Pakistan and Bangladesh passports cannot apply for an OCI card


    While filling out the OCI application form, if they have an Indian origin and the rest of their paperwork in place, it can be easy to get through the process. However, there are a few other requirements that they have to get through. Depending on which country they are applying from, the fee they have to pay varies.

    Furthermore, there are rules on the type of photograph used to mention specific dimensions when dealing with the application process. People applying have to make sure their backgrounds and image sizes are proper. Additionally, if they are uploading the image on their online form, it has to be the right size as well.

    While there are some requirements that people have to get through, the only challenge is  proving that an individual is of Indian origin. In many cases, there is a lot of paperwork needed, and since some of it has to be coordinated across a long time, or connected to their parents and grandparents in India, it can be quite challenging. However, there are people in India who can assist in connecting with the concerned authorities and provide the necessary paperwork.

    Applicants have to submit, all the necessary paperwork, applications, and supporting documents and certificates when applying for an OCI card, in duplicate. People are not allowed to submit   their original paperwork but might have to take their passport to the Indian mission, depending   on where they are staying and submit it for them to receive the OCI card on it.

    The OCI card does not have an expiration date and stays along with the passport for as long as it is functional. There are a few exceptions wherein people have to renew their passports and in some cases,    depending on the age of the applicant, would have to apply for a new OCI card.

    About 18 million Indian diasporas are living around the world who send over billions of dollars to India annually. Furthermore, about six million of them have an OCI card and are receiving a lot of benefits from within India, with many of them having their family in the country. Some people travel to India to meet their extended family as well and can apply for the same. The OCI card makes sense if people have a connection to India and are planning on coming back often.

    Getting various visas each time they have to make a trip can be a nightmare depending on the reason they are planning that trip, whether for business, pleasure or anything else.

    People who have foreign passports connected to Pakistan or Bangladesh cannot apply for an      OCI card. People applying for an OCI card with their foreign passport will not be able to get through the process if they have any connections, such as a parent or grandparent, in Pakistan or Bangladesh. The OCI card did not always exist, and previously, applicants were using the PIO card or Person of Indian Origin card instead. The document, however, was phased out by the Government, more than a decade back to make way for the OCI card used today.


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