs. 
    2. Software capabilities. With the optical recognition software available, a scanner can save a document as a text or word file that you can edit later, which will save you a lot of time. If you need such capabilities, ensure you select the scanner which will offer them. 
    3. Speed. Check for the pages the scanner can generate in a minute. Faster scanners require you to dig deep into your pocket, but if you plan to handle large volumes of papers, the speed is a necessity. 
    4. Decide the type of scanner you need for your business. You can go for the flatbed or document handler. Flatbed scanners contain a lid and a plate, while document handlers have a feeder mechanism that assists you in loading the paper, many sheets at a time. Many scanners contain both capabilities, but you need to know what you want before purchasing one. 
    5. Resolution. Every scanner scan at a specific number of dots per inch (dpi). If you are planning to handle regular documents, 600dpi is fine, but you may need a higher resolution for photos. 
    6. One-sided versus Two-sided. The technology is referred to as simplex versus duplex, where you consider if the scanner can handle two-sided scanning or you are required to scan the back of the pages separately. 
    7. Network connectivity. Check if you require a single computer to access the scanner or network capability to many computers. 
    8. Fax/Print/Copy? Is your scanner required to perform these other functions apart from scanning? The best solution in many cases is a dedicated scanner, but with a small office, you may need to get a combination unit. If looking for a multifunction unit, check if you need color printing. 

    Therefore, the Panini Vision X Check Scanner is an excellent scanner that provides the client with many benefits compared to other scanners. Note that it is also efficient in processing non-check documents like meal vouchers, coupons, utility bills, and Remote Deposit Capture applications. Scanners should come with the components required to run them, like the power cable and a USB cable. You should not purchase the components separately, and ensures that you have all the components together with your check scanner when making a purchase.

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